Suns Trade Ariza To Wizards For Oubre, Rivers

DECEMBER 17: The trade is now official, with both the Suns and Wizards issuing press releases to confirm the move.

DECEMBER 15: After a hectic Friday night in which a three-team deal was scrapped, the Suns have agreed to deal Trevor Ariza to the Wizards in exchange for Kelly Oubre and Austin Rivers, John Gambadoro of Arizona Sports 98.7 reports (Twitter link). The trade call with the league is scheduled for later today, per ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski (Twitter link).

Last night’s nearly completed deal would have sent Ariza to the Wizards, Rivers to the Suns and allowed the Grizzlies to acquire Oubre for Wayne Selden, two second-round picks, and one other player. The confusion came over the identity of that other player as the Grizzlies believed they were dealing MarShon Brooks while the Suns thought Dillon Brooks was headed their way.

As we relayed in a separate story, despite the nixed deal, Phoenix and Washington remained in touch to see if an Ariza trade could be completed.

This version of an Ariza trade includes three players in the final year of their respective deals.  For Ariza, the trade means the end of a brief 26-game stint in Phoenix as he signed a one-year, $15MM deal with the Suns during the 2018 offseason. Ariza averaged 9.9 PPG, 5.6 RPG, and a .379/.360/.837 shooting line for the Suns.

This marks a homecoming of sorts for Ariza as he spent two seasons with the Wizards, including perhaps his best season as a pro in 2013/14, when he averaged 14.4 PPG and 6.2 RPG with a .456/.407/.772 shooting line. Prior to this trade, we had relayed at least eight teams had expressed interest in Ariza, including the Lakers and Rockets — two teams he had previously suited up for.

During his stint in the nation’s capital, Ariza was reportedly a respected presence who, among other things, had a good impact on the team’s All-Star point guard, John Wall. At 11-18, the Wizards are 2.5 games back of the Eastern Conference’s eighth seed and will hope Ariza’s 3-and-D ability can narrow the gap.

For the NBA-worst Suns, they acquired a pair of useful assets that could possibly be used as trade chips later in the season. Rivers, 26, has been a mainstay off the Wizards’ bench, averaging 7.2 PPG and 2.4 RPG for Washington. Rivers’ shooting has taken a hit this season as his field-goal percentage (39.2%) and three-point shooting (31.1%) are his worst in several seasons.

As for Oubre, 23, he averaged a career-high 12.9 PPG in 29 games (seven starts) for the Wizards. By trading Oubre, the Wizards will create a traded player exception worth his salary ($3,208,630). Washington already had four trade exceptions, including one worth $5.45MM, as our list of outstanding TPEs shows.

Oubre is set to hit restricted free agency this upcoming summer, at which point the Suns could tender him a $4.5MM qualifying offer, ESPN’s Bobby Marks notes. Phoenix could flip Oubre before the trade deadline but cannot aggregate him with another player for salary-matching purposes.

Once the deal is completed, the Wizards’ roster will dip below the requirement of 14. Washington will need to sign another player within two weeks to get their roster count back up to the minimum.

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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38 thoughts on “Suns Trade Ariza To Wizards For Oubre, Rivers

    • acarneglia

      For real though:

      Suns get a PG, which they desperately need in Rivers, and a young player with some talent in Oubre

      Wizards get their man in Ariza and don’t have to give up much, because Satoransky will backup Wall and Ariza takes Oubres minutes

  1. goldenmisfit

    This is why Phoenix is a joke of a franchise. Could have gotten a much better return from the Lakers and all reports are stating that is where he wanted to go anyway.

    • What would’ve been the Lakers better offer? From everything I’ve seen, the Lakers wanted to move Caldwell-Pope in any Ariza deal (who the Suns did not want). They weren’t going to attach Hart/Ingram/Ball/Kuzma and in terms of draft capital, the best case scenario would’ve been a heavily protected first/multiple second rounders. Granted Oubre needs a new contract, but he has much more upside than almost any player that has been discussed in an Ariza trade.

