Eric Bledsoe Enjoying His Time With Bucks

Eric Bledsoe, who can hit the free agency after the season, is enjoying his time in Milwaukee. The Bucks are 8-1 and the point guard has never enjoyed this kind of success during his NBA career.

“Everything’s a learning experience. We’ve got a great bunch of guys in this locker room that are willing to sacrifice for the betterment of the team and it’s fun playing that way,” Bledsoe said (via Matt Velazquez of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel).

This time last year, Bledsoe was stuck in a slow rebuild in Phoenix, having let the world know via Twitter that he was in a place he didn’t want to be. His reputation took a hit for the Salon tweet but it’s not something he’s still concerned about.

“That’s life, bro,” Bledsoe said. “Everybody is not going to like you. Some people aren’t going to like you and some people like you. You can’t go through life worrying about stuff like that both on and off the court.”

Bledsoe was sent to Milwaukee for Greg Monroe and a pair of draft picks last November and he has thrived since coming to the Bucks. Velazquez notes that in 80 games with the team, Bledsoe is averaging 17.4 points, 5.2 assists and 1.9 steals in 31.0 minutes per game.

All is going well on the court and off of it, as Bledsoe is enjoying Wisconsin. His wife and children have moved to Milwaukee, a change from last season where his family remained in Phoenix.

“I’m blessed, man,” Bledsoe said. “I’ve got my family here to support me, I’ve got great teammates, a great coaching staff. Everything is in the right direction…I’m living my dream.”

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15 thoughts on “Eric Bledsoe Enjoying His Time With Bucks

  1. the dude

    Nice update. I was just saying “I wonder if Eric bledsoe is happy” and now I know.

    • HailRodgers12

      Because reporting that a player is actually happy is a bad thing? They should only report when someone is upset over money, playing time, losing or fighting with teammates I suppose..?

  2. Bucks will have to sign Kris Middleton first, then see how much money they have to spend.

  3. Dionis

    Bledsoe,Middleton, and Giannis can win a title together in Milwaukee. Maybe next season this season is kind of a long-shot although Middleton and Giannis would do a good job on Durant and Klay defensively in a Finals series.

    I think Bledsoe could do a decent job on Curry if matched up against each other, Bucks have a chance to compete in the Finals all depends on how great Giannis will be. Donte is a beast also.

      • Dionis

        My money is on Golden State but I think Milwaukee,Houston,Toronto,Utah, and Boston can give them a run.

        I predict it will be Toronto vs Golden State.

        Toronto wins it, Siakam,OG, and Kawhi will be way too much on the defensive side of the ball. Toronto in 6. Durant takes his talents to Chicago to play with Lavine and Wendell.

        • Kenleyfornia74

          Sorry man but parity just isn’t there yet in the NBA for a team like the Nuggets to win the finals.

          • Dionis

            I got a good feeling about MPJ coming back and becoming one of the top scorers in the game, couple that with Jamal Murray,Nikola Jokic, and Gary Harris and I think they’ll have enough.

  4. Bledsoe just another unhappy whiny Pro athlete making more $$$ than most can comprehend and crying to get out of somewhere. Poor baby. That is why I won’t go to a game

    • Grant

      You might as well have just commented “I don’t know how to read what’s the article about”. Would have had the same effect

  5. Loren Polonsky

    Isn’t it refreshing to see a free agent who says and acts so professionally and classy about his teammates and fan base? Winning is a big part of it of course, but you get the feeling that Bledsoe is having fun. Someone forgot to mention this part f the game to Jimmy.

    • Dionis

      The Wolves are ran by Tom Thibodeau for Christ Sakes, the man has no business being a head coach for any NBA franchise.

      • Is this a religious conversation?

        I don’t think Tom Thibodeau is doing it for the Lord’s sake… he’s doing it for his own sake.

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