Atlantic Notes: Irving, Loyd, Nader, Knicks’ Plans

Celtics point guard Kyrie Irving fully expects to be ready for the start of training camp, Jeff Goodman of ESPN tweets. Irving told Goodman he hadn’t yet participated in a 5-on-5 full contact scrimmage but he has been working out with his trainer. He underwent a surgical procedure on his left knee in early April in which he had two screws removed. At that time, the team provided a projected recovery time of four to five months.

We have more from the Atlantic Division:

  • Combo guard Jordan Loyd is finalizing a buyout agreement with Turkish club Darussafaka, which will allow him to sign a two-way contract with the Raptors, Sportando reports. Loyd, who played with the Raptors’ summer-league squad, spent last season in Israel after playing the previous season in the G League. The 6’4” Loyd made a strong impression on Toronto’s brass while mostly playing the point in Las Vegas, leading to the contract offer.
  • The Celtics will pay the Thunder $450K before December 2nd as part of the Abdel Nader trade, Eric Pincus of Basketball Insiders tweets. The Celtics, who will get a trade exception at the same amount, will essentially be paying the guaranteed portion of Nader’s contract, Pincus notes. The swingman, who was on the verge of being waived, was dealt to OKC for guard Rodney Purvis.
  • The current Knicks’ front office is not fully committed to signing two top-level free agents next summer and that could be a good thing, as Sean Deveney of the Sporting News explains. The Knicks would have to clear a lot of cap space to get into that position and would likely have to give up a lottery pick to move a bad contract, Deveney continues. With a young core that includes Kristaps Porzingis, Kevin Knox and Frank Ntilikina, dumping a high pick to improve their free-agent market prospects sounds unwise, Deveney adds.
  • The Raptors have officially added Adrian Griffin, Sergio Scariolo, Nate Bjorkgren and Phil Handy to Nick Nurse’s coaching staff, the team’s media relations department tweets.
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28 thoughts on “Atlantic Notes: Irving, Loyd, Nader, Knicks’ Plans

  1. Dionis

    Kyrie will sign long-term with Boston, don’t see him leaving. If he does leave though my money is on him going to Brooklyn.

    • padam

      Considering he grew up a Knicks fan, they need a PG, have the cap space for a max contract along with a franchise player in KP, I’d say it’s more than likely he’d select the Knicks over the Nets.

      • Dionis

        I originally predicted Kyrie and Durant getting together in New York next summer, I believe it’s very possible. I guess this coming year will be an evaluation season for Ntilikina, if he doesn’t perform or make any strides Kyrie might be a Knick next summer.

    • Dionis

      Grease fire? They’ve got Mitchell Robinson and Kevin Knox who will both be very solid and Ntilikina who should be vastly improved offensively this coming season. The Knicks are far from grease fire.

        • MZ311

          Who is a half bust? The 19 year old who was one of the top defensive guards in the entire league?

          • Dionis

            Ntilikina was putting up 17 6 and 7 stat lines towards the end of the season. He’ll easily average 10-14 ppg this coming year with 4-5 rpg and 6-7 apg.

      • Connorsoxfan

        I have to agree with Dionis this time. I like what they’re doing. Knox and Robinson aren’t going to be all stars, but they can become good players. They still have Ntilikina, who’s only what, 20? Give him 2 more years before labeling him. They took a chance on Mudiay, which is unlikely to work out, but the cost was so minimal it’s worth the shot. Same thing with Hezonja, except I think that might work out. Obviously they have KP. They just need to hold onto Noah. It’s a waste of a roster spot this season, but that big expiring deal could be helpful come next year.

          • BostonFan

            I know it’s not original but it deserves to be said over and over until the delusional people get it. Knicks are hot garbage every year

  2. Bob Knob

    Frank Ntilikina :
    Knicks Brass really think “Frank” is the ‘real-deal’ ?

    SMH … haven’t seen what they see ….

