Grizzlies Rumors: Gasol, Conley, Temple, Green

Asked today about the report that the Grizzlies are open to listening to trade inquiries on them, Marc Gasol and Mike Conley told reporters, including David Cobb of The Memphis Commercial Appeal, that they’re in wait-and-see mode since those discussions are out of their hands. Conley also confirmed that he received a phone call from owner Robert Pera on Tuesday confirming that the team is listening to offers, as Cobb notes.

“When I signed back a couple years ago, that’s a thought that goes through your head that, ‘Man, I could play in the same place for 14 or 15 years,'” Conley said. “That’d be awesome, and hopefully retire one day as a Grizzly. You also understand that in three, four years a lot can happen and a lot can change. Memphis is all I know. This is my home. I love everybody here and my teammates and the organization. I don’t know any better. This is new grounds for me, so we’ll just see how it plays out.”

Gasol, who also expressed a love for Memphis and said that being traded wouldn’t change how he feels about the city and the fans, was surprised to hear that Conley’s name was being mentioned in trade rumors alongside his own, since the veteran point guard remains under contract for multiple seasons.

“I don’t understand why Mike is in those talks either,” Gasol said, per Cobb. “Mike is one heck of a player, and we’re going to need good players moving forward. I don’t understand why Mike is in this.”

Let’s round up a few more notes on Gasol, Conley, and the Grizzlies…

  • Chris Mannix of writes that the Grizzlies may have waited too long to make Gasol and Conley available, and suggests – based on a survey of NBA team executives – that the duo’s trade value probably won’t be all that high. “Marc, defensively, is pretty limited,” an Eastern scout told Mannix. “Physically, he can’t stay in front of a lot of switches.” A Western exec offered a more optimistic assessment of Conley’s stock: “They could get something for Conley. He’s healthy, and there are a lot of teams desperate for a point guard. They play it right, he could get them a lottery pick.”
  • Chris Herrington of The Daily Memphian identifies a series of hypothetical trade partners for the Grizzlies in a Gasol or Conley trade, arguing that the Mavericks look like the “cleanest” fit for Conley, since Dennis Smith Jr. and Wesley Matthews‘ expiring contract would be a good starting point. That’s just Herrington’s speculation though.
  • Omari Sankofa II of The Athletic takes an in-depth look at the Grizzlies’ trade deadline options, proposing some hypothetical swaps involving Conley and Gasol and identifying Garrett Temple and JaMychal Green as possible trade chips.
  • Earlier today, Shams Charania of The Athletic passed along some Grizzlies-related trade rumors, reporting that the team has attempted to engage the Hawks on a deal involving Chandler Parsons and that Green is expected to generate interest around the league.
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16 thoughts on “Grizzlies Rumors: Gasol, Conley, Temple, Green

  1. Chandler Parsons is a trade killer. He may have the worst contract in the league. I rate him, Melo, and J.R. as the 3 players nobody wants. Gorgui Dieng is close with Luol Deng.

    • Melo doesn’t have a bad contract now, but nobody wants him. The rest of them belong in the G League. Seriously I read Marc Gasol Lived in Memphis early in Pau’s career. It was ironic he was drafted by the Lakers and traded to Memphis for Pau. It’s the only American city he’s lived in. The Pacers have to be in consideration for Conley. They love players from Indianapolis. He played his high school in Indianapolis and college at Ohio State with Greg Oden.

    • Dieng is a very good & solid reserve, his numbers are really good as the back up of KAT.

        • x%sure

          He is average; not who you want to have starting, but a decent reserve. Unfortunately he is paid as a good starter and is not. That is why he is undesirable.

  2. Z-A

    So you need… Expiring Contract + Something of value. Gasol seems destined to Opt-Out (Mistake? Maybe). Conley will probably Opt-In and he’s the player you’d most want. If you rule out an in-conference trade…

    Orlando would need to part with Vucevic and Ross, which would curtail their playoff aspirations.

    Brooklyn has the expiring contracts, but also have Russell and Dinwiddie but could be the 3rd team involved.

    Philly could land Conley by trading Chandler, Muscala, Fultz, and Patton. Leaving them with… Bolden/Amir Johnson at the 4/Back-up 5.

    Knicks could dump Kanter, Frank, and Lance Thomas.

  3. formerlyz

    I dont think they should move Conley unless they get multiple assets or something legit. Gasol should go for mostly expiring deals and a pick, maybe an interesting young guy

  4. Nebraska Tim

    Conley is drastically under-rated as an NBA player.

    Wherever he ends up, the fans there are going to love him. He has such an awesome game.

      • Nebraska Tim

        ^^^That is very, very true.

        It always feels like he’s overpaid until I watch him play. Probably still a bit of an overpay, but that doesn’t matter when a team is over the cap anyways.

        Probably the best player in the league at using both hands.

        • x%sure

          Ridiculous that the Griz has two injured SFs, Brooks & Anderson, still, but does not consider using Parsons.

          So what if he’s overpaid? The question is, can he help or not? The paychecks go out regardless– Get him in there.

  5. Crazy trade proposal (involving Mike Conley) incoming!

    Trade 1

    Memphis acquires: Ricky Rubio, Willie Cauley-Stein, Grayson Allen, Tony Bradley, Skal Labissiere

    Utah acquires: Mike Conley, Kosta Koufos, Jeff Green

    Sacramento acquires: Derrick Favors, Thabo Sefolosha, Omri Casspi

    Utah stabilizes the point guard spot with Conley, while getting a true stretch PF in Green and average backup C in Koufos.

    Sacramento upgrades its center situation with Favors (who’s on a reasonable short-term deal that won’t inhibit Giles and Bagley’s development) over WCS defensively and rebounding-wise. Thabo could be a low-maintenance physical wing defender and veteran, while Casspi is a fan favorite (or at least from what I remember).

    Finally, Memphis takes a bunch of chances on talented, young players like WCS, Allen, Labissiere (a Memphis product), and Bradley. They also gain immediate cap relief with Rubio’s expiring. If young wild cards and cap relief aren’t enough, Memphis could justifiably ask for a lottery-protected first round pick from Utah (since Utah seems to benefit most from this trade).

    Let me know what works and what doesn’t!

      • hiflew

        Nice unintentional humor there. Memphis’s GM has already made the first name mistake once this year. Perhaps he could convince someone they are getting Jeff Green when he doesn’t even have him.

    • Jason Lancaster

      I think this trade makes more sense without Sacramento…Utah needs scoring at the PG slot, and Memphis needs cap relief. Just do Conley for Favors, Exum, and a future 1st rounder. Memphis can turn around and flip Favors by himself or do a sign-and-trade this summer.

      Utah can bring Rubio off the bench in Exum’s role for just a bit more money this year, and then re-sign Rubio this summer for a good price.

      Memphis gets a journeyman PG in Exum who they can bring off the bench if/when they find a good young PG. If they get Utah’s 2020 or 2021 first rounder, that could be awesome. Utah isn’t guaranteed to make the playoffs even with Conley, so a lottery pick is a real possibility. Considering how much Conley is owed, this is a decent deal.

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