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2:53pm: Shams Charania of The Athletic provides some more details on the situation in Golden State, reiterating that Green was surprised by his one-game suspension and writing that people around Draymond believe this is the sort of thing he won’t easily forget. Still, friends of Green and Durant believe that they’ll soon meet, making an effort to clear the air and move past Monday’s incident.

8:38am: In an article packed with details on Monday night’s confrontation between Draymond Green and Kevin Durant, Marcus Thompson II of The Athletic reports that Green took exception to the way Durant addressed him following his turnover late in Monday’s game.

According to Thompson, Green made it clear that he’s been making plays for the Warriors for years, well before Durant showed up, and wouldn’t stand for KD talking to him like a scrub. Green also accused Durant of making the whole season about him, even though – in Green’s view – he’s going to leave at the end of the year. Green let out his frustrations with the way his teammate has handled his upcoming free agency, per Thompson, who hears that Green also called Durant a “b***h” several times during the exchange.

As Thompson explains, Warriors management felt Green crossed a line and essentially sided with Durant in hitting Green with a one-game suspension, a rebuke that surprised the Michigan State alum.

“With what was said, there is already no way Durant is coming back,” one player told Thompson. “The only hope is that they can say this summer, ‘See, KD. We’ve got your back. We protected you from Draymond.'”

Although the Dubs will be able to point to this incident when Durant reaches free agency to prove he has their full support, Thompson’s account raises doubts about whether it was the right call — if Durant ends up leaving anyway, Golden State will also now have to worry about where things stand with Green.

According to Thompson, the relationship between Green and Durant “needs to be rebuilt,” while the relationship between Green and team management may also now be “in shambles.” This isn’t a situation that will just blow over right away, says Thompson, and that sentiment is echoed by other Bay Area writers, including Dieter Kurtenbach of The Bay Area News Group, Anthony Slater of The Athletic, and Logan Murdock of The Bay Area News Group (Twitter link).

Here’s more on the unexpected drama in Golden State:

  • According to several people in the Warriors’ locker room, Durant could have ended the lingering irritation over his free agency situation by saying how much he loves playing with the Warriors and his teammates, then leaving it at that, Thompson writes. Thompson suggests that Green is among those who believe Durant has had a hand in creating hype about his free agency, distracting from the team’s quest for a third straight title.
  • Thompson reports that Stephen Curry visited Green on Tuesday and Green admitted to Curry that he was wrong for how – and when – he confronted Durant. However, the “general consensus” is that Green’s concerns about Durant’s handling of his upcoming free agency aren’t off base, Thompson adds.
  • Durant spoke to reporters after Tuesday’s game about Green and Monday’s altercation, but his answers were terse, writes Anthony Slater of The Athletic, who provides a partial transcript. In Slater’s view, Green’s barbs stung Durant deeply and he wasn’t ready yet to talk about them publicly — so he didn’t.
  • One prominent player told Marc J. Spears of The Undefeated (Twitter link) that he plans to do everything in his power to get Durant and Green back on the same page.
  • Speaking to reporters, including Slater, Andre Iguodala and Klay Thompson both downplayed the long-lasting impact of Monday’s confrontation. “I think it was an old-school pimp that said: ‘You can’t climb a mountain if it’s smooth,'” Iguodala said. Meanwhile, Thompson offered the following assessment: “A win on Thursday and a win on Saturday and Sunday. That’s called a win streak. (Then) it will not matter and this will be in the past like a ponytail.”
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47 thoughts on “Latest On Draymond Green, Kevin Durant, Warriors

  1. You know what I would love to see just for entertainment, because I am a big time Warriors fan and I want to see the three peat, is the Warriors trade Draymond to a playoff team.

    Imagine squaring off against the warriors with say the Rockets and Draymond.

    Of course my best case scenario is they work it out like all Spats do. Green just needs to watch his mouth and respect his teammates and not be a punk. I’m sure he’ll calm down everything will be fine.

    As someone else said, this is a bigger deal to us and the media than it is to the Warriors.

    But still I would love to see a trade and then the match up. Draymond to the Blazers? That would be something !!

    • I know that’s a pipe dream but I can still hope for it. There’s no way Bob Myers trades Green to a Western playoff team.

      • Draymond got into it with Kerr last year. He’ll do it again. I still think KD will stay. He can’t find a better situation. I’ve read no other team would offer Draymond a max contract because his style of play only meets the Warriors. He wants a max. I can see that being a problem. The Warriors might not find a better big man in a trade, but last night Jonas Jerebko got 14 points and 13 rebounds. He is replaceable, Durant isn’t.

