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As rumors continue to swirl surrounding Carmelo Anthony‘s future with the Rockets, Marc Stein of The New York Times has reported that Anthony’s tenure with the team is expected to come to an end very soon (via Twitter).

Anthony missed the Rockets’ game against the Spurs on Saturday with an illness and was once again declared out for the team’s game against the Pacers on Sunday. As was reported earlier in the weekend, Anthony and the Rockets have had discussions about his role with the team moving forward.

Anthony has appeared in 10 games for the Rockets this season, averaging 13.4 points and 5.4 rebounds per game while struggling with his shot (just 32.8% on 3-pointers).

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24 thoughts on “Latest On Carmelo Anthony

  1. halofanatic

    Wow, that relationship didn’t last very long. Heat? Lakers? I hope not for the Lakers sake.

    • dimitrios in la

      Melo is truly a garbage player. Always has been actually, despite the numbers.

      • halofanatic

        He’s a true volume player. Never cared for his all around game as he was never a worthy defender.

  2. ldfanatic

    Throw away year for the Rockets. Cut Melo, rest Paul as much as possible and hope you can land Ariza on a buyout pickup and then turn it on down the stretch and hope to go on a run un the postseason.

  3. mpaoword

    Would not be surprised if he lands in Philly and plays as a small ball 4.

    • stug14

      I think he cares less about winning and more about stats. Unfortunately, his skill level at this point doesn’t match his ego. I don’t see him in Philly purely because he wouldn’t start. Pick any team that is a borderline playoff team and needs a 4 and that’s the group to consider.

      • GrizzTony

        If they’re a borderline playoff team the VERY LAST player they want is has-been Melo

    • That was my first thought. My second was no thank you. Then I’m thinking if he runs with this team he could look good. But he has to drop the ego and that doesn’t look likely.

    • Otogar

      Melo might be still usable as long as he plays PF with an otherwise strong defensive unit. After sending Saric to the Wolves, Philly badly needs a stretch PF and all Simmons, Butler and Embiid are superb defensive players. I think that, for the vets minimum, it’s worth a shot. In the worst possible scenario, they can also waive him after a few games, so there’s really nothing to lose.

  4. greg1

    If the Rockets and Melo split up, I wouldn’t be shocked if nobody touches him.

    He wants to be the focal point of an offense. No contending team is going to offer him that, and no rebuilding team is going to want to take touches away from their kids. Only teams I could slightly see having an interest is a bubble playoff team looking for scoring punch. Even if those situations, is Melo still a big time scorer? He seems washed up to me.

    Saddest thing is his banana boat buddy and James Harden vouched to management to bring him in. Must be a pain in the butt wiping that egg off your faces.

  5. sportsnut23

    His tenure in the NBA is coming to a close abruptly being that he can’t accept his plan to come off the bench to produce with less minutes than his prime days .

  6. Jason Lancaster

    Miami had interest in Melo this summer, but with the way mcgruder is playing, seems like they don’t need Melo.

    Orlando? Not saying it’s a great idea, but it probably couldn’t hurt…

  7. unclemike1525

    On his way out have him pick up the Bulls Jabari Parker. Just hope you’re not driving next to them on the Highway or the smell might kill you.

  8. Dionis

    Spurs wouldn’t be a bad idea, I’m sure Pop could use him in the post.

  9. Guest617

    fake news – daryl morey refutes the story. sad the media pushing this crap

  10. ChiSoxCity

    Pretext to a move to the Lakers. Houston falling apart, rumors about Durant moving on from GS, and the eastern conference still a dumpster fire. Orchestrated for LeBron?

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