Kings Sign Guard Yogi Ferrell

11:02pm: The signing is official, per team press release.

JULY 23, 7:11pm: The second year of the contract is not guaranteed, Tim McMahon of ESPN tweets.

JULY 20, 3:04pm: The Kings and free agent guard Yogi Ferrell have reached an agreement on a deal, reports Shams Charania of Yahoo Sports (Twitter link). Ferrell had initially agreed to a two-year contract with the Mavericks, but backed out of that agreement earlier today.

“We felt uncomfortable and will weigh our options,” Ferrell’s agent Cervando Tejeda told Charania at the time.

Sacramento’s deal with Ferrell will be worth $6.2MM over two years, according to Charania (Twitter link). His initial two-year pact with Dallas was said to be worth $5.3MM, with only the first season guaranteed.

While it’s not clear whether Ferrell’s new deal with the Kings will be fully guaranteed, it passes an important threshold — the 25-year-old received a $2.9MM qualifying offer last month, which made him a restricted free agent until the Mavericks withdrew it. His contract with the Kings will allow him to exceed that figure in 2018/19, whereas his initial deal with Dallas wouldn’t have.

Ferrell, a former Indiana standout, appeared in all 82 games for the Mavs last season, averaging 10.2 PPG, 3.0 RPG, and 2.5 APG with a .426/.373/.796 shooting line. In Sacramento, he figures to slot into a backcourt that features De’Aaron Fox, Buddy Hield, Frank Mason, and Ben McLemore. Bogdan Bogdanovic may also see time at the two.

Nemanja Bjelica, the only other free agent to back out a verbal agreement this offseason, as far as we know, was also said to be discussing a possible deal with the Kings. It’s probably no coincidence that both Ferrell and Bjelica gravitated to Sacramento as they sought larger paydays — as we outlined earlier this afternoon, the Kings have much more cap flexibility for 2018/19 than any other team. Ferrell’s new deal will only use up a small amount of their $20.5MM in cap space.

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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31 thoughts on “Kings Sign Guard Yogi Ferrell

  1. Jkolti

    Seems like the new trend of the nba is to agree to a contract, go back on it, and go to the kings.

      • gammaraze

        Hey, did you consider that Texas has the 2nd lowest cost of living in the US and California has the 4th highest? I bet you didn’t…

        • paladin

          Sick of state tax stuff, way over rated guys, then you have to in in Texas and that ruins everything.

          • LordBanana

            Yeah there’s generally a reason places have a higher cost of living: people want to live there.

            • gammaraze

              yeah, you should stick to stuff you know something about… There’s a 42% difference compared to national average in the cost of living between the 2 most populous states, California and Texas. Clearly your statement is wrong.

          • 22gigantes

            I live in Sac. Trust me when I say nobody wants to live here. Just ask Lady Bird.

  2. wright0525

    Good for Yogi!!! These owners are BILLIONAIRES, we should never begrudge these guys for wanting more money.

  3. mnsports

    Wouldn’t he get more playing time in Dallas? He’d only be behind DSJ, Doncic, and Matthews.

  4. paladin

    OKAY Boo Boo. Now we got da pick-a-nick basket. Lets cheese it before Mr. Ranger Sir comes & takes this one away.

  5. hiflew

    He burned a bridge for an extra $200,000. That’s not a bright thing to do for a fringe NBA player.

    • schnoah

      It was more about playing time. He will be the back up PG to Fox. Mason just has shown no growth. So in Sacramento he gets more money and more PT. Mavs had him blocked with Luka and Smith

      • hiflew

        That’s a fair assessment. And if he made that choice BEFORE agreeing to terms with the Mavs, I would agree completely. But the point is not about opportunity, it is about backing out of a deal. This guy is not DeAndre Jordan. The Mavs won’t put up with that from a fringe player. Although in my opinion, they shouldn’t have taken Jordan back either because it does set a precedent for players walking over Mavs management. But that’s a different story.

        • schnoah

          That’s true, but don’t forget it’s only a verbal agreement and it has happened many times that players have backed out. Even teams have just waited and waited. Similar to an exemption signing, then pulling offers.

          Either way it is what it is. Hope he continues to grow as a player now he’s with us.

  6. For the minimum salary guys who don’t know how long they’ll be on an NBA roster, getting the most money you can is a big deal. Yogi was a McDonald’s All American who went undrafted. I’d guess Cuban gave him a chance because they are both from Indiana University. I like to see the little guys make it. Hope Yogi does.

  7. moazetongue

    “Hey hey Booboo!!! I just got me a bigger pick a nick basket!” – Yogi

  8. nentwigs

    Delay in contract signing was due to the results of Yogi’s physical which revealed a Boo-Boo.

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