Sixers Fail In Bid To Hire Daryl Morey as GM

JULY 17: Following up on his Monday report, Stein tweets that the Sixers sought and received permission to meet with Morey, but the Rockets GM decided to stay in his current situation.

JULY 16: The Sixers failed in an attempt to lure away Daryl Morey from the Rockets and take their GM job, Marc Stein of the New York Times tweets.

Philadelphia was keenly interested in Morey, which shouldn’t come as a surprise since he was recently voted the league’s Executive of the Year for the way he shaped Houston into a championship contender. A Sixers spokesman refused to give any details to Stein on their GM search (Twitter links).

The Sixers have been in the market for a top executive ever since Bryan Colangelo resigned under pressure over a Twitter burner accounts scandal in which inside information was divulged and negative comments were made about players, coaches, and former executive Sam Hinkie.

Head coach Brett Brown has been serving as the interim head of basketball operations since Colangelo’s resignation, making final decisions on the draft, trades and free agency.

Morey’s contact with the Rockets was extended last year through the 2021/22 season prior to the sale of the team, Stein notes. Morey, 45, has been the Rockets’ GM since May 2007, a year after he was hired by the organization as an assistant GM.

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32 thoughts on “Sixers Fail In Bid To Hire Daryl Morey as GM

  1. ldfanatic

    Lol wut? After they did Hinke dirty they has the audacity to hire away Morey? Laughable.

    • mikey

      I mean, he did help start BIG3. That’s not the worst idea in the world. But I wouldn’t recommend it, and I don’t think he’d be interested in the job anyways.

  2. Lefty_Orioles_Fan

    Well Kevin McHale is available, but Sixer ownership is useless and incapable of thinking of Kevin being possibly their next GM

      • Lefty_Orioles_Fan

        McHale would be great and it would help tremendously in bringing back credibility to the Sixer organization

        • TrustTheProcess

          He was SO BAD FOR EVERYONE. He gave away Garnett for free and missed STEPH

        • I give no fox

          You gotta be kidding. What credibility does McHale have? He was a terrible GM. Outside of drafting KG and swapping Mayo for Love, he has fallen flat everywhere else. He hired/fired Dwayne Casey in 4 months, made a fiasco of the joe smith signing and subsequently forfeited THREE 1st round picks, traded Brandon Roy for Randy Foye, traded KG to his good ole boys in Boston for peanuts, and a number of misfires with lottery picks. Sixers ownership has made good moves when they are allowed to work independently. The process yielded two potential superstars and a wealth of assets that makes everyone in the league jealous (except maybe Boston). You have no clue lefty

  3. Mr_KLC

    New ownership loves More. Unless something drastic happens, he’s going nowhere.

  4. alltime

    Hinkie should have been the named the Sixers GM for life as soon as the NBA made the attempt to force him to be fired.

  5. Did he have had an “out” in his contract in the event of sale of the team? NBA GMs (and coaches) aren’t college basketball coaches. When they’re under contract, they aren’t just free to move to another team. They’re not even free to speak with another team without permission. For a lateral move, it’s totally customary to deny permission.

    Would have been a major coup for the Sixers.

  6. bowserhound

    Houston was always a contender with Olajuwon, MUGSSY BOGUES, Yao Ming, etc, etc. Don’t see how Morey gets all the credit for adding ‘The Big Flopper’, AKA James Harden, AKA Vlade Divac with balls & beard. Capela. OK. CP3 only came because of thee above.
    They won’t be in the conference finals again this year.

    • madmanTX

      Go place a big bet on that. Bet your house. Bet your retirement. And you’re gonna lose it all.

  7. All in all Sam Hinkie needs to come back & that is that.
    McHale was a great player, but not a good HC or GM, is the way it is.
    Man this orioles fan, cannot you go back to baseball & stop hating Philly, what more credibility you need to have when the team is the favourite for the NBA finals. What a plank you are.

  8. hopper15

    So Houston granted them permission. That’s interesting to say the least.

  9. joshprost99

    I scrolled through the site very fast and I thought it said Daryl Money. That would be an awesome last name.

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