Rockets Remain Frontrunners For Carmelo Anthony

A report last weekend indicated that executives around the NBA viewed the Rockets as favorites to land Carmelo Anthony if and when he reaches free agency. Multiple reports this week have corroborated that story, with Marc Stein of The New York Times and Shams Charania of Yahoo Sports (Twitter link) both suggesting that Houston is the frontrunner for Anthony.

According to Stein, it would be a “full-fledged surprise” if Anthony doesn’t end up playing for the Rockets. Charania conveys a similar sentiment, writing that Houston is the “strong” favorite to land the veteran forward, having pulled away from the Heat in the Carmelo sweepstakes.

Anthony is still technically a member of the Thunder, but Oklahoma City is on track to part ways with the 10-time All-Star, either by buying him out, waiving and stretching him, or trading him to a team that will waive him.

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As we learned earlier this week, the Thunder granted Anthony and his representatives permission to speak to potential suitors. Carmelo and his reps reportedly met with the Rockets and Heat, who were both said to have legitimate interest. The Lakers were mentioned as a possible landing spot for Anthony earlier in free agency, but Stein suggests L.A.’s interest was overstated.

The Rockets have lost Trevor Ariza and Luc Mbah a Moute so far this offseason, but reached a deal to sign three-and-D wing James Ennis. Anthony would help fortify the team’s frontcourt depth. The club would be able to sign him using either the minimum salary exception or some or all of the taxpayer mid-level exception ($5.337MM).

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16 thoughts on “Rockets Remain Frontrunners For Carmelo Anthony

  1. formerlyz

    I feel like the Heat could be good for Melo as much as I think he could help them. With their conditioning program, he could get in the best shape he has been in possibly ever, and potentially extend his career

    • Senioreditor

      Seriously??? If there’s one thing I’m sure of is that Carmelo with make the wrong decision. He ALWAYS does. He’ll go to Houston and be the 3rd option again and it won’t work. He has Kobe mentality without the drive or talent.

      • Z-A

        If he wanted to be the 1st option… Kings, Hawks, Nets, Bulls. 2nd option – Bulls, Hornets, Knicks.

        • Bryzzo2016

          NO on the Bulls. PLEASE NO! The last thing the Bulls need is an over the hill, ball stopping iso player that doesn’t defend. Terrible fit for Hoiberg’s system… terrible fit for most systems… including Houston. The Bulls could very well trade for him, to pick up a draft pick and maybe move Felicio’s contract. But they would instantly buy him out.

  2. snotrocket

    He is washed up and the Rockets window is closed. Doesn’t matter anyway, Dubs are going 16-0 in the playoffs.

  3. Reflect

    Everyone seems to be treating his free agency as a foregone conclusion but it seems like no easy task. Carmelo isn’t going to want to give up much for a buyout, and no one is going to trade for him.

  4. Bryzzo2016

    Another ball stopping iso player that doesn’t defend. This would be a really bad move for the Rockets. They already have a wing that refuses to even pretend to play D (Harden) How do they expect to beat GS with no perimeter D? Now that Ariza and Luc are gone, they need a strong perimeter D guy, they should go after Nwaba. They could get him really cheap.

    • Give Harden some credit, he’s a decent interior defender for a player of his size. I agree about his perimeter/fastbreak defense, its basically non-existant. But teams tried to expose Harden in the paint on switches and Harden more than held his own against post mismatches.

      • ldfanatic

        It’s easier for ignorant folk to use rhetoric from a YouTube video 3 years ago than to actually look at hardens defensive ratings.

  5. mistermeow

    can’t wait for them to hit with the big collusion fines, particularly Magic.

  6. Morey and MDA up to a month ago were probably still congratulating each other for how deftly they dodged the Melo bullet last year. Karma being what it is, they won’t be so lucky this time around. CP3 and CAA still want him in Houston, and Harden wants CP3 happy. So, if Melo’s willing to come for peanuts after being waived, they’ll have to take him.

  7. AnalyticSmurf

    I see everyone saying Melo wouldn’t fit in teams that he is rumored to have interest in; do some research guys, Houston would be an absolute perfect fit for him. They had the most isolated offense in the league last year, possibly in NBA history. At this point he won’t play his best defense at all, but regardless they need someone to fill the role of starting PF and who better than an absolute juggarnaut on iso offense. The chemistry is there from players to coaches, and let’s not forget this offseason has been very un-Morey like.

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