Thunder Notes: George, Championship, Schroder

Paul George, who surprisingly re-signed with the Thunder on a four-year deal over the summer, believes Oklahoma City is ready to contend for a championship.

“Absolutely,” George said when asked if the Thunder are built to contend (via Royce Young of “We’ve got the chemistry. Me being around these guys going on about to be two years now, there’s an expectation and a level we know we need to play at. I think the consistency part you’ll see with us now being able to play well against the sub-.500 teams. But I definitely think this team has a chance. The reason why I signed back here is because I believed in it. And everybody in here believes. It’s on us, we’ve got our work cut out and it’s not going to be easy, but we’re up for it.”

Here’s more from Oklahoma City:

  • The Thunder added Dennis Schroder this offseason and his new teammates are excited about what the point guard brings, Erik Horne of The Oklahoman writes. “His ability just to read the different screens, and not just read them but set up his man, if that makes sense,” Steven Adams said when asked about Schroder. “It’s a big difference that I notice in guards that know how to use pick-and-rolls.”
  • Schroder finds himself trying to emulate Russell Westbrook‘s game at times and he’s looking forward to playing with the former MVP, as Horne passes along in the same piece. “That’s what really excites me right now. To play with Russ and Paul George, to be out there with them, I think means a lot for me,” Schroder said.
  • Schroder is facing a felony battery charge and the team spoke with him about it prior to trading for him, Horne adds in the same piece. The 25-year-old said his pending charges as “nothing to worry about.”
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8 thoughts on “Thunder Notes: George, Championship, Schroder

  1. Dionis

    The Thunder have no floor spacing, Westbrook’s act is getting old time for him to get a ring this season and stop acting like an arrogant prick in the media.

  2. hiflew

    I don’t know if I would describe a felony battery charge as “nothing to worry about.” Even if it doesn’t cost him anything, I would hesitate to get anyone that felt that way about a very serious charge. That by itself says a lot about someone’s character.

  3. oriolesravenstimberwolves04

    Dennis Schroeder 15.5
    Andre Roberson 10.0
    Terrance Ferguson 2.1
    2019 Thunder 1st
    2021 Thunder 1st
    Jimmy Butler 20.5
    Jeff Teague 19
    2020 Timberwolves 2nd
    2021 Timberwolves 2nd

    • oriolesravenstimberwolves04

      Thoughts? Presti yet again looks like the smartest guy in NBA. Butler replaces Roberson but also fills his defensive bulldog role. And they still get to bring a starting point guard off the bench.
      Timberwolves are inclined to say yes because of the two firsts and dumping Teagues contract.

      • Dionis

        Plus they get Roberson who’s just as good a defensive wing and Roberson who could be a star in the future.

      • I give no fox

        Maybe if Butler guarantees he will resign. But it doesn’t work with salaries anyway. OKC would need to send out an additional 10 mil or so to make it work. Even still, OKC is currently the second highest payroll and has the highest salary obligations over the following two seasons. I highly doubt they can afford the luxury tax implications. This would be a great get for the wolves tho

    • baseball guy

      I don’t think they can trade those firsts. The stephien rule prevents teams from trading consecutive first round picks in a row. That’s why the first they gave for shroeder was like a 2022 because they couldn’t trade 2019 or 2021

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