        • This same thing happened with Paul George when he was on Pacers. On the final playoff game against the Cavs, the Pacers had a chance to win it on the last shot. George passed it and wanted ball back. but was covered. C.J. Miles had to take the shot and missed it. George let him have it. Durant was open this time though. The other Warriors players let Draymond have it in the locker room too.

        • x%sure

          I insist you speak sir. I am sure I will appreciate your opinion, I also use long words but often forget the transitionals like ‘as’ & ‘since’.

          • Philomena Schlobberstina

            You two are more alike than you know. You both like long words and Polymath has forgotten his transitional following the comma. You should get hitched.

    • I’ve always felt the Blazers are one of the few teams that would benefit from Green’s style of play

      • yoyo137

        The conversation would start and end with Zach Collins. Olshey wouldn’t trade Zach Collins for LeBron lol. And with the cap situation they probably wouldn’t have the money to re-sign Draymond anyway.

  2. madmanTX

    Green said what needed to be said and how it needed to be said. Maybe it’ll deflate Durant’s ego.

  3. woodstock005

    Green is a bully but that good for a team
    Durant burn out his welcome
    Oh well
    There are many good shooters in the Nba
    But not enough defenders and ball handlers

    Do not sign Durant to a supermax contract
    Get someone younger
    Let both green and Durant go
    Trade green

    • bballblk

      KD will almost certainly be a top-5 player through his next max contract…age isn’t an issue for him right now

  4. Dionis

    What Green is doing is downright disrespectful telling Durant they were winning before he got there. Sure but could we really say the Warriors win the past 2 rings without KD? Doubt it.

    That said Durant should go to the Bulls,Lavine,Wendell,Lauri, and Dunn will make Chicago basketball exciting again and he fits in perfectly at the 3. A lineup of:


    Would be absolutely insane. Lauri and Lavine are both sharp shooters who’ll be 20 ppg scorers and you add in a 19 year old Wendell who is already averaging 11 and 9, could you imagine how much better he’ll be next season? Durant should consider Chicago if he leaves GS.

    • Jason Lancaster

      You know who runs the front office in Chicago, right? No chance Durant goes to work for Garpax.

      There’s a reason that team can’t land a decent free agent…

    • now i agree with u. bulls need durant. durant not only good in offensive.he good in D t0o.but i think bull must prove their quality first.this season bulls must reach at least 8th spot in the east.

    • paladin

      Hi Big D Don’t forget that you promised to leave website if Lakers make playoffs

      • Dionis

        Yea man I got no problem with leaving. Enjoy watching LeBron,Durant, and Davis together on the Lakers it’s going to happen.

  5. Nebraska Tim

    Green has long been a dirty player, a drama maker and seeker, and has long thought of himself as a better player than he actually is. If he were on another team, how good would he be?

    Great defender, but clearly made a boneheaded play. Green likes to call people out, but he throws a hissy fit when others try to hold him accountable.

    Durants is a top 5 players no matter where he plays. I get that people aren’t pumped about how he chose to go to the Warriors, but the owner of the Thunder has a history of being cheap and making poor decisions. I completely understand why Durant would leave that bad situation.

    If the Warriors can convince Durant to resign (50/50 at best?), they should shop Green while he still has value and before they have to overpay for his decline years.

      • x%sure

        You would probably have said that about Stephenson & Rondo too. James likes guys that make effort & go over their heads & frankly, entertain him.
        Draymond types are who he was going after on LAL, unless you think those players were Earvin’s idea. I doubt it.

  6. Tommy313

    Green was right, KD is a b***h. Warriors won before KD and will win after he leaves. They still would be great without KD no so good without green.

  7. Loren Polonsky

    I would guess the toxic relationship between Durant and Green will ultimately lead to KD’s departure after year’s end. Even if they “patch things up”, why would Durant commit long term to a situation that is clearly not stable? He’s got his rings, money and fame. Why put yourself through that long term? More interestingly, it will see how Draymond reacts to all of this as it appears management took Durant’s side.

    • yoyo137

      That was a heated argument, but let’s not be that quick to call the Warriors situation unstable. Arguments happen on every team. 3 championships in 4 years doesn’t. And it’s pretty unlikely he can go to another situation where he plays with 3 (soon to be 4) other all stars

  8. hill

    KD has been a bandwagon tag-along since Day 1. I know it. You know it. Draymond knows it. Everyone knows it.

