Markelle Fultz To Continue Seeing Specialists

Sixers guard Markelle Fultz will continue to visit medical specialists through early next week, reports ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski. A team source tells Wojnarowski that the 76ers aren’t expected to provide an update on Fultz’s status until after those visits are complete.

Word first broke 10 days ago that Fultz would be visiting a shoulder specialist on November 26 and wouldn’t participate in any practices or appear in any games for the Sixers until after that appointment. On Monday, we learned that the former No. 1 pick would be seeing more specialists throughout the week, and today’s report indicates those appointments will continue into next week.

While various reports have indicated that Fultz may be bothered by shoulder, wrist, and thumb issues, there have also been rumors – sometimes within those same reports – suggesting that the second-year guard’s shooting problems are mental rather than physical. If there’s a medical issue plaguing Fultz, it seems it’s one not easily diagnosed, given all the doctors he’s visiting.

Once Fultz wraps up his visits to specialists, the Sixers should have a better sense of what the next step will be for 2017’s first overall pick. The club has insisted he’ll get a chance to regain a role off the bench if and when he’s healthy, though there has also been plenty of speculation about a possible trade. Potential suitors for Fultz will be keeping a close eye on his status, since they’ll want to know what they’d be getting into if they look to roll the dice on the 20-year-old.

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31 thoughts on “Markelle Fultz To Continue Seeing Specialists

  1. Pitches Love Velocity

    Should just cut ties.
    Cleveland gets fultz zhaire Smith and Sixers 1st this year.

    76ers get korver and Cleveland unprotected 1st in 2020 or 2021.

    Cavs should also offer boston their 1st this year for all of Boston’s 1sts this year.

  2. Z-A

    I was pulling for this kid. Now I just hope nothing but the worst for him. He stole season ticket holders money basically. That’s how u view it. Theif.

    • 215to404

      Every time there is a Fultz article you always have something negative to say. You are a very miserable person. And it’s thief not theif.

      • Z-A

        Bc Fultz is a putz. And Everyone makes typos, please stay on Atlanta related articles. I’ve never even seen you post before.

        • 215to404

          First and foremost I’m from Philly. Lived in West Philly my whole life and can speak on anything Philly related. I’ve had posted before but I have a life outside of this website. I have read plenty of your comments so my previous reply to you still stands.

          • 215to404

            Secondly he’s a kid that’s barely played 40 games in his career. Everyone wants things to happen right away and it doesn’t always work like that. I bet you were saying the same thing about Embiid when he didn’t play for three years. Now you’re cheering for him like you’re a real fan. Get off Fultz back and let him grow.

            • Z-A

              So did you go all Coleangelo on your user name bc I’ve been commenting since there were only about 5 of us on the site.

              You miss a key fact. Embiid wanted to play. This kid has more Andrew Bynum in him, not a single competitive bone in his body. Only a few games after he got his 3rd year 9.7M option, he shut it down. And with the benching in favor of TJ, it adds to the proof of his noncompetitive nature. If he gets traded, the next team is more likely than not going to pick up his 4th year at 12.2M bc he is the former No.1 overall pick and they invested assets in whatever trade package they give up, unless it’s a bag of balls. So either 25.1M or 37.3M, that’s up there with Sam Bradford type robbery. It’s a great con job. Which is why I hate him. I hated Bynums lazy butt too. If it was actual injury okay, but faking an injury, which he clearly is, I cant support. Headcase do not count as injuries. I’m sorry, but the kid needs to grow a pair.

              • 215to404

                How do you know he doesn’t want to play? Have you talked to him or just reading reports from guys who are guessing just like you? You bringing up his salary in terms of him not playing seems more like jealousy and less like an analysis. Why do you hate someone so much that you don’t know and never met? You have some issues with yourself that need to be addressed. Your calling this kid all of these names for what? He’s a 20 year old kid who’s played less than 40 games and because he hasn’t developed fast enough for you, you want to talk about how much you hate him and how lazy he is.

