Lakers Rumors: Chandler, Walton, Johnson

Tyson Chandler probably won’t have a major impact as the backup center behind JaVale McGee, according to Matt John of Basketball Insiders. Chandler is expected to sign with the Lakers once he clears waivers after reaching a buyout agreement with the Suns. Kyle Kuzma didn’t handle the role of backup center well and Ivica Zubac hasn’t earned coach Luke Walton‘s trust, John continues. Phoenix’s defensive rating with Chandler on the court wasn’t much different than when he was off it over the past three seasons but he’s still an upgrade over the current options, John adds.

We have more on the Lakers:

  • The team may be hitting the panic button with regularity this season, Mark Whicker of the Los Angeles Times opines. Their poor defensive effort against Toronto on Sunday night was the type that leads to impulsive front office action such as firing the coach, Whicker continues. Walton was the betting favorite to lose his job before any other coach, Whicker notes. And though Walton has remained in charge despite some grumbling from Magic Johnson, more performances like the one against the Raptors could change that, Whicker adds.
  • The way Johnson tore into Walton last week could negatively impact the way free agents view the franchise, Bill Plaschke of the Los Angeles Times writes. Walton deserves a chance to figure things out and Johnson came across as a bully for dressing down Walton in a meeting last week, Plaschke continues. The fact that the story was leaked to the media shows dysfunction in the front office and that’s not a good look for free agents, who will be seeking stability next summer, Plaschke adds.
  • Johnson said Walton’s job was safe after Sunday’s game. Get the details here.
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31 thoughts on “Lakers Rumors: Chandler, Walton, Johnson

  1. The Cavs gave up 111 points per game last year. Only Phoenix was worse at 111.6. Just saying.

    • bravesfan88

      Well, your statement, isn’t just a statement, it’s a fact…People will take what they want from it, whether they are LeBron haters or lovers, but either way, it is still a fact that LeBron’s last two teams have been terrible on defense. Second fact: LeBron has been the “leader” of each of those teams..

      • x%sure

        You think that was his point. You’re both haters.
        Hint: It’s a Chandler article, former Sun, but here we are with LeBron in the comment section again. Haters.

        • Don’t the headlines read “Lakers rumors?” stop putting stuff into your own words. Nobody on earth is perfect. LeBron either.

        • Magic just said in the last couple days (look for it yourself, I found it) that he didn’t talk to Luke about his job, he talked to him about the Lakers defense. We talked about the defense of the teams LeBron plays on. LeBron was 150 in the NBA last season. You think I’m stupid. I had no trouble. Let’s see what to come up with to “show” me I’m wrong.

          • x%sure

            IDK what you mean, LeBron was 150.
            LeBron usually plays horrible defense and does not hustle. I never say otherwise.
            I do say, that you bring him up incessantly, unnecessarily, like some weird fascination. @Bravesfan reflexively assumed you brought him up, I’m not the only one thinking that. Incidently both Chandler and James have played on good defensive teams.

            But apparently HR is fine with all the Bron hate even though it makes the site look like it’s patronized by cretins.

            • You are obsessed with LeBron and ramble on and on and on about how great he is. You have a right to this but are so critical of those who don’t glorify LeBron like you want them too. We have as much right as you do. As I’ve said you are not a professional columnist. If you are so intelligent I can arrange to have a resume to the proper people in the Indiana Pacers front office. We are as tired of you as you are of us. Like I’ve said you are just a blog column writer expressing his opinion. I don’t take anything you say seriously because it’s your opinion. That’s why I read so much from different sites. I want professional opinions fromprofession people like Luke.

              • Dionis says he’ll leave the site if the Lakers make the playoffs. LeBron is finally in the better conference. Right now the Warriors deserve all the credit. I’ll give LeBron beats the Warriors. Since Durant joined the Warriors, Durant has 2 championship rings and 2 Finals MVP’s playing LeBron head to head. I’d like to see KD win 6 championships like M.J., and when they do split up, hopefully not for 5 years, can be talked out just like the Bill Russell Celtics. You might not like to read this, but the Warriors fans love it.

