Sixers Notes: Colangelo, Fultz, Brown, Bayless

Bryan Colangelo probably had no way to save his job as president of basketball operations, even if he had blamed the Twitter incident on his wife from the start, suggests Marcus Hayes of The Philadelphia Inquirer. Colangelo resigned Thursday after the completion of an investigation into burner accounts on Twitter that released sensitive information and made critical comments of Sixers players and opponents.

The law firm that investigated the matter concluded that Colangelo acted in a “reckless” and “careless” manner, even though the accounts belonged to his wife, Barbara Bottini. Investigators said they couldn’t prove Colangelo knew about the accounts, but there also isn’t strong evidence that he wasn’t aware of them.

Regardless, Hayes concludes that Colangelo had already lost trust among management and the players and that a change was necessary for the Sixers to move past the incident.

There’s more today out of Philadelphia:

  • Colangelo didn’t turn in a remarkable performance during his time with the Sixers, writes Kevin O’Connor of The Ringer. O’Connor states his best moves were the decision to retain coach Brett Brown and to add J.J. Redick in free agency last summer. However, Colangelo got little value when he shipped off Nerlens Noel and Jahlil Okafor, and he didn’t have any other significant signings or notable draft picks outside the lottery.
  • Colangelo ignored other voices in the organization who wanted to consider Jayson Tatum or Lonzo Ball after Markelle Fultz turned in a disappointing performance at last year’s pre-draft workout, O’Connor adds. Colangelo reportedly insisted on drafting Fultz after completing a deal with the Celtics that cost Philadelphia the rights to a future first-rounder from the Kings.
  • Brown won’t have much time to relax this summer with his new roles as GM and president of basketball operations in addition to his coaching responsibilities, notes Keith Pompey of The Philadelphia Inquirer. Brown will hold the front office positions until replacements can be found, but that might not happen until after the draft and the start of free agency. “My role in all of this is simply to provide a level of leadership with people I trust and respect and do the best I can while I’m here moving us forward,” Brown said.
  • One of Brown’s first major decisions will involve guard Jerryd Bayless, Pompey notes in the same piece. As they try to maximize cap space for a run at LeBron James or other elite free agents, the Sixers could be tempted to waive Bayless and stretch his $8.6 million salary over three seasons.
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23 thoughts on “Sixers Notes: Colangelo, Fultz, Brown, Bayless

  1. That Fultz deal, as of now, really backfired. Wrong player selected, and lost the Kings pick to boot. Tatum is exactly what the Sixers could use, too.

    • dust44

      It’s way too early to make that judgement. Fultz is exactly what they need in theory. A 6’4 play maker at the guard spot that can play off the ball with Simmons. But also create when Simmons rests. Tatum is the best player from that draft so far. But I’d go as far as saying Mitchell actually would of been a better fit for what there need was in that draft. But if anyone outside of Louisville thought Mitchell was going to be that good his rookie year it probably would of been Mitchell over Fultz instead of Tatum

      • cjelepis

        It’s not too early to call this a bust at all. If you’re picking number one overall, then you NEED a can’t miss contributor, at least. If you’re TRADING a future 1st round pick to go get a number one overall, then it needs to be more than a contributor. This was a total
        blunder, and unless there’s some magical turnaround that allows fultz to become a star, then this is just one of the worst draft trades in 76er history. And colangelo, as the captain of the ship who made this decision, has to have the responsibility laid at his feet. Good riddance.

  2. sportsjunkie24

    Lebron would probably enjoy playing with the 76ers they have all the pieces there they just need a superstar like james

  3. southbeachbully

    How available is Fultz and what do you think they would want in return?

    If LBJ were to leave Cleveland, and especially if he were to go to Philly, would something like

    Kyle Kover + Tristan Thompson + Jordan Clarkson for Fultz + Bayless + Covington?

    Philly gets a great shooter for much less than what they paid Redick for ($7m per vs the $22 they paid Reddick) and they get a good back up for Embid and a young shooter in Clarkson. Maybe add a 2nd rnd pick going to Philly too.

    At all reasonable?

    • nsideindy

      If I’m the 76ers…I have no interest in Thompson and very little interest in Korver or Clarkson

      • knickscavsfan

        I don’t understand your feelings towards Korver. He shot slightly better than Redick from 3pt land (44% vs 42%) and his two years remaining at $15mill total is less than the $23mil you paid Redick for this past season.

        • knickscavsfan

          You get the same 3pt shooting for 1/3 of what you paid Redick this year. If you’re looking to creat space to get max players but still want to bring back a shooter then he’s a great option for Philly.

          • nsideindy

            Korver is 37 and averages 9 points per game…otherwise does very little. I wouldn’t have much interest in him and wouldn’t have interest in trading last years #1 overall pick for him. And as Z-A pointed out, Redick is not getting $23M next year

        • Z-A

          Redick is not getting 23M next year it was an enormous overpay. He made what Korver made the yeabefore. C’mon think. It was to get FAs to look at Philly as a destination.

  4. alltime

    I hope they have zero interest in moving Fultz unless it is apart of a deal for a proven superstar ie Leonard.

    • Agree. If what they are saying is true and they had to remake his jump shot, then give the guy time. But if it is what everyone thinks and it’s in his head, then yes, dump him. Don’t see getting too much value for him though when he’s looking like damaged goods and couldn’t get a minute in the playoffs.

  5. joemoes

    The biggest issue I have with the fultz trade is everyone knew LA was taking Lonzo. Tatum or fultz your fine with at 3 but giving up the Kings pick in 2019 way to valuable that pick could be 1 overall in 2019.

    • Don’t the Sixers get to keep the Kings pick if it is #1 overall or was that protection only for this years pick?

  6. You cannot trade Fultz just now because next year he can totally fail, or he can be very good, I think despite been a Colangelo fiasco he deserves 1 more chance, after next year we will have a much better idea if he will be a bust/star, then you can trade him, but I wouldn’t like to trade him now, & then becomes a star in another team, that would be worst than trading up for him & loosing the Sacramento pick, he needs one more chance to prove it.

  7. Yeah, give him a shot next year. He looked good in limited minutes this season. Just needs some confidence and time to adjust.

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