Lakers Refused To Include Core Players In Ariza Trade

It took two attempts but the Suns struck a deal to part with veteran swingman Trevor Ariza, dealing him to the Wizards for Kelly Oubre and Austin Rivers. However, after a three-team deal cratered on Friday, Suns re-engaged the Lakers in trade talks, per ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski.

As we relayed earlier today, the Lakers were “eager” to acquire Ariza as he and agent Aaron Mintz tried to a broker a deal that would land him in purple and gold. The Lakers were unwilling to include one of their core players and the Suns moved on to complete a deal with Washington, Wojnarowski added.

Also, Suns owner Robert Sarver was reportedly reluctant to strike a deal with the Lakers after criticism that the buyout of Tyson Chandler created a clear path to Hollywood for the veteran center.

Given Ariza’s age (33) and his expiring deal, it’s understandable why Los Angeles elected to keep their young players for the time being. It’s been reported that the Lakers are unwilling to part with Lonzo Ball in trade talks. It would be fair to state that in addition to Ball, Brandon Ingram, Kyle Kuzma, Josh Hart and other young standouts are off limits for the time being.

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30 thoughts on “Lakers Refused To Include Core Players In Ariza Trade

  1. mrshyguy99

    I love what ariza did for the Lakers in the past. But at his age and contact. It would of been a over pay to give up one of the young guys.

      • Melo would be a bad fit with the Lakers. Melo can barely be an off-the-ball option at this point and he needs to play iso-ball to be useful. Doing that takes the ball out of the hands of LeBron/Ingram/Ball/Rondo.

  2. Jkolti

    It just wasnt the right fit. The Lakers have no reason to trade the young guys, and the suns have no reason to accept a player like KCP, that gives them no value.

  3. Johnny h

    Lakers are gonna have to settle for bargain bin guys or wait for buyout season. They don’t have any decent assets they are willing to trade. This time next year, if they fail to attract a star FA this summer, I suspect we’ll see some or all of the young guys on the block.

    For now, best you can hope for is a Wayne Ellington or a Dewayne Dedmon.

      • Johnny h

        They aren’t trading Hart right now and KCP has minimal trade value at this point. Some time might give you a 2nd rounder or two but the Lakers aren’t getting a player that helps their 2018-19 roster for him.

  4. Kenleyfornia74

    What a shock. You would have to be high to trade a young core player for Ariza.

  5. mbarcos

    I’ve seen enough of Lonzo ball to know that he won’t be elite, at least not with LBJ playing point forward. It’s time to trade him for another player or part of a package for players. If your looking at it from a 2nd overall pick for Ariza, I can understand the argument, against it. Ariza can still defend, and hit the corner 3, things that are still hit and miss with Ball. Another upside, you get rid of LaVar.

    • Johnny h

      Lonzos trade value is leaking like it had a hole in it. Theyve probably already missed their chance to get any real value for him.

    • Adam37

      You can’t possibly have seen enough of Lonzo to know how good he will be. Look at career trajectory of Mike Connolly, he kind of seemed like a bust or just average for about 4-5 years…also both Kemba and Kyle Lowry took a long time to become stars

      • Johnny h

        None of those guys you named shot 36% and couldn’t score. Lonzo can’t score, even with LeBron drawing all that attention. Kuzma, Hart and McGhee are all scoring more because they have the skill and aggression to capitalize on the openings. Lonzo has neither.

        • Adam37

          Both Lowry and Kemba shot 36% their first year… and Lowry didn’t score more than 9 PPG until AFTER his 6th year in the league! Lonzo is very young too younger than either of those guys in their first year.

          • Johnny h

            You’re cherry picking the stats that support your argument and ignoring the ones that dont. Walker scored 17 a game his second season and his shooting jumped to 42%. He also got to the line from day one. Lonzo can’t get to the line, can’t make free throws, can’t finish a t the rim and is a 30% career three point shooter.

            Lowry was slotted as a backup when he got drafted and had to work his way into opportunity and even then, he played well his first four years as a reserve PG.

            Lonzo has gotten starters minutes from day one and his numbers are as abysmal
            as they were last year. He’s a nice player in some respects (he’s a better defender than advertised) but the window on his upside is all but closed. It’s hard to
            Imagine he’s gonna fix his shooting mechanics or the giant fundamental flaws in his footwork, shooting form, balance, etc.

            • Adam37

              Yes the most worrisome stat is the FT% for sure. Yeah Kemba scored more but he was not efficient nor did he have great assist numbers.