      • bklynny67

        You are easily the most clueless person that posts here, and I’m a diehard Knicks fan. You think Frank will make the all star team not this coming year, but NEXT season? Did you even watch him last year and in this year’s summer league? Dude is clueless offensively. No way he makes that much progress to be an all star in one season.

        • Dionis

          He’s got great work ethic and I doubt you have more knowledge than me when it comes to the Knicks. Frank will be far from a bust. He’ll be an all-star by year 3 or 4 guaranteed.

  3. Knicks would need to find a team that views Hardaway as an asset, and has the 1 year salaries to match. Kings? Noah + Hardaway for ZBo, Koufos, McLeMore and maybe another for matching.

    • natsfan3437

      Knicks would most likely have to add a 1st and a 2nd (alternate years)

  4. The number of max level FAs that have signed with new teams over the past 2 off seasons: one (LBJ this off season). Over the two off seasons prior to that: one (Durant in 2016). Two (total league wide) in 4 years. It wasn’t for lack of teams with cap space. Neither player was open to a full range of teams with cap space, and, in fact, were likely only going to move to the destination they went.

    It would be idiotic for any team to trade substantial assets to open up cap space in a future off season on the assumption that they’re going to be able to use it to sign even 1 such FA, let alone 2. Cap space is great, but it has to be valued rationally.

    The Knicks already figure to have significant cap space in 2019 and they should try to open up some more in advance if they reasonably can. The 2019 FA class is deep, and more importantly does include some max players the Knicks may be able to compete for. If they add no salary, they can easily open up one max slot in the (still unlikely) event one wants to come. In the extremely unlikely event that two want to come, it’s something you deal with at that time.

    • padam

      If the Knicks can…
      – Do what they do best and lose, getting them a top 5 pick hopefully and drafting a center (or trading for one…Carter, Turner, etc.)
      – Move Hardaway and package a first round 2020 or 21 before the beginning of the FA period in 2019.
      – Stretch Noah for the final year, creating enough cap room for two max contracts.
      – Go after Irving and Butler.

      PG – Irving
      SG – Butler
      SF – Knox
      PF – Porzingis
      C – TBD (draft pick or trade)

      It’s a nice mix with some good D players, inside and outside scoring, youth and veterans (but vets on the right side of 30), and a bench (Ntilikina, Burke, Williams) that is young and complimentary to the starting lineup.

      • Lose and get a top pick, I like, although the lottery rules won’t guarantee top 5 unless your the single worst team. The Knicks know how to lose when it matters, but find a way to win meaningless games at the end of the year to hurt their draft position.

        It’s a fine starting 5, but we can’t count on the first two guys or draft based on it. Turner I’d take now, for our pick unprotected, but it’s not happening. Williams was cut. We control, at low cost, Ntilikina, Dotson and Robinson.

        We have 3 contracts that would be great to move (THJ, Noah and Lee), but I wouldn’t trade a 1st round pick to get rid of any of them, or stretch any of them, unless and until I know I have KI and/or JB (or other elite guy(s)) are lined up to sign. Lee, if he has good start, would be easiest of the 3 large contracts to move in season without relinquishing a 1st round pick.

        I’m not overly worried about opening up cap space in advance; more about being an attractive destination, and having assets. If KI and JB want to come here, the league has changed enough that it can be made to happen in a number of ways. One can be signed into the cap space we will have and the other traded to us (after opting in or in a S&T). Or, at that point, we can trade one or more of 3 large contracts with 1st round picks, and/or stretch the ones we can’t trade. The hard part is convincing them to come.

  5. supercollider

    If Irving signs with the Knicks after this season, Marcus Smart will take out his other knee.

  6. New York are collecting good players but they are lacking star quality, still don’t think KP6 will recover ever to the level before his injury.
    Kyrie is as good as gone from Boston. Anyway with Rozier been similar & cheaper just as well for them they will have a ready made substitute.

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