Mavs Sign Luka Doncic To Rookie Contract

The Mavericks have signed No. 3 overall pick Luka Doncic, according to a team press release.

Doncic will receive approximately $6.56MM in his rookie year, rising to $7.683MM in his second year, $8.04MM in his third season and $10.17MM in the fourth year.

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Dallas acquired the draft rights to Doncic from the Hawks in exchange for the rights to fifth overall pick Trae Young and a protected 2019 first-round pick.

The 6’7” Doncic is the reigning EuroLeague Most Valuable Player and EuroLeague Final 4 MVP after leading Real Madrid to the 2017-18 EuroLeague title. He is expected to jump immediately into the starting backcourt alongside 2017 lottery pick Dennis Smith Jr.

With Doncic locked up, the top 16 picks in this year’s draft are now officially under contract.

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12 thoughts on “Mavs Sign Luka Doncic To Rookie Contract

  1. paladin

    Atlanta screwed the poochie on this deal. Mavs robbed them blind. Trae Young stinks up the gym. Trae is not NBA ready and Doncic is, easy call.

    • Clark K

      Trae Young stinks up the gym yet he lead the NCAA in ppg and was close to the top in assists. Atlanta got the guy they wanted and an extra first, they robbed Dallas. It’s way to early to say who’s NBA ready when no one has set foot on an NBA court during the regular season, especially if you’re a nobody commenting on a basketball site

    • CubsRebsSaints

      Agreed. Mavs made a superb deal. Atlanta made a terrible deal. Franchise altering for years, quite possibly.

  2. imindless

    As much as i think trae will be a bust i think doncic will be bad. Dudes not explosive and doesnt have length. His shot better be lethal to hang in the league. People slept on bomba dude should have went top 3 easy. Wendel looks really good too!

  3. Disagree, bot will be very good, but Doncic will easily be the better of them. Obviously Doncic will need some time of adaptation to living in America but is way more mature & basketball ready than all the other top drafts, as he has excelled in pro ball with grown men & vets, not amateur ball with kids, that makes a difference as Giannis pointed out.

    • imindless

      Just because you play against men doesnt mean anything lol, none of those guys are good enough to play in the nba. Lol 80 of most drafts are from ncaa. Just because they are “kids” they are regard as some of the best athletes and talents in the world. Euro league is a lower tier like a double a baseball team.

  4. darquee

    Love how people who have never seen Doncic play are making judgments, good and bad, about him already. Face it people, you don’t know what it takes to be an NBA player well enough to make a judgment on a player you’ve seen in person 20 times let alone one you’ve only seen in a few highlight clips.

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