Lakers Trade Zubac, Beasley To Clippers For Muscala

8:07pm: The Clippers have officially announced their trade with the Lakers, issuing a press release to confirm the move. While there’s no indication yet that Beasley has been released, the statement from president of basketball operations Lawrence Frank makes it clear that Zubac is the prize of the deal.

“For two-plus seasons, we have seen Ivica up-close and watched him develop into a skilled center,” Frank said. “For his age, Ivica has proven to be an energetic rim protector who can score around the basket. We are eager for him to join our group of promising young players.”

1:39pm: The Clippers have agreed to trade power forward Mike Muscala to the Lakers for young center Ivica Zubac and journeyman forward Michael Beasley, according to ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski.

The deal will open a roster spot the Lakers, affording them the opportunity to sign a player on the buyout market, with Carmelo Anthony among the players they’ll consider, Wojnarowski adds (Twitter links here).

The Lakers will “seriously look” at Anthony, the Los Angeles Times’ Brad Turner tweets. The Bulls waived Anthony on February 1st after acquiring him from the Rockets last month. Anthony has often been linked to the Lakers since things went sour quickly with the Rockets this season. He’s close friends with LeBron James, who recently stated his desire to play with the longtime All-Star forward.

“I’ve always wanted to play along Melo and if the opportunity presents itself, it would be great,” James said.

Muscala was just acquired by the Clippers in the blockbuster deal with Philadelphia that sent Tobias Harris to the Sixers. He gives the Lakers a big man who can shoot from deep. Muscala, who was averaging 7.4 PPG, is a career 36.5% shooter from distance.

The Clippers’ initial plan is to waive Beasley, Chris Haynes of Yahoo Sports tweets. Zubac gives them a young big man to grow in their system. He was averaging 8.5 PPG and 4.9 RPG in limited playing time this season. The Clippers would have to extend him a $1.93MM qualifying offer this summer to make him a restricted free agent.

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47 thoughts on “Lakers Trade Zubac, Beasley To Clippers For Muscala

  1. AndreTheGiantKiller

    when was the last time Clips and Lakers matched up on a trade?

  2. Jason Lancaster

    Funny how Beasley gets into an argument with the coach about selfish play, and then a week or so later he’s traded…

  3. C-Daddy

    Surprised they gave up a promising young player in Zubac for Mike Muscala.

  4. So much for Zubac (RFA) having any real value. Going back to LBJ’s favorite model of surrounding him with 3 pt shooters. Bullock and now Muscala.

    • LakerDodger24

      It’s not just for LeBron. Ingram, Zo and Rondo all need the spacing to operate as well. I’m just disappointed they didn’t get some shooters during the summer instead of having to trade assets to get them mid season.

      • jeremy

        Well zubac was a a free agent at the end of the season and he very inconsistent and I guess Bullock a more proven player than svi was

      • Maybe not. But Magic and the GM made a point of not using the LBJ typical formula with 3 pt shooting and talked about why. Reverting at this point somewhat, although these are all expiring deals.

        • They had to revert since Rondo has struggled to stay healthy and since Ingram/Ball have struggled. Those factors have forced LeBron to revert to his Cleveland/Miami ways in order to win since its clear the initial plan wasn’t working.

          • jkoms57

            Clear it wasn’t working?

            I saw a #6 seed that got trashed by injuries to LeBron and Ball.

            That said, Lakers are better off with Moose, Reggie & (Melo) than they were with Zub, Beas, & Micky.

    • I mean filling a team out with shooters has proven to work. Golden State is a team full of shooters. Houston and Milwaukee have surrounded their stars (CP3/Harden and Giannis respectively) with shooters. It’s just a win-win scenario. The stars are given more room to operate in the post/drive to the basket while also having reliable kickout options if/when a defense collapses.

  5. whodatcoon

    Lakers were never going to pay Zubac anything this summer, so it’s smart to make the lineup better for the season. I really liked him tough.