    So it’s absolutely right for Draymond to call him out if he’s acting entitled and doing the “gimme the damn ball routine.”

    KD created this situation. I’m stunned they suspended Draymond.

    • Agree buddy. Cannot understand why did they suspend Dray… They made a bad situation worst… Awww shucks still is the old Warriors somewhere there just messing things for themselves… SMH

  9. formerlyz

    This is the type of thing that mostly only happens between people that care about each other. Once its resolved, it should be all good. I still expect them to play at least 1 more year together after this year, to get 1 year in the new building

    • braves cowboys

      Disagree because of who we are dealing with.
      Green is a fake tough guy, an irritant. You tell an irritant to everyone else in the league to be a nice guy to his teammates… riiiiight.
      Durant is a nice guy at heart, but very sensitive. I don’t believe he has made his mind about where he is going next year. He wants to keep all his options open, so he hasn’t been clear either way.

      This altercation between an irritant fake tough guy and a sensitive guy will have permanent effects. How are your feelings toward the bully in your past? You patch things up and eat lunch once a month? Me neither. Are Richie incognito and Jonathan Martin suddenly going to be friends? Nope.

      This one isn’t getting resolved, probably ever and it’ll be a fun train wreck to watch. In 20 years, someone will write a book about it detailing all the things the public doesn’t know right now. Could this be the tip of the iceberg?

    • Why is everybody so obsessed with the new arena, is just an arena, it doesn’t matter, no one cares… if a player stays on a team or leaves depending on the arena, well sure he won’t have my respect. SMH

  10. woodstock005

    Durant worn out his welcome

    He still an outsider

    He should of left warriors after last season

    If you are outsider you need to be hand off

    Let the local take charge

  11. ChiSoxCity

    All of the toxicity and tumult in the NBA this season has been orchestrated to accomplish one thing—get LeBron on top in the Western Conference.

      • ChiSoxCity

        I don’t know man, you tell me. Three of the top 5 teams in the league (GS, HOU, OKC) are falling apart for no apparent reason. Even Minnesota, a team that should have been in contention, dissolves back into a lottery team with Butler, a LeBron killer, getting moved out of the conference altogether. All of this serves LeBron’s efforts to create a super team starting next offseason. Nothing funny about that at all.

        • what brand of dope are you on bro? Seems very potent to me… you should go easy

          • ChiSoxCity

            I’m woke, son. People like you can’t see because your eyes are closed.

            You don’t need dope to see things. Just open your mind’s eye and connect the dots.

            Watched the same bizarre ish happen while he was in Miami and Cleveland. Supposed contenders teams in the East falling apart around playoff time; sudden injuries to star players, petty locker room spats, or guys just not wanting to play for their team anymore. It’s not a coincidence that his teams coast unchallenged year after year to the Finals.

            • x%sure

              He’s good? And has freakish healing powers. THAT’s what should get looked in to.

  12. When KD did a third 1/1 contract this summer, I thought, despite his explanation, that he was leaving the door open to look around if they won a 3rd this year – a new challenge (which a guy who was accused of being a guy that ran out in front of a parade might feel he needs). Now, it looks like he might look around either way.

    Different than LBJ to the Heat, in that LBJ wasn’t joining a 73 win team, but still both left frustrated at their organic situation not being the best for rings, picked a new team to get rings, got rings, but got criticism for getting them as he did. LBJ wasn’t leaving for just anywhere, but Miami served its main purpose. Same here with GSW for KD after this year, particularly if he goes 3/3. Though, similarly, I don’t think he’ll just leave for anywhere.

    As a Knick fan, I’m certainly not expecting to see him in the colors next year. But odds go up a tad with this (above 1% maybe). One thing is certain, he knows that if he joins this Knick team, then nobody can ever credibly accuse him of being a front runner ever again.

  13. Jason Lancaster

    Zach Lowe wrote a good article about Durant earlier this year, and my takeaway was that Durant probably doesn’t what he wants either.

    I think too much is being made of this incident. It’s a long season.

  14. chiefivey

    draymon took the game into his hands one time in a NOVEMBER game, it didnt work out. they got into an argument. i honestly believe theyre all trolling us anyway but regardless, i could understand if it was after the ASB or it was in the playoffs, its november. theres 65 games left. itll be ok.

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