Lakers Sign Michael Beasley

JULY 23: Beasley’s contract with the Lakers is now official, the team announced today in a press release.

“Michael adds another component of versatility to our deep roster,” GM Rob Pelinka said in a statement. “His length and ability to guard multiple positions, stretch the floor, play-make and create his own shot are all essential characteristics for us. Coming off one of the finest years of his career, we think Michael is poised to have a very exciting and strong season for us.”

JULY 20: Free agent forward Michael Beasley has agreed to a contract with the Lakers, Shams Charania of Yahoo Sports tweets. It’s a one-year, $3.5MM contract, according to Chris Haynes of ESPN (Twitter link).

Los Angeles used a big chunk of its $4,449,000 room exception to get Beasley in the fold.

Exactly what kind of role Beasley will carve out is a big question mark. He’ll join a forward rotation of LeBron James, Kyle Kuzma, Brandon Ingram and Lance Stephenson. Luol Deng is still on the roster as well, though Los Angeles is trying to find a way to dump his contract.

Beasley fits in with a locker room already full of volatile personalities. Along with Stephenson, the Lakers have also signed two other players this summer who are no strangers to controversy, Rajon Rondo and JaVale McGee.

Beasley, still just 29, has bounced around the league since the Heat made him the second pick in the 2008 draft. He’s also played for the Timberwolves, Suns, Rockets and Bucks before a productive stint with the Knicks last season. He averaged 13.2 PPG, his highest total since posting a career-best 19.2 PPG with Minnesota in 2010/11. He also averaged 5.6 RPG and 1.7 APG while appearing in 74 contests, including 30 starts.

The Knicks lost interest in bringing back Beasley after signing former Magic forward Mario Hezonja.

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44 thoughts on “Lakers Sign Michael Beasley

    • padam

      He was the second overall pick the year he was drafted. Not sure you can say he’s underrated…underachiever, yes. But he’s creating a niche for himself.

  1. the dude

    All they’re missing is JR Smith to complete the knucklehead Squad ultimate

  2. Thronson5

    I like this guy, he was very solid for the Knicks last season but I find it a odd fit for the Lakers with the guys they have but I guess they are going to be playing small ol ball so he will probably even see some time at Center. Assuming this is the last significant move we will be making this summer.

  3. afsooner02

    Littering and…..littering and….littering and…..smoking the reefer

    • David D

      ……………they took my whole paycheck and I know why, ‘Cause I got high,
      Because I got high, Because I got high’

  4. acarneglia

    Why is this like the greatest team ever assembled!!!!! Beasley, Bron, Lonzo(Lavar), Lance, McGee! All they need is JR and Swaggy P

  5. socalbum

    Luke Walton will be fired by mid-season, neither he nor anyone else will be able to make this group of personalities the front office acquired into a cohesive team. What a mess!

    • Djones246890

      This is what happens when a team lets an unqualified player start assembling teams. James has absolutely no clue what he’s doing, and has no clue how to assemble a team. This whole thing is one giant circus/joke that’s going to blow up right in their faces.

      • Senioreditor

        From a guy who has never stepped foot on a real basketball court.

      • Kenleyfornia74

        All these guys are getting 1 year deals. In Cleveland they were handing out awful contracts. This is nothing like what happned in CLE

        • x%sure

          James is getting guys who CLE would never sign. He plans on having a good time in LA on a team with limited expectations.

      • Thronson5

        People are ridiculous. These are one year deals. If they go far cool if not no big deal. They plan on getting that other big player next year then filling out the roster with what’s left. This is just to hold things over until then. And honestly all the players he’s gotten are guys that have won and or bring a toughness to this young squad. I like the moves they’ve made.

  6. bestno5

    That’s LeBron’s plan get the coach fired so he can bring someone in so he can coach the team and when that team fails he will blame his hand picked coach

  7. Michael Chaney

    The Lakers are really bringing all the locker room headaches that don’t play defense, aren’t they? It’s not too late to get Melo when he clears waivers.

  8. joemoes

    I think when you play with Lebron and for magic these guys will put their bonehead antics aside and being on a winning team helps. Magic can’t beat the Warriors 5 but he can try and out number them with more quality quantity id call it. All these guys are quality solid players not stud quality.

    • joemoes

      yeah a roster of all quality it’s where their bench will be very good.

  9. Codeeg

    Unlike everyone in this thread I’m not going to act like I know everything about clubhouse chemistry and just wait and see.
    Beasley had a decent year last year and at times showed he can be a decent second/third option.