    • jeremy

      Plus he was going to be playing hurt the rest of the season. McGee out played him last game. When LeBron healthy McGee plays better

    • deano

      They had an option for $2M on Zu for next year. That’s not a bad deal for Lakers. I don’t get the trade. I liked SVi but I understand that one more. They will have his bird rights and they can go over the cap to sign him. This guy tho is shooting 36% from 3. That’s not a big deal.

  6. I think this deal is more about opening up a roster spot than anything. Adding a stretch big is just kind of a small cherry on top.

  7. highplainsdriftr

    Lol. Lakers are going to be a disaster this year. Nobody cares where Melo goes. At least Bron will have a buddy to sit next to him hahahaha

    • x%sure

      You mean putting the playoffs up for sacrifice?– while gaining capspace & some decent youth.

  8. The Ghost of Bobby Bonilla

    It is now completely clear that LeBron is the GM of the Lakers. He is going to sign Carmelo…..bwahahahaha

    Meanwhile, two each of Anthony Davis, Kyrie, Durant, and Kwahi are headed to the Clippers and Knicks next year.

    The Lakers will sign Kemba Walker though to a max deal, and LeBron will trade multiple #1’s for Tristan Kardashian, so there’s that Laker fans….

    • jeremy

      Wishful thinking unless walker truly wants out no way he gone MJ love him too much to let him walk

    • kenleyfornia2

      Lebron haters be like “Lebron will trade the Lakers young core for JR smith”

      • Ptn18

        The Lakers have lost Paul George, Kawhi, and now Anthony Davis because of cheating. Magic paid $500,000 and Davis $50.000. Might do better with the other GM’s if you stopped cheating.

  9. ou812jay8

    I have a feeling the Lakers will regret this trade. I really like Zubac. This seems like Julius Randle 2.0. Underestimating a big man asset when you have it.

    • jeremy

      Zubac nothing like randle. Randle was actually consistent in his game. Zubac still show signs of being inconsistent at times and was going to be playing hurt the rest of the season

    • LakerDodger24

      Potentially, but it didn’t seem like they planned on keeping him once he hit RFA this summer. Might as well get a shooter for this season instead of just losing him for nothing. I don’t like trading him, but I understand it. I hope they use their roster spot on someone not named Carmelo, but I’m about 99% sure he’ll be a Laker really soon.

  10. 3pt shooter, yes he will shoot them, and you’ll see a bunch of wide open bricks.

    • deano

      I loved Magic but this one makes me scratch my head. As did all 5 young guys for Davis. I’d never do that deal and NOLA will be sorry they didn’t do that. I would have loved to see one more free agent and Zo, Zu, KK and Hart along side. I’d trade BI and get some draft picks and open up some more cap space.

    • Bubba

      Beginning to think? He is a straight up idiot. Now BRON , BRON the GM isnthere to help him bring in the over 35 crowd.

  11. CubsRebsSaints

    I’m not a basketball person. But it seems that individually both Beasley and Zubac are better than Muscala. Or Beasley is better and Zubac’s ceiling is higher. Am I wrong?

    • x%sure

      I think Muscala has plateaued, while Zibac is improving. But Muscala is a better fit and a spot is opened up.

      Beasley needs a more individualistic team, like Melo does. James did not seem to have an effect on Beasley like he does with McGee. People are guessing they will try Melo.

      It’s an iffy trade (and pickup, if it’s Melo) but if they find guys in the turnover that respond to James, it will be worth it.

  12. Thronson5

    The one thing I can say is the the Lakers when healthy for the most part started to really gel and were playing good ball in December so let’s give them some time to get back in a grove and see where they go. Not a big believer in them right now myself with all the injuries and some guys being so inconsistent but we will see. Hopefully they can add another proven star that’s consistent in free agency.

  13. bowserhound

    Should’ve just kept Brooke Lopez if you wanted a 3 shooting big…

    • Thronson5

      Agreed! Could’ve had him instead of Beasley just to give away Zubac in order to get rid of Beasley and the headache he’d became in the locker room.

  14. Lakers chemistry is back!!! They smashed the Celtics in Boston out of the park! LOL!!!!!

  15. Meadowlark

    a one point win with Rondo’s buzzer beater is a “smashed … out of the park”. Hyperbole R Us.

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