Celtics Sign Robert Williams To Rookie Contract

The Celtics have officially signed first-round pick Robert Williams to his rookie contract, the team announced today in a press release. It’ll be a four-year deal worth a total of approximately $9.28MM, with third- and fourth-year team options.

Williams, considered a potential lottery pick heading into the draft, slipped further than expected and landed in Boston at No. 27 overall. While one reason for that fall may have been a lack of medical information available to some teams, there were also reported character concerns about the big man coming out of Texas A&M.

Williams didn’t exactly quiet those whispers to start his NBA career. After sleeping through an introductory conference call on the day after the draft, the rookie missed his flight to Boston for the start of Summer League practices over the weekend. Upon eventually arriving, he called it a “real wake-up call” and took responsibility for the mistake.

With Williams under contract, 24 of 30 first-round picks have now formally signed their rookie contracts. No real negotiations are involved for those deals due to the rookie scale, and teams have no reason to wait on them, since they can be finalized during the July moratorium.

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11 thoughts on “Celtics Sign Robert Williams To Rookie Contract

  1. acarneglia

    Would’ve signed it yesterday but he probably overslept or missed his flight.

  2. etothepiiplus43

    Where’s his agent been in all of this? After the first mistake, would seem like Williams needs a bit more attention. The reps should probably step up or risk labels that could stick with him through his career.

    • What’s his agent going to do, put his pants on for him and carry him onto the plane?

      It’s got nothing to do with his agent and everything to do with personal responsibility.

  3. He seems like an intelligent kid who said all the right things when introduced to the media in Boston, so I’m kind of worried that he may be one of those guys who keeps apologizing but also keeps repeating the bad behavior.

  4. afsooner02

    Someone needs to pull this tike aside and explain to him it is time to grow up….

  5. Don’t know… so far I just keep on thinking what a plank this kid… he will have to really improve, so far not sold on the kid, very disappointing his first impression, I wouldn’t have a 2nd date with who a girl who sleeps through & comes late to our first date, someone needs to tell the kid first impression count & are hard to change.

  6. Bryzzo2016

    Total headcase, that’s why he dropped. Already he’s missed a game and a practice because he “slept in”. There’s a reason he slipped to the Celtics, it’s not like every other GM was just sleeping.

  7. x%sure

    They were just nervous about risk. He will get a minder & be another steal for BOS

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