Teams Expect Suns To Make Trevor Ariza Available

Having signed a new contract as a free agent over the summer, Trevor Ariza won’t become trade-eligible until December 15. However, rival clubs expect the Suns to make him available after that date, according to Marc Stein of The New York Times (Twitter link).

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As Stein outlines (via Twitter), teams with interest in Ariza have been hoping that the Suns will take the same route with the veteran forward that they did with Tyson Chandler, simply buying him out and letting him reach free agency. However, Phoenix is expected to field trade inquiries on Ariza in an effort to secure at least one asset in return.

Ariza, who is on a one-year, $15MM contract with the Suns, isn’t off to a particularly hot start this season, shooting a career-worst 37.2% from the field through 21 games. However, he continues to play solid defense and knock down three-pointers at a respectable rate (35.7%), which will make him appealing to contending teams in need of wing help. His expiring contract should also be favorable to franchises looking to open up cap room during the summer of 2019.

As Stein observes (via Twitter), it will be interesting to see if the Suns are willing to take on unwanted multiyear salary in order to accommodate an Ariza trade. Doing so would compromise Phoenix’s 2019 cap flexibility, but would likely improve the quality of the assets trade partners are willing to offer. For instance, if the Suns and Pelicans were to discuss an Ariza deal, Phoenix would almost certainly have to take on Solomon Hill‘s contract in order to have a shot at acquiring a first-round pick from New Orleans.

It’s also worth noting that the Suns have been linked to Markelle Fultz, which has resulted in some speculation about a swap centered around Fultz and Ariza. The Sixers could use a veteran wing like Ariza, while Phoenix has been in the market for point guard help.

There will likely be no shortage of teams around the NBA that would like to add a player like Ariza to their rotation though, so the Suns should field plenty of interest once the 33-year-old becomes eligible to be traded later this month.

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22 thoughts on “Teams Expect Suns To Make Trevor Ariza Available

  1. Thronson5

    Lakers need to try to trade for this guy. Could really use him. Rockets should’ve never let him leave and I’m sure if they can swing a trade for him he’s really help them out as well. Sure there will be plenty of teams in the hunt for the playoffs trying to get him once he’s available

    • LivingUnderDaBridge

      Sort of had to let him go after the monstrous over pay for cp3.

  2. Michael Chaney

    Is getting a middling asset back really worth it? If the Suns trade Ariza so soon after making a big deal about signing him, it’ll ruin whatever credibility they had left with free agents in the future.

    • Not if they trade him to a contender. Most players love that.

      Ariza went for the money in Phoenix. He wasn’t going to get 15 million dollars anywhere else. Except for maybe 3 years in Houston for 15 million LOL.

      • Z-A

        They have 2 other LT SFs, Warren and Bridges. The signing in the first place was a head scratcher.

  3. Just read someone proposed Markelle Fultz for Josh Jackson. One underachieving high lottery pick for another.
    Would Ariza and Ryan Anderson for Brandon Knight and Marquis Chriss be fair? lol

  4. Z-A

    The only way you trade Fultz for an expiring contract is if you’re 100% done with the kid. Fans are. Not sure about Sixers brass. Cant do anything until Jan 15th anyway. AND youd have to trade Korkmaz with Fultz for the money to work. Or Patton.

    There are other options out there. Morris, Warren, Mirotic if the Pels continue to falter.

  5. As long as he’s healthy and playing decent, you’d think most contenders would want him. Figuring out a return package is the challenge. I doubt Phoenix wants to take back longer term $$ in a trade, but there’s a price for everything I guess.

  6. Not that he’d use it, but I think Ariza has the no trade kicker in his contract since he’s on a one year deal. He’ll play more in Phoenix, but I don’t know if it matters.

    • Luke Adams

      No veto ability for Ariza — players on one-year deals only get that veto power if they re-sign with their previous teams.

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