Suns Notes: Warren, Jackson, Ayton, Booker

The Suns are in the midst of an eight-game losing streak and have dropped 11 of their last 12, as their offense struggles immensely without top scorers Devin Booker and T.J. Warren in the lineup. Phoenix has cracked the 100-point mark just once in its last six games and has posted nine-point first quarters twice during that stretch.

However, while Booker’s return still isn’t imminent, the team will get some added firepower this week, with Warren poised to return to the lineup on Monday, as Bob Young of The Athletic details.

“We’re missing him and Book, our two leading scorers,” Jamal Crawford said. “When you have those guys, it kind of settles everybody else down. (Warren) is somebody who helps give the team that swagger, for sure. Offense has been pretty hard to come by, but I think we’ll figure it out.”

Here’s more out of Phoenix:

  • Since entering the NBA in 2017, former fourth overall pick Josh Jackson has played for three different head coaches and two general managers. Speaking to Paolo Uggetti of The Ringer, Jackson said that he thinks the instability in Phoenix has had an effect on his play. “It would definitely be a lot better if we were more stable,” Jackson said recently. “I don’t think any other player in my class has gone through as much change within their team as I have. Since the moment I came into the league, it’s just been all about changes and adjustments, new coach after my second game of the season, like, c’mon now, really? That doesn’t happen.”
  • Addressing a heated postgame exchange with Devin Booker that took place after last Thursday’s loss to Portland, rookie center Deandre Ayton downplayed the incident, saying that he and Booker are “just two guys that want to win,” writes Duane Rankin of The Arizona Republic.
  • Earlier today, we relayed a couple other Suns-related news items, passing along word of the Suns’ contract talks with Eric Moreland and writing that at least eight teams have inquired on Trevor Ariza.
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13 thoughts on “Suns Notes: Warren, Jackson, Ayton, Booker

  1. I think this trade works. Suns send Ariza to Lakers and Okobo to Pistons. Pistons send Reggie Jackson and 2nd round pick to Phoenix when Ish Smith comes back. Lakers send KCP and Lance Stephenson to Pistons.

    • Why would the Pistons (even assuming they want to dump Jackson at this point in the season) not just do that trade with the Suns and keep Ariza? Better player and they already have about six 2-guards.

      • The Pistons never wanted to let KCP go in the first place. They couldn’t afford him. The Pistons have been trying to move Jackson for a few years. The Suns are running out of options at point guard. Stephenson played the point at times in Indiana. The Pistons aren’t happy with Henry Ellenson or Luke Kennard. Ariza is a small forward. “Nobody has been willing to deal the Suns a point guard.

        • x%sure

          Supposedly they offered 5/$100 but KCP took 1/$17 from Lakers. Sounds like Rich Paul failed because no way he gets offered that much again.

          There was actually talk of a max contract that probably spun his head. That and an off-court incident and SVG moved on with a trade for Avery Bradley.

          They may not object to a more mature KCP but his game seems to leaving him. Must be James, eh… or something. Can’t adjust maybe.

          • Looked up Basketball Reference and Caldwell-Popes numbers are nearly the same now as they were with the Pistons. If I remember he was known for his defense. Signing Jackson is the dumbest thing they ever did. If you ever want all the sports for the day, just Google Bing Sports and you won’t have to go anywhere else.

  2. Doesn’t explain: 4-17, when those two were healthy; how a team with Ayton, Ariza, Bridges and JJ in the starting lineup gives up 120+ in consecutive games; or why JJ can’t hit FTs at much over 60%.

  3. imindless

    Josh I am sorry but blaming the organization for your shooting woes is disgraceful. You cant shoot because YOU simply cannot shoot effectively and look to be a big time bust.

  4. Black&Gold

    Woah, phoenix SUCKS as an NBA franchise. Wonder if all the “suckage” is due to KARMA for trying to coerce potential draft picks into NOT visiting rival teams/cities for fear of losing them. Then again, the cheating clearly isn’t helping as Jackson blows as bad as the rest of the Suns do with all those 1st round picks consistently losing games. LMAO tuuuuuuuuuuuurrible as the curse of Charles Barkley’s loserville continues forever.

  5. x%sure

    Called it even before the draft. . . Ayton and Booker are different people with a different idea of how things should go.

    • Supposedly what set them off is Booker has been on his case. Ayton said the Suns are his team and will be for a long time.

  6. Supposedly what set them off is Booker has been on his case. Ayton said the Suns are his team and will be for a long time.

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