Lakers Have Not Made Lonzo Ball Available In Trades

Despite recent speculation, the Lakers have not made point guard Lonzo Ball available in trades, a league source tells Ben Stinar of Amico Hoops. While this does not indicate that Ball is untouchable, the 21-year-old is currently not part of active trade talks, per the report.

After inking LeBron James this past summer, Los Angeles’ interest in finding another star has been made clear and Ball is one of the organization’s best trade chips. Names such as Anthony Davis, Kevin Durant and Kawhi Leonard have been floated as potential trade and free agent targets for the Lakers.

Los Angeles selected Ball with the second overall pick in the 2017 NBA Draft. After a solid rookie campaign, Ball’s numbers have dipped this season but he’s still averaging a solid 8.2 PPG, 5.3 RPG and 4.6 APG. Ball has also been praised for his defensive improvements, with his newest teammate James has been at the forefront.

“I think he just sometimes doesn’t realize how great he is,” James said. ”The things that he possesses out on the floor … when Zo realizes how good he is on the floor, it makes him a very dynamic player and it makes us even better. And he’s been doing that as of late, his aggressiveness.”

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25 thoughts on “Lakers Have Not Made Lonzo Ball Available In Trades

    • adshadbolt

      Lavar has been much better lately, I think he started to realize that he was hurting his kids more than helping

      • paladin

        Word around town is Magic called him and basically told him to keep his mouth shut or he would trade Lonzo quicker than you can say BBB. Lavar was talking about Lebrons son in the press for awhile and that really upsets Lebron (rightly so). It was spelled out to Lavar to keep your pie hole shut and for the most part Lavar has done that. I think they should trade Lonzo to Phoenix for the 1st round Bucks pick then package it in trade for AD. Best chance to get another Type 1A superstar into LA. It’s not like KD, Kawhi or players like PG are breaking down the Lakers doors to get with Lebron. Lebron has a specific style of play which fits certain players better than others. No insult to say that. Lebron has been successful with that play style and he can’t change now, why should he? Other type 1a superstar do not fit with him and it should not be a controversy to tell the truth about it. I would not be surprised if KD & Kawhi end up in LA, only with the Clippers instead of lakers. Jerry West is still a formidable Gm who doesn’t play GM in the local media.

  1. puigpower

    And he shouldn’t be. Excellent defense and just finding his way offensively. Keep.

  2. why is it, that someone must tell this guy to be aggressive. does he not know that is part of the game? damn, can’t stand passive players!!

  3. goldenmisfit

    Got to love negative comments from people who have never played at that level but the player is being praised by his peers.

    • puigpower

      Exactly. People want instant success otherwise players are busts. New system, just changed his shot entirely… patience people.

    • Totally agree with goldenmisfit. Zo is a baller, real good, people that doesn’t see it is because they now nothing of basketball, as simple as.

    • paladin

      He is being praised in public because he has lost his confidence shooting the ball. His FG% is terrible and with those shooting mechanics his lame brain dad taught him he will never get better until he totally changes them. He passes up open shots that he should take and then the team says he is unselfish but it is a cover word for ”scared to shoot” Watch the games, check his FG% before you disagree. He needs to get traded to Phoenix and get a new start with Booker instead of Lebron….

  4. afsooner02

    Terribly overrated draft last year when he and fultz went 1-2….both are busts

    • I agree 100 Bust ! Can’t believe Goldenmisfit thinks Ball is a Baller must be a Laker fan.

      • And you must be a Laker hater. Sorry for all the pain they’ve caused you over the years.

          • Well, I have to commend you for your honesty. Not to many people willing to admit to being a Knicks fan with their recent history. Perhaps you should focus on NY’s problems rather than bash other teams struggles. I’m wondering if you were even born yet to have enjoyed the Knick’s glory days of Frazier, Reed, Earl the Pearl, Bradley,etc?

  5. Seems in the last 4-5 games there’s a big difference in his offensive game. He’s going to the basket. Going to make some mistakes in doing that but will ultimately will figure it out and be much improved

  6. Ahh there’s always gonna be some haters in the comment section displaying their stupidity with their knee jerk ignorant remarks. Anybody watching LAL have noticed Ball’s improvement and occasional flashes of brilliance. To be continued….

  7. well i’m a die-hard laker fan and i guess i’ve gotten spoiled over the years by a couple of fellas like magic johnson and kobe bryant that brought that killer instinct day one! didn’t have to wait for things to develop. in life you either have it or you don’t!

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