    • osfan9987

      Yeah dude no, nobody wants Kcp including the lakers, it’s like listening to a Yankees fan cry about how they can’t get an ace for Greg bird, your trash isn’t someone else’s treasure it’s just trash

    • Really? I think you got a steal if your a suns fan and only reason Oubre and Rivers was that there were bad atmosphere in wizards lockerroom.

  2. DynamiteAdams

    Still too many small forwards than minutes to go around. Another move is coming I bet.

  3. Jamespfunk

    So this new trade the Wizards still give up Rivers and Oubre and to get Ariza but don’t get the 2-2nd rounders. Not that 2nd round draft picks hold much value. Great to Ernie on top of his game. #FireErnie

    • acarneglia

      2nd rd picks have become a little more valuable in recent years though. Brooklyn used them to get Charlotte to take on an extra year of salary in the Dwight-Mozgov Trade. Warriors bought the 2nd rounder that became Jordan Bell, who has been a key bench piece and sometimes starter. Guys like Nikola Jokic and Draymond have all been 2nd rd picks recently, as has Malcolm Brogdon

      • hiflew

        2nd rounders have always been valuable. Young depth without long term commitment is much better than shackling yourself to a young player that may or may not work out.

  4. hiflew

    I think the Wizards messed up by not getting a 2nd rounder or one of Phoenix’s young PGs (Melton/Okobo) attached in the deal. They just got rid of their depth behind Wall.

    • acarneglia

      Satoransky will be the backup PG. with an open roster spot another move could be coming

  5. halethorpe

    Not happy losing Oubre, not sure I understand this trade. Is Ariza really the guy that will boost the wizards?

  6. Austin Rivers coming back to the scene of where his cowardly father accosted Suns Legend Kevin Johnson, almost inciting a riot in downtown Phoenix. KJ was a class act (other than his relationships with underage girls) and didn’t deserve the attack.

  7. LivingUnderDaBridge

    Seems like a sick deal for phx. TA Was on a one year and not going to stick around for the whole rebuild. Now you got some youth. Not sure what the wizards really are hoping for out of this? That Ariza might propel them to the…. 7th seed?

  8. I think what a lot of people are overlooking is the locker room presence that Ariza is bringing to Washington. The Wizards have been a mess this year primarily because of locker room issues as opposed to not being talented enough. Ariza isn’t as good as he used to be talent wise, but he brings a familiar and veteran face to that locker room.

  9. Otogar

    I don’t like this trade either for Washington or Phoenix. On the one hand, it’s true that the Wizards probably wouldn’t have been able to resign Ouvre this or the next summer… if they decide to keep their Wall-Beal-Porter core, which arguably is not what they should do. With they current payroll they won’t be able to add a top player, and without that they’re not gonna be contenders. Their best option might be trying to unload Wall and/or Porter and rebuilding around Beal and young players such as Ouvre. One way or another, Ariza will be retired much before than the Wizards are fighting for a ring. As for Phoenix, they do not address they biggest concern: they badly need a starting PG and in Austin Rivers they got (at best) a role player who is not even a pure PG. And Ouvre is not a good fit either, as they are already loaded with young SFs. Ariza was getting tons of interest and the Suns were not in a rush, so it’s hard to imagine they wouldn’t have been able to get some package that suited better their needs.

    • It would’ve been nearly impossible to move Wall/Porter without giving significant draft compensation as well. Wall is just about to enter his super max contract ($37m+ cap hit the next four seasons) and Porter is making a hefty amount as well (due roughly $55m the next two seasons). With this move, the Wizards are banking on that Wall/Beal/Porter core to figure it out which was basically their only option.

  10. dust44

    Ariza was probably a target to come in and provide real leadership to try to turn that team around. Not like that team doesn’t have talent. Just a severe lack of leadership unless u expect Dwight Howard to b that.

    • x%sure

      With Ariza on board for leadership, they can go after say, Willie Reed for an inside presence, and get their ship turned around. Who knows when Howard will return.

    • Johnny h

      They’ll make the playoffs after a slow start like they’ve done for the last several years. They are in a tough spot where they can’t exactly rebuild because the stars they have aren’t gonna fetch that much in trade. you can get a decent haul for Beal and but Wall will be a tough sell and good luck finding someone to give you anything much for Porter.

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