                • When LeBron beats the Warriors in the playoffs, I will get on here and say he’s the greatest. In the meantime Steph says they want to win as many championships as they can. That’s what I want to see. KD says him, Steph, Klay, and Draymond aren’t a superteam because outside of him, nobody wanted them in the draft. I think KD, Steph, and Klay should go into the Hall of Fame together.

              • x%sure

                I do not ramble on about LeBron. I ramble on about you and your shortcomings, Swanson/mio/Ptn. How do you not get this. You bring up Lebron, generally stupidly.
                What have I said about LeBron, besides his lousy defense?

                Well your Luke-love must have worked, your obsession goes on and on, topic after topic, whether originally LeBron-related or not.

  2. x%sure

    LA is funny. Two NFL, Two MLB, Two NBA teams, Hollywood, supersized, surf culture. But when LeBron comes to town, freakouts.

      • The NFL is contemplating moving the Chargers back to San Diego. Their revenue is coming up $200mm per year short of what was projected.

      • x%sure

        LA Angels. Anaheim is LA area.

        I would def support SD getting their team back.

        • xmetalrulesx

          Los Angeles angels of ANAHEIM, Anaheim is not part of the LA area. It’s even in its own county Orange County

          • x%sure

            It’s the LA Angels, look it up. The Anaheim part was ditched because Anaheim apparently has less appeal.
            It is not on its own like San Diego.
            Separate counties so what, a lot of cities include multiple counties.
            That’s okay, I still look up New Jersey when I look up the Nets. People remember. The football Giants are NJ’s football team even if the Jets play in the same stadium.

  3. What gets me is I think the Lakers get as much if not more publicity than the Warriors. LeBron lost bad in 8 of the last 9 games (save one) in the playoffs. I don’t see how anyone thinks that will change.

    • LordBanana

      I don’t think anyone thinks Lakers are gonna beat the Warriors. No one talks about the Warriors cause there’s nothing new to talk about until they stop being the best team around.

      • Five more years of Steph, Klay, and Durant. I don’t see them giving Draymond the max, nobody else will give it to him. Trade him before the trade deadline next season.

        • In the NFL the Patriots and Tom Brady get the publicity. In baseball it’s the Red Sox and Yankees. In college football it’s Nick Sabin and Dabo Sweeney and Clemson. In college basketball it’s coach K and Duke. The top teams deserve the most publicity.

  4. Guest617

    everyone on the lakers is available via trade. building a championship team’s going to require they move all their pieces/picks

  5. Lakers fansite Silverscreen Rock and Roll says LeBron contacted Luke’s longtime friend Richard Jefferson before deciding on the Lakers. He said Jefferson told him none of the executives around the league have anything negative to say about Luke. He said Hart, Ingram, Kuzma, and Ball have improved under Luke. Wasn’t Luke 21-0 or something like that with the Warriors to start a season when Kerr was out?

    • x%sure

      Well that is interesting. Young Lakers did develop well. I doubt Walton is in immediate danger.

    • victorg

      I did not see luke Walton and Richard Jefferson as friends hahahaha.
      Luke is going to be a coach again after he gets fired from the lake show.

  6. all in ad

    Tragic Johnson has no experience as an executive. He is a figurehead. Screaming at Luke…amateur. No defense starts with LBJ…after he misses shot…he jogs back. He can play D….but takes lots of plays off….doesn’t play help defense. Brian shaw is next coach. So obvious.

  7. rafisher1

    ” Ivica Zubac hasn’t earned coach Luke Walton‘s trust”

    This writer is lazy and not reading Walton’s quotes about Zubac. He has Walton’s trust and needs more burn. I hope Chandler does not impede Zu’s playing time.

    • Luckylefty2

      He has his trust yet they’re signing chandler. Walton isn’t going to ruin his confidence by telling the media he doesn’t trust him.

  8. azcrook

    Get rid of Johnson…. he is a cancer to the Lakers franchise….. he is a good guy and was a great player…but he is miscast in his present role…. PATIENCE is the greatest need for the Lakers right now….Walton cannot expected to do wonders with a class B roster..

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