              I think you’re overvaluing scoring here. He needs to be more aggressive yes, but his numbers as a rookie were pretty damned good aside from the shooting/scoring. The Kidd comparisons made a lot of sense. I think playing with Lebron has been a tough adjustment.

              If he doesn’t improve as a shooter it’s gonna be tough. He’s shown some potential here. Players can transform their mechanics like Kemba did, becoming a really good 3pt shooter.

              I just think it’s way too early to say you know his ceiling isn’t that high. His per 36 numbers are pretty similar, though blocks and steals down a bit – the FT% is slightly up as is FG% so it’s trending in the right direction. It’s definitely gotta get much better though so it better keep improving or you’ll probably be right.

              • Johnny h

                It’s not 100% that he won’t be a star but it isn’t looking good. To me, he’s trending more toward Ricky Rubio than Kidd, and like you said, playing with LeBron sort of limits why he positive impact he might have with the ball in his hands.

                • Adam37

                  Then he gets a Tripple double tonight very efficient shooting…lol, I know it’s one game but I think he’s showing enough flashes that I’m leaning towards star – not superstar though

                  • ladfan

                    Thank you for the intelligent and respectful back and forth, gents. Appreciated your points.

                  • Johnny h

                    Best game he’s played all year. He seems to do well against the smaller guards and man, Walker was awful tonight, wasn’t he?

  6. imindless

    I can already see the trade taking place. Read the article by the ringer on ingrams production being dwarfed playing with lebron as they are the same type player who needs ball in there hands to be productive. Ingram without lebron has a net rating of +10 together -.1.5 just lebron + 10.5 so it clear to say that ingram will be on his way out of la either st the deadline or next offseason. He is my favorite laker and had lebron not come been a star. He will be used as ammo when pelicans blow up what they have in addition to picks for davis. Then with what little wiggle room they have left signing durant to attain his bird rights the following year makes sense.

    Mcgee/chandler (possible resigns)

    Rondo (possible resign)

    Its playing out how everyone knew it would another superteam in la. Lebron also wouldnt have came if there wasnt a handshake agreement before hand to ensure ad would be on his way to la at somepoint. I find it irronic that in the same way we had kcp with rich paul and go lebron rich paul going with ad seems to leave bread crumbs.

    • Johnny h

      Assuming NO ends up having to trade Davis, whoever gets him is gonna have to dig a lot deeper than Ingram and a pick or two.

    • bowserhound

      No Kuzma? And I’m pretty sure they won’t be able to afford LBJ, Durrant AND AD. Would be fun to watch though.

      • Johnny h

        Didn’t Durant just give an interview to ESPN where he explained why nobody wants to play with LeBron?

  7. x%sure

    The reason Ingram suffers with James is the reason first Leonard, then George, would have probably suffered with James if they had chosen the Lakers: they play the same position. So they did not, & neither will Durant, same reason. James is not going to be ‘Draymondized’.

    James is playing some 4 but is usually on the court with Kuzma & Mcgee/Chandler.

    AD to the Lakers, on the other hand, could happen, because the Lakers would be a good partner for the Pels. It will probably take Ingram, Kuzma, Ball & Moritz plus 1 or 2 unprotected firsts.

    • x%sure

      I doubt any of the 4 yocomofos will be traded except for a big fish like AD.
      Not even one for an Ariza.

      • Ptn18

        To match salaries with AD, Kuzma, Ingram, Hart, and Lonzo wouldn’t match AD. Been saying for sometime, just like Kawhi and San Antonio, the Pelicans won’t trade AD until he declines the extension if he does. That’ll be when free agency July 1. Stephenson, McGee, Beasley, and Rondo will drop off and they want to “try” and sign an elite free agent. All the Lakers will have to use in trade besides LeBron would be the 4 kids. AD ain’t gonna happen.

        • x%sure

          Moritz not Hart; the money is close with 4. Pels with Holiday don’t need Hart so much & might prefer a 1st. Also next year’s figures might be in play by the time the talk is over.

          If Pels don’t make the playoffs, the wheels will turn.

          The young often feel invulnerable, but AD has been injured enough to be over that illusion. A team with Lebron is better than a team with Holiday.

  8. How many stories is the Laker FO going to release about why they couldn’t consummate an Ariza deal-? There’s only one reason. Another team valued Ariza more than they did (true in the case of every attempted deal that doesn’t get done). Nothing to do with KCP’s veto right, Suns being upset over Chandler, LA’s young core or (really) Anthony Davis.

    Point has been made. Suns wouldn’t give him up for what you were offering. It’s why all trades don’t get done.

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