  10. formerlyz

    He could theoretically play the 5 in some lineups for them, and give them a more dynamic lineup. He did it in Miami when he came back from China a couple of years ago, and was good there. He also gives them that added depth at the 4 behind Lebron, Kuzma, Ingram, and someone that can rebound at that position, which they could use.

  11. bennyg

    All I see is a LOT of hustle and determination to be brought out on the floor, to go along with the smooth style kids the Lakers have.
    Ball-Hart-Ingram-Bron-Kuzma for style
    Rondo-Stephenson-Bron-Beasely-McGee for hustle

  12. raisethejollyroger

    I like this! Beasley has always had talent! He’s a malcontent no doubt but i have to believe he has a clue of the opportunity in front of him. As much as Magic smiles and as likeable as he is….he will not tolerate players that don’t play. All these “misfits” are all tough minded abrasive chippy guys that can bring it on the court. At least the Lakers will be relevant again and fun to watch. With or without “LaDrama”

  13. I think that’s lazy assumption making, to list all of those players as being of questionable character. Beasley smoked a bit, Lance blew in LJ’s ear, Rondo can be stubborn, but there are no reports of any of them being a bad teammate. McGee’s only crime was being immature, when he was still a late teen into his early twenties. He’s a great guy these days.

    I think they’ll be good. They are all veterans signed for bench roles and won’t misbehave under King James’ reign.
    Rondo, KCP, Ingram, James and McGee with a second unit of:
    Ball, Stephenson, Hart, Kuzma, Zubac, and a third string lineup of:
    Payton, Caruso, Mykhailiuk, Beasley and Wagner ain’t too shabby… Lots of versatility, shooting and confident playmaking in that squad.

    I think that being in the West, LeBron can hope seeding helps him reach the finals, by the better teams cancelling themselves out our losing players to injury, whereas in the East he was a lock to face the best team from the West, having just completed three rounds in his own conference.

    I can see them becoming very good around the the middle of the season, and finishing strong.

  14. Meadowlark

    This is delicious. A real Hollywood soap opera. Beasley, Stephenson … ohhhh, they NEED Kendrick. Honest, what a zoo!

  15. LA Ballez

    This has LeBron’s finger prints all over it.
    Beasley and LeBron played together in Miami, and they are known to be really good friends. LeBron knows his game and is someone he can trust in battle. It helps that Beasley has also developed into a reliable 3-pt shooter.
    LeBron & Beasley:
    link to

  16. paladin

    Lebron has another High basketball IQ guy. Well high anyway. Poor Luke

  17. x%sure

    Good signing. James is not bothered by drama, never was. Lakers should be fun, with a different style than GSW, HOU, UTA, or anyone, which is a strategy in itself.

  18. Isn’t McGhee the one who when he played for the Wizards stole the ball and dribbled in for the dunk on the wrong basket? If there’s any way they could trade Luol Deng for J.R., they should do it. Sign Carmello too. Hire Luke’s dad, Bill, as an assistant coach.

    • moazetongue

      And doesn’t Bozo live in LA these days? He could be had for a song and dance.

  19. paladin

    Now we know why Bron/Magic turned down Boogie. Why take a MLE gamble on Boogie when you can have a player of such HIGH caliber like Michael Beasley. I am sure he and Bonga will become fast friends and explore any pipelines that may need service. Let me guess Rich Paul is the agent involved. I would love to hear the phone talk between Beez & Bron….”Bro get me on your new team. I need the work” Bron loves veteran players, who play Lebrons way. Done deal

  20. paladin

    I am still so curious on why Loul Deng was never given any PT at all. Lakers were clearly out of playoffs early in the year, so why not play the guy a few minutes and let him see if he could be a good player. Who knows maybe he plays well enough for some team to (Heaven forbid) take him in a deal. I hear he stays in shape, good guy in locker room. Management made it clear he gets no minutes. I never will understand not playing him in a losing season. Something behind the scenes must have happened for this to play out like it has. Now Lakers add another player in his position???

  21. suburbanwarren

    We don’t know what kind of team or product we will get from the Lakers. Tribulation in the flesh,and if you can’t stand the heat get out the kitchen! Only tried and tested players will make the Lakers team in 2018-19. If you want a championship you got to go and take it. I am going on record that this team will look completely different by February 2019 and bring the Lakers a championship in 2019! 2014-15 the Cav’s carried the Warriors to 6 without Kyrie or love in Finals. I never seen a team assemble like this. Hungry misfits and over hill gansters. Well I will take that back! How many people remember the Washington Redskins in the 70’s! I

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