Sixers Will Work Out Mikal Bridges Tuesday

Projected lottery pick Mikal Bridges will work out for the Sixers on Tuesday, Michael Scotto of The Athletic tweets.

Bridges has already worked out for the Bulls, who have the No. 7 selection; the Knicks, who hold the No. 9 pick; and the Hornets, who are situated at No. 11. Philadelphia is right in-between New York and Charlotte at No. 10.

It was previously reported that Bridges would work out for the Sixers but this provides a firm date. It’s also an indication that the Sixers are conducting business as usual despite the resignation of GM Bryan Colangelo on Thursday over a Twitter scandal.

The small forward out of Villanova is currently ranked No. 14 by ESPN’s Jonathan Givony.

Bridges was a big reason why the Wildcats won their second national championship in three seasons, averaging 17.7 PPG as a junior. He also contributed 5.3 RPG, 1.5 SPG, and 1.1 BPG with a very efficient shooting line of .514/.435/.851.

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4 thoughts on “Sixers Will Work Out Mikal Bridges Tuesday

  1. cesc

    He would be very interesting in Philly to back & hopefully soon take over RoCo’s place in the starting 5, seems that he could be an upgrade, I am liking a possible line up of
    Ben Simmons
    Markelle Fultz
    Mikal Bridges
    Dario Saric
    Joel Embiid
    Future looking bright.
    Happy days.

  2. Z-A

    I’m curious now what Givonys rankings look like… I have 5th best prospect.

  3. abssamanta

    I hate this guy so much… he ruined my first days in middle school because he bullied me. I will never forgive him for what he did and now there might be a chance that my favorite NBA team, the Sixers, might get him… smh. He already made me feel bad for supporting my favorite college basketball team, Villanova, and now he might just make it to the Sixers possibly… I don’t know how this can even happen… Yes I understand that what happened in the past should be forgotten but what I can’t stand is that people are cheering this guy like he’s some hero or something when nobody knows what his past was like. I was just a new student in Tredyffrin/Easttown Middle School and it was my first day in an American school, since I had just moved from another country. He and his accomplice cornered me and started intimidating me, leading me to cry since I had no other option having never been in a situation like this before. I was so lucky that a teacher saw me and separated them from me and moved me away from the situation. However, he wasn’t done with me yet… apparently he rode the same bus I rode and his stop was across my bus stop. When I was coming off the bus, he looked at me, snapped a pencil in front of my face, and chased me off the bus. I have never run as fast as I did that day, and it was worse for me since I was fat and he was leaner and faster. Somehow, I managed to escape him and the next day I heard that he had been given some form of punishment by the school and the bus driver and he had to switch buses. I thought that that would be the last I’d hear from him but that alas I was wrong. During homeroom one day, there was an anti-bullying group that asked the students in the class if they ever faced any sort of bullying in their life without discussing any names. When it was my turn, I explained all of this but I said his name out loud, ignoring the anonymity rule, because I felt so strongly about what had happened. It was a traumatic moment so I didn’t care about the rules then. Apparently, he was in the class next door and had heard me say his name, according to him. After the class was over, he came to talk with me and asked me why I said his name. Later, he asked if we could be friends and I said no. Why would I try to forget what he did and then be friends with him? What was he trying to prove? Did he think he was better then me or something? There is no way in the world I can forgive him for what he did! I normally would be really proud and happy to know that, as a normal person, that I got to go the same school as a professional athlete but not on this occasion. If people ask me why I’m saying this now after so many years, it’s because: 1. I don’t really have that much of a platform to speak about this anywhere. I was lucky that HoopsRumors is even talking about this person. 2. I moved to another state after middle school and finally got to get away from him permanently and just put this issue aside but never forgot it. He may have been punished in the past but I want people to know what he did now so they know he had this kind of a problem in his past. I don’t want people to blindly love him without knowing the full details in his life. I will always hate him for what he did to me in middle school and can never forgive him but I can hate him less if others know about this issue too.

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