And-Ones: Hoiberg, Donaghy, All-Star Game

Shortly after being dismissed by the Bulls earlier this season, Fred Hoiberg told ESPN that he’d be focused on finding a coaching job, rather than seeking a front office position, when he resumes his career. However, Hoiberg’s stance on his next job has softened a little recently, as Travis Hines of The Ames Tribune details.

“If the right front office opportunity did come around, I would potentially look at that,” Hoiberg said. “When I was just getting out of coaching (the Bulls), that was the first thing on my mind and still is. But if the right front office opportunity came about, that is something I would look at.”

While Hoiberg said he appreciated the opportunity to spend time with his family this year, he admitted that he misses the “grind” of coaching, adding that he’d be open to a college head coaching position as well, despite his distaste for the recruiting process.

Here are a few more odds and ends from around the basketball world:

  • Earlier this week, Scott Eden of published a fascinating piece laying out how former NBA referee Tim Donaghy conspired to fix NBA games. The NBA pushed back against that narrative, however, arguing today in an official response that Eden’s story “adds little to the existing record” and contending that much of the new material in the report is inaccurate or misleading.
  • The Knicks weren’t the only team whose deadline moves impacted their summer cap projections. Danny Leroux of The Athletic takes a look at several of the clubs whose offseason outlook was affected by this month’s trades.
  • Back in the fall, the NBA G League announced it would offer a handful of “select contracts,” worth $125K, to elite prospects coming out of high school. Adam Johnson of 2 Ways & 10 Days explores how those contracts might work, and how those players might be assigned to G League teams.
  • In the wake of a fairly underwhelming All-Star Game in Charlotte, veteran broadcaster and former head coach Jeff Van Gundy said he’s in favor of eliminating the game, per Tim Reynolds of The Associated Press. “I would name All-Stars, I would have All-Star weekend, they have all these things, introduce them … the players are great, they should be applauded,” Van Gundy said. “But to take this game and shoot 160 threes, it’s an embarrassment”
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10 thoughts on “And-Ones: Hoiberg, Donaghy, All-Star Game

  1. acarneglia

    I worked at the All Star Game this year all 3 nights. No WOW moments at all

  2. bowserhound

    I agree with JVG, the game itself is a mockery. Dunk contest has gotten so lame it is also an embarrassment. Just do the 3pt contest, maybe a bracket of 3-on-3 games with the all stars, maybe a trick shot contest or something and call it a weekend off in the middle of the season.

  3. greg1

    Balky is correct, the AS game is unwatchable right now. I also agree that the dunk contest has outlived its time. It has become nothing but props and throwback jerseys. Heck, the guy that won admitted that he didn’t even practice for the contest until that day.

    Maybe make it a fan interactive weekend where their are more events like the “trick-shot” competition that bowser suggested above along with kids clinics, autograph sessions, etc.

  4. marshmallowman

    gotta love the standard denial line of “some of the stuff reported was inaccurate” that everyone uses

  5. Yep it is

    Hoiberg “ In other words no NBA team will touch me so at this point is that JUCO Job still open in North Dakota”.

    • x%sure

      I recall a player with fine posture. Give him one of those stand-up desks.

  6. jump shot

    Replace the actual (bad) game with a trick shot competition…. two people actually said that, as if the all-star weekend is getting SO bad that the one thing that could bring it back is….
    a trick shot competition.

  7. Djones246890

    I love how Hoiberg says this as if he’s some prized commodity. Dude, you were (and are) WAY out of your league. Stick to college.

  8. D$!LLKU$H-og

    The NBA is at fault for how the all-star game has become. They need to raise the stakes, although how the MLB does it is a bit much (winning leauge gets home advantage in world series). I would imagine money could make a difference. Winning side needs to earn like a Mil each while losing side wins like 50k each. The difference in loot could make these guys try harder.

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