Cavaliers Sign Collin Sexton To Rookie Contract

The Cavaliers have officially signed their first-round pick, former Alabama guard Collin Sexton, to his rookie contract, the team announced today in a press release. Joe Vardon of first reported that the deal was done.

Sexton, the eighth overall pick, landed in Cleveland by way of last year’s Kyrie Irving blockbuster, which sent the Nets’ 2018 first-round selection from Boston to Cleveland. The Cavs’ new point guard will also wear Irving’s old No. 2 on his jersey.

The third point guard selected in the 2018 draft after Luka Doncic and Trae Young, Sexton enjoyed a productive freshman year at Alabama, averaging 19.2 PPG, 3.8 RPG, and 3.6 APG in 33 games. He declared for the draft and went pro after just one college season.

As our breakdown of rookie salaries shows, Sexton will be in line for a first-year salary exceeding $4MM, with an overall value of $20MM on his four-year rookie contract. The first two years of the deal will be guaranteed, with team options for years three and four.

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18 thoughts on “Cavaliers Sign Collin Sexton To Rookie Contract

  1. D-NBA

    He’s playing the whole 4 years of that contract, Dan Gilbert knew what he was doing when he drafted this kid. I’m interested in seeing what their starting lineup will be next season.

      • x%sure

        They’re re-upping Hood, and Clarkson is 6th man… and Smith has no pull anymore. If Smith is still starting there will be screams.

      • D-NBA

        I think Osman can be really good as long as a system is established in Cleveland. Hill probably doesn’t make it to the end of the season as a starter unless the Cavs plan on using Sexton as a 6th man scorer his first season which I highly doubt.

        • east333

          Wouldn’t be surprised if Smith and/or Thompson is bought out. Still hurting the cap by being here and they really can’t play, outside of offensive rebounds from TT. Stunting the growth of Zizic and Nance but also Clarkson. With so many point guards, there’s gonna be times where the offensive will run their Clarkson so they wanna give home a solid 30 mins a night without Bron and possibly Love.

  2. Trae Young is a cool 9-36 in first 2 summer league games. 1-9 3 point shots last game. Taking over where he left off at Oklahoma. I wouldn’t have drafted him that high the way he declined during the season.
    Cavs know Love will opt out after next season. Like the Spurs with Kawhi, do the Cavs want anything in return like they got nothing for LeBron? Cavs have to finish 1-10 to keep their draft pick next summer. Trading Love should do that.

  3. Go Go Sexton!

    Sexton, Hood, Cedi, Nance and Zizc is the starting line-up on day one.

  4. x%sure

    After James left the first time in 2010, Gilbert was determined to win more than Miami or at least not tank. They faltered a bit, then went on a record 26-game losing streak (the Sixers would take over that record later). Gilbert should be reminded of that.

    But the real reason for the present stance may be getting the most out of Love. He might draw more mid-year.

    Hope to see Sexton at the easier 2G for a year, learning from Hill.

    • x%sure

      On second thought, after looking at the list of available FAs two articles over on HR…
      Cavs should waive & stretch both Smith and Hill, and get some of that talent signed! To 4 year deals! Lock in the cheapness. Counteract the groupthink. Ride against the herd.

  5. kenneth cole

    Sexton will be the best player in this draft when it’s all said and done.

  6. With LeBron gone, it was certainly the right thing to stay put and pick him at #8. I thought he’d be the first PG off the board (I’m not counting Doncic as a PG), maybe to Orlando (at #6, though not after Bamba fell to them). In the end, in a real good draft at the top, #8 is about right. Fox, who had a full year at UK, went #5 last year. Comparable talent. Hill can give his opinion on the two mid season (if he lasts in Cleveland).

  7. Not sure about Sexton, but no way he is the best out of this draft, cannot see it.

    • x%sure

      DXC said best straight PG not overall. I thought Alexander but he might be a priss about where he works– only working out for an LA team, predraft.

      Ha! Hill better have comparisons prepared for Fox vs Sexton.

  8. suburbanwarren

    Young Bull might surprise everybody, could be Kawhi Leonard in the making went 18 or 19 in draft. Perhaps Lebron might come back around 40 years old!

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