Carmelo Anthony’s Reps Exploring Possible Destinations

As Carmelo Anthony‘s stint with the Rockets appears to be nearing an end, his representatives are reportedly exploring potential landing spots if and when he hits the open market, ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski reports.

Earlier today, Chris Sheridan tweeted that the Sixers are “kicking the tires” on Anthony should he hit waivers. However, Kyle Neubeck of the Philly Voice cited a team source who “categorically denied” that Philadelphia has any interest in the 10-time All-Star.

Anthony has missed Houston’s past two games due to illness and did not make the trip with the team for Tuesday night’s matchup against the Nuggets. Wojnarowski noted that both Anthony and league officials are surprised at how quickly the separation has occurred.

Anthony, 34, has appeared in just 10 games (two starts) with the Rockets this season.  He has posted career lows across the board, averaging 13.4 PPG 5.4 RPG in 29.4 minutes per game. The shooting problems that plagued Anthony with the Thunder have followed him to Houston, as he shooting 40.5% from the field and 32.8% from beyond the arc.

Cutting ties with Anthony would not be a major financial loss for the Rockets as the team signed him to a veteran’s minimum contract ($1.5MM cap charge) this summer. For Anthony, however, finding another team after disappointing stints with two separate clubs in less than two seasons may prove difficult.

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43 thoughts on “Carmelo Anthony’s Reps Exploring Possible Destinations

  1. sefthereject

    After his subpar performance, my guess is his next destination is his couch.

  2. Since they did this a few months ago, it shouldn’t take long for them to make an assessment.
    Prediction: Wizards.

    • I agree that the Wizards would make sense as a landing spot. Their chemistry is ruined anyway (it seems, especially now with Howard, Rivers, and a 3-9 record), so adding Melo is relatively low-risk, potentially high-reward.

  3. darquee

    Cleveland is tanking for Zion. Melo is a perfect player for a team that is tanking. So the Cavs would be the logical destination.

    • LivingUnderDaBridge

      Would be funny. And you are correct. At this point no one would be better for a team that wants to tank thank Melo.

      He gets to start and chuck shots in the general visinity of the rim. My only worry is that he would think that he is good enough after this year for another year.

      • bennyg

        But then again, JR still thinks he can ball, so it’ll be a perfect fit

    • padam

      Cleveland only gets to keep their pick if it’s lower that 10. They need to tank.

      • x%sure

        Cavs are not going to tank. They may do something dumb like announce Sexton is in charge of the offense… wait… they did do that.

        Cavs looked great tonight in new unis vs 7-6 Hornets. Everyone played well except the PGs. Another new color scheme, blue & orange, as if they don’t have enough color schemes already.

        0% chance of Melo. His fate is up to… Blake Griffin.

  4. Loren Polonsky

    I pick China. A.I. was able to turn it around, so why can’t Melo?

  5. driftcat28

    I dont see why teams keep trying this guy out. He’s done, he’s overrated, and he’s terrible for team chemistry

  6. Tommy313

    I’ll take him on the pistons any day any age. Our wings couldn’t shoot worst so why not give it a chance. Nothing to loose for any middle of the pack team.

  7. Dodgethis

    Ok I’ll be the one to say it. Warriors. Let him prove he can play with the ultimate “team first” style. If he fails in golden State you can authoritatively say he s done.

  8. Jkolti

    I dont agree with the idea that melo is done. I do believe that before he picks another team, melo needs to sit down and honestly decide what is more important to him, getting wins or getting minutes, and make his pick accordingly. I wouldn’t fault him either way, he can go score 20-25 a game on the hawks, Cavs, etc, or he could go be a role player for a competitor. But the days of being an impact player on a playoff team are behind him, and he needs to accept that.

  9. mikedickinson

    Celtics. Although he’s a redundant player, he’s worth a shot as a low risk guy.

  10. After the crazy fines on Magic, everyone is denying until he’s available.

  11. Baileyg3rd

    They did the same thing too Ai when the Nba don’t want you they will cut your butt lose :(

  12. rxbrgr

    Imagine having to share the daily transactions newswire with Chasson Randle…how far Melo has fallen.

  13. Melo’s just awful, he’ll never win a championship as a starter, needs to accept that. Can’t imagine a competitive team signing him, only way he gets signed is by a team trying to sell tix

  14. greg1

    He joined a contender in Houston and it didn’t go well because he did not like his role. As such, C’s, Lakers, Warriors, Sixers, etc. make no sense for him. It’s going to either need to be a tanking team that is dumb enough to take shots away from their youngsters, or a playoff hopeful looking to see if he has any scoring punch left.

    Cavs would work as they are rebuilding, but don’t have a lot of youth that he would be taking touches away from. Gilbert has also said they’re going to compete post LeBron, so he’s also dumb enough to think Melo could help with that.

    • x%sure

      Starters are Sexton 19, Hood 26, Osman SF 23, Nance 25, TT 27. Backups are Clarkson 26, Nwaba 25, Zizic 21.
      Love, Hill & Korver not dressed.

      Get real, Melo has no place on the Cavs. Cavs did not want him when he was still respected. Why now? Why are people suggesting this?

  15. Decius

    Wherever he goes, he needs to accept the role of a heat check guy off the bench. He is no longer anything close to a star but he does still have skills that aren’t being correctly utilized. He could get hot and give a team a good quarter. He needs to quit thinking like a star. And I like Melo. Hate to see him floundering like this.

  16. dust44

    Spurs make a lot of sense. If he can’t play for Pop then he doesn’t belong in the NBA

  17. formerlyz

    With James Johnson still not back, the Heat need someone at the 5, and with Wade taking this time off, they badly need someone that can score in the half court. Fit

  18. Publius

    I never really bought into the Melo thing even when he was younger and better. He stopped passing once he left Syracuse and his defense has always bee terrible. I think he and his agent figured out that if he put up big scoring numbers and didn’t take any risks with his body, it would create the false impression he was better than he really was and he would be able to demand big paydays, which is exactly what happened in NY (brilliant, Phil). But he was never a guy who could actually win you anything and I’m amazed so many GM’s failed to grasp that, and treated him like the superstar he never was or could be.

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