Teams Lining Up For No. 3 Pick If Kings Pass On Doncic

The Mavericks, Magic, Bulls, Knicks, and Clippers have expressed interest in moving into the Hawks’ No. 3 slot to select either EuroLeague guard Luka Doncic or possibly Texas center Mohamed Bamba if the Kings pass on Doncic at No. 2, according to Kevin O’Connor of The Ringer. Those teams, along with the Nuggets, have also talked to the Grizzlies at the No. 4 spot. The Celtics don’t appear to be a serious contender for either pick, O’Connor adds.

Here’s some other tidbits from O’Connor’s story:

  • The Hornets’ willingness to deal Kemba Walker has waned since they reached an agreement with the Nets to trade Dwight Howard for Timofey Mozgov. The Cavaliers have shown interest in solving their point guard dilemma by acquiring Walker.
  • The Clippers could select Miami (Fla.) guard Lonnie Walker with one of their first-rounders and then ship him to the Hawks. The Clippers have the No. 12 and No. 13 picks in the lottery.
  • The Bucks are trying to package the No. 17 pick with point guard Matthew Dellavedova‘s contract. Dellavedova has two years and $19.2MM remaining on his deal. Milwaukee would trade down in the draft in that scenario and not exit altogether.
  • The Timberwolves have a strong interest in Villanova guard Donte DiVincenzo with the No. 20 pick.
  • There are rumblings that the Bulls made a promise to draft Boise State shooting guard Chandler Hutchison. That would have to be at No. 22 unless they make a deal.
  • The Trail Blazers and Lakers are interested in IMG Academy shooting guard Anfernee Simons with their late first-round picks.
  • Kentucky small forward Jarred Vanderbilt, Latvian forward Rodions Kurucs, and Kansas guard Devonte’ Graham are believed to have received draft promises.
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12 thoughts on “Teams Lining Up For No. 3 Pick If Kings Pass On Doncic

  1. brewcrew08

    Really like that from the bucks point of view. How far down and who would take delly remains to be seen though.

    • Philly Fan

      Only teams who would be willing to take on Delly would be the Bulls at 22 and the Hawks at 30 (Atlanta also has the 19th pick but I’m assuming that they’re not willing to take on Delly to move up two spots)

      • hiflew

        There are several other teams that would take on the salary if the right player was around. Brooklyn at 29 would. Philly at 26 would. Even the Lakers at 25 would if Zhaire Smith, who they love, was available. I’m sure others would work something out too, it’s not like Delly has a Parsons-like contract or something.

        • todd-3

          Lakers aren’t taking any salary on, if anything they need to dump lent so they can go after James, Leonard and George.

          Sixers aren’t taking salary on either as the6 are now c9mpetitive and need the cap space as Simmons will need an extension and they need 1more big name player to compete with the Celtics.

          • hiflew

            You can’t say they aren’t, because you don’t know. If there is a player there at 17 that either of them want, they will make the move. Otherwise it would be foolish. LeBron can’t go everywhere.

  2. Perfect Scenario for the Celtics Draft:
    -Ainge has already set the smokescreen by saying he wants Bamba or Doncic.
    -He trades the C’s 1st round pick and the coveted future MEM & SAC picks to MEM for their #4 pick tonight.
    -Ainge then flips the #4 pick to MIN along with Brown & Rozier for Karl-Anthony Towns.
    -MIN gets 2 great young players along with a chance to replace Towns with Bamba.
    -BOS gets a proven big man who is still young and it also frees up more playing time for their wings.
    -BOS line-up becomes Irving, Hayward, Towns, Hordford, and Tatum with Morris, Smart, Baynes, and Theis off the bench.
    -Plus, BOS still has this year’s MLE to spend on another vet for the bench.

    • knickscavsfan


      Memphis is trying to get rid of Parson’s contract along with the #4. So factor that into the salary cap.

      The Memphis pick that C’s have isn’t THAT great as it’s protected top 1-14 the next two years and, if not used by then, becomes unprotected in 20-21. KAT can get more money from Minnesota so I wouldn’t assume that they would want to get rid of a legit all-star for two young, but not all-star caliber players. They also have a PG in Teague under contract getting $19 mil per for the next 2 years and a SG named Wiggins signed for 5/$150 mil. Their current SF Butler COULD opt out next season but right now is signed for 2/$38 mil. So exactly where would Rozier and Brown play and are they really that much better? It seems like Min is committed to winning.

      Lastly, I would be shocked if Irving is not trade since he will likely opt-out following this season. He’s going to want big time money OR more likely, he’ll opt out and to one of the NY teams.

      But even more realistically, even if Irving opt in after the season, you’re going to have $90 mil tied up in Irving, Hayward, Holford and Tatum. KAT would get around $25-35 mil I would imagine. That’s a lot of money on the payroll dude.

      • I hear ya but KAT is still on his rookie deal and won’t be eligible for big money until Horford’s huge contract is up so that is doable.

        Anyway C’s already have enough youth so I would rather Ainge use assets to deal for a proven talent than draft a project, so I guess a guy can dream.

  3. Danthemilwfan

    Love the Bucks move. Draft a center not ready to contribute or get money off the books, lose the pick but sign Dwight Howard or Kyle oquinn

  4. Keep on dreaming dude, if the KAT goes to Boston is games ender, but it won’t happen, no way Minny trades what will be their best ever player for a good package but not exceptional, it definitely sounds like an Ainge fleecing but ain’t gonna happen man…

  5. Two remote 1st round picks aren’t netting you the 4th pick in any draft, let alone this one. Not even close to fair value, without a lottery pick in this draft being added. Plus, it doesn’t meet the Memphis’ own parameters for trading “down” (never mentioned trading out). The Sac/Philly pick was more valuable when it was used to trade up two spots then it is now. Brown and that pick for #4 might do it, but I doubt it.

    Since K. Garnett played for the Wolves, KAT isn’t their best player ever, but he’s a top 5-7 asset in the league. That type of foundation piece isn’t worth even fielding offers on, unless there’s a real issue that would prevent an extension in the Fall. There isn’t.

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