                • TheMilkman

                  Dude, being able to shoot a foul shot and a decent jumper is beyond reasonable development for the first pick in the draft. He’s got major issues. He’s regressed to about a 6th grade level with respect to shooting a basketball. This ain’t changing anytime soon, if ever. Just time to move him along where he can suck up a storm and maybe find it for that rebuilding team. A first overall is expected to be much better regardless of age.

                • Z-A

                  I hate that this kid, who is seeing specialist after specialist until one gives him the fake answer that he needs, is still counting 9.7 M against next year’s cap space. And that for the Sixers to not waste a roster spot this year they need it to be a season-ending jury to recoup 1/2 of his salary for signing another player or trade him for a useful player. If you KNEW anything about how the salary works, maybe you know you can’t just drop this guy. It has salary implications. NBA salaries are guaranteed. I hear caller after caller when I’m listening to 94.1 or 97.5 say “cut him” well you can’t. If this was baseball, I wouldn’t care at all what he makes, it could be 40M a year, but baseball has no salary cap. There is a SMALL window to win with this team before you get to a point where you can’t make the key financial moves to overcome Toronto – who looks like a beast with Kawhi, Milwaukee, and Boston before you can even think about taking on GSW, Houston, or even LAL.

              • xtraflamy

                @Z-A If it is the yips, it is a neuropsychological issue. It has nothing to do with effort, or desire to play. Thoughtless comments like this only compound the issue, so go ahead, make your season ticket investment worse. Perhaps you should direct some of that abundant, intense energy to do some research and try being compassionate because hatred never helped anyone on any side of an issue.

                • Z-A

                  My god, please do not let me keep you from polishing your trophy case full of participation awards. I’m sorry I am not more sensitive to those afflicted with Basketballphobia.

      • TheMilkman

        He’s a mental case! It’s not about being miserable. He cannot play! He is not the first bust in the history of the NBA, so get over it. The team is trying to win. They simply do not have the minutes for this stupidity any longer. He is a major distraction with minimal upside. A perfect fit for a rebuilding team.

        • 215to404

          How do you know he’s a mental case? Have you talked to him? Have you been around the team? Know some players? Tell everyone how you know exactly what’s wrong with someone you don’t know. Name me a number 1 pick who was drafted with minimal upside. The draft is all about upside so tell us how do you go number 1 without having a great ceiling…. Your analysis come from people on tv and internet who also have no idea what is going on. So reply. We need some answers since you have them all

  3. x%sure

    It’s not his shoulder, wrist, thumb or head. It’s in his twitch, his CNS, his central nervous system.

    I wonder if Tourette’s Syndrome has ever been investigated with him. Remember Chris Jackson/ Mo.Abdul-Rauf? He was a twitcher too, but productively so. He went to extremes of self-control, changing his religion.

  4. Z-A

    Figure out a trade for TJ Warren. It’s a nice contract value too for what he gives you. Upgrade over RoCo at a position of need. You run Ben, Butler, Warren, Muscala, Embiid.

    • TheMilkman

      Why would they deal Warren for Fultz? They might dump Ariza who is on a 1-yr and old. Otherwise, Josh Jackson, who is equally bad as Fultz.

      • I like the Jackson for Fultz switch. Makes sense which is why Philly won’t do it and they will keep getting expiring contracts. They do need cap space coming up, but Jackson is a great buy low candidate. Then again, Fultz is a project as well. Just how much more time are they willing to invest in Fultz that they will have to invest in Jackson as well?

      • Z-A

        Why did they trade for Bridges when they had Warren under contract for 4 years and then signed Ariza? Celtics model of only SFs? I’m talking about Philly trading for Warren as a target. Fultz can be somewhere in that trade for money.

  5. TheMilkman

    Fultz is a thumb sucking baby, who cannot deal with the fact that most 6th graders shoot better than him and 99% of the players in the NBA are better than him. This makes the headcase’s shoulder hurt. Hopefully, Phoenix will foolishly take a flyer on him in their search for a PG. Trevor Ariza can be traded Jan 15th. Including Patton makes the financials work. There are few options for dumping this turd. Phoenix, NJ, Cleveland? Just get him out of here!

    • can we get you out of here too? all that hate & bile, it ain’t healthy man.

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