Central Notes: Cavs, Boylan, Bulls, Bucks

As if there wasn’t enough drama in Cleveland already this season, the Cavaliers are now the subject of another unusual story. As Dan Feldman of NBC Sports relays, former Cavs assistant Jim Boylan has sued the team, along with owner Dan Gilbert and Koby Altman, for age discrimination.

Boylan’s lawsuit claims that Tyronn Lue left Boylan a voicemail informing him that Altman and the Cavaliers wouldn’t be picking up his option for 2018/19 since they wanted to “go younger.” Boylan subsequently had a conversation with Altman during which the GM confirmed that the Cavs wanted a younger coach, suggesting that the decision to move on from Boylan had nothing to do with his performance, per the suit.

The Cavaliers responded to the lawsuit today, calling it “frivolous” and referring to it as a “shameless cash grab.” Pointing out that Boylan simply had an option declined and wasn’t fired, the Cavs’ statement accused the assistant coach’s lawyers of attempting to shame the franchise into a settlement by releasing Lue’s voicemail.

As we wait to see what tomorrow brings in Cleveland, let’s round up a few more Central notes…

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4 thoughts on “Central Notes: Cavs, Boylan, Bulls, Bucks

  1. Luckylefty2

    The one thing I give credit to the bulls is that they always play their young guys. They threw Wendell in the fire since day 1 and he is developing nicely. The magic need to take notes.

  2. robbiecraig

    I’d like to think any professional wouldn’t leave a voicemail saying that their option isn’t being picked up. How about a voicemail that says “give me a call”?

  3. Dodgethis

    As if anyone can actually shame the Cavs. Sorry but that ship has sailed. The Cavs (organization) has brought so much shame to itself over the last decade nobody can conceivably move the needle at this point.

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