Kyler’s Latest: Bamba, Kings, Magic, Mavs, Grizzlies

Mohamed Bamba may be a candidate to slip a little further than expected in the 2018 NBA draft, Steve Kyler of Basketball Insiders writes in his latest round-up of draft rumors. According to Kyler, Bamba is “in the mix” for a handful of clubs in the top seven, but it’s not clear if any of those teams view him as their first or second option.

As Kyler explains, Bamba is widely expected to be a strong defender at the NBA level, but there are questions about his offensive potential. Since many of the other big men at the top of the draft are considered more well-rounded prospects, they may come off the board before Bamba, creating some uncertainty about the Longhorn’s potential landing spot.

Here’s more from Kyler’s article, which is worth checking out in full:

  • The Kings appear likely to keep their pick at No. 2, but Kyler’s sources remain skeptical that the club will draft Luka Doncic in that spot. While Sacramento has taken a “long look” at Michael Porter Jr., it’s looking more and more as if the club will opt for the less risky option, Marvin Bagley III, Kyler writes.
  • If there are no surprises in the top five picks, there’s a very real chance that Collin Sexton will be the Magic‘s man at No. 6, per Kyler. ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski has also suggested that Orlando is high on the Alabama point guard.
  • League sources tell Kyler that the Mavericks don’t intend to move the No. 5 pick unless they can land an All-Star or would-be All-Star.
  • While it remains to be seen if the Grizzlies will make a trade involving the No. 4 selection and Chandler Parsons, they’ve received some offers that include lower picks and expiring contracts, according to Kyler, who says the club should have options it if wants to pull the trigger on a deal.
  • The Lakers and Celtics have expressed some interest during the pre-draft process in moving up significantly in the draft, but neither team seems eager at this point to part with assets necessary to make such a jump, says Kyler.
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2 thoughts on “Kyler’s Latest: Bamba, Kings, Magic, Mavs, Grizzlies

  1. I agree with Bamba been more limited, look anyone can defend, or learn to/improve, also you can get guys on the cheap to do you a defensive job in the inside… but offensive game man, that is what really makes the difference in a 5, & that is really hard to get, for example Mutombo was a beast defending but never was on the league of an offensive 5 like Shaq, who improved to be decent in defence. My point is Bagley/Ayton & even WCJ to me have got definitely a much higher ceiling to be stars in the league, a player that is all about D, cannot be much of a star.

    • GuruGray

      I was actually thinking the opposite. I feel like the game has changed and back to the basket bigs aren’t as important in today’s game. A talented rim protector can anchor a top defense and guys like Gobert and Capela in this year’s playoffs have shown that a limited offensive game isn’t necessarily a deal breaker. I’d rather have a big who can block shots than one who can post up

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