Deveney’s Latest: Sixers, Pelicans, Blazers, Lin

While most teams around the NBA are clutching tightly to their future first-round picks, a handful of clubs appear willing to move their 2019 first-rounders, according to Sean Deveney of Sporting News. Deveney identifies the Sixers as one of the teams, reporting that Philadelphia appears open to trading its own 2019 first-rounder to acquire shooting help.

Of course, the Sixers would get Sacramento’s first-rounder instead of their own if the Kings’ pick ends up at No. 1, but Philadelphia would certainly make sure the pick wouldn’t go anywhere in that scenario. Deveney also notes that the 76ers have thus far kept Miami’s unprotected 2021 first-rounder out of trade talks.

Deveney identifies Mike Scott, Frank Kaminsky, and Noah Vonleh as the sort of players the Sixers might have their eye on, though presumably the team wouldn’t part with its first-rounder straight up for any of those players.

Here are a few more notes and rumors from Deveney’s latest Sporting News article:

  • New Orleans is another team that would move its first-round pick for immediate help, particularly at small forward, according to Deveney, who says the Pelicans have had some interest in Terrence Ross. As we’ve heard previously, the Magic have indicated they’d rather move Jonathon Simmons than Ross, but Ross would have more value. If Orlando keeps slipping further from the No. 8 seed in the East, the team might become more inclined to shop Ross.
  • The Trail Blazers would also be willing to part with their 2019 first-rounder for help in the backcourt or on the wing, per Deveney. Sources tell Deveney that Portland has expressed some interest in Hawks point guard Jeremy Lin, whom the Sixers and Pelicans have also inquired on. Getting a first-round pick in return for Lin might be challenging, but the veteran guard has boosted his value with a solid season so far in Atlanta.
  • While they’ll likely have more first-round picks than anyone this June, the Celtics aren’t expected to make any of those selections available at the deadline, sources tell Deveney. Boston will presumably save those picks for the summer, when a bigger move could be in play.
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12 thoughts on “Deveney’s Latest: Sixers, Pelicans, Blazers, Lin

  1. LivingUnderDaBridge

    Celtics are sort of at a point where they should move a few picks but seem content to draft guys and not have much room to play them.

    • ThisGuy

      How do you figure? Barring a trade for a starting-quality player, they’d have no minutes for a trade acquisition.

      I’m also very confident they won’t use all four picks (assuming they’re conveyed) in the upcoming draft

      • ac106

        Celtics need four raw rookies like they need a hole in the head. No doubt they will trade most if not all.

        • WFG1

          Let’s hope so. My fear is that Ainge will be so caught up in the Luka Doncic craze that he will draft a bunch of young Euros and stash them overseas for years hoping that one will eventually pay off.

    • threenola

      They definitely want to keep those picks for the Pelicans. The draft will have already happened so the picks themselves would mean nothing to us. However, if Boston is the front runner to get AD, they can agree to terms about those picks. Like which picks the Pelicans will get and who to pick if so and so is available.

  2. GuruGray

    Noah Vonleh would be a great addition to the Sixers bench. But I’m not sure what they’d move to get him. Perhaps Amir Johnson and 1 or 2 second rounders

    • threenola

      I like Noah as well. A big who can guard/play at the 4/5 and hit threes. I like his energy and how it attack.

      • Z-A

        Vonleh, who I liked a lot coming out of Indiana, is not a real upgrade over Amir. Over Bolden at this point yes. But hes a 4, very undersized to play the 5 against any non small ball lineup. I would try to get Burke in the same deal tho.

      • GuruGray

        Z-A Vonleh is playable, which makes him an upgrade over Amir. He would take minutes away from Bolden, because Bolden is part of the rotation, Amir isn’t. He also has playoff experience from his time in Portland, which Bolden obviously doesn’t have

  3. dorfmac

    Trade Butler for Beal. Stick jimmy on a crappy team and tell him to shove it.

  4. Meadowlark

    Injury prone, two years older than Seth Curry Jeremy Lin replaces him as Portland’s third guard. Curry currently leading the league with a 49% 3 point average and rounding into game shape after missing all of last year. Right. No. Wait. Lin replaces Lillard or McCollum. Rare to see Deveney this far off.

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