Mavericks Waive Zach Randolph

FEBRUARY 8: The Mavericks have officially waived Randolph, the team announced today in a press release.

FEBRUARY 7: Veteran big man Zach Randolph, acquired by the Mavericks in a deadline deal with the Kings, will be waived by Dallas, reports Shams Charania of The Athletic (Twitter link).

Given his sizable cap hit ($11,692,308), Randolph will almost certainly go unclaimed, so he’ll become an unrestricted free agent once he clears waivers. He’ll be free to sign with any team besides Sacramento at that point.

There’s no indication based on Charania’s report that Randolph has agreed to reduce his salary as part of the transactions. Veterans on oversized contracts generally only agree to buyouts if they have a new destination lined up, and it’s not clear if that’s the case for Randolph.

The 37-year-old had yet to appear in a game for the Kings this season after playing 59 games (57 starts) in 2017/18. Randolph was still productive last season, averaging 14.5 PPG and 6.7 RPG on .473/.347/.785. While his limited ability to protect the rim or switch on defense will reduce his appeal to some extent it’s possible he’ll still draw interest from contending teams.

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16 thoughts on “Mavericks Waive Zach Randolph

  1. jeremy

    Feel bad for the guy he still has something left in the tank. I wouldn’t be surprised if raptors look at him that they need players

  2. Reflect

    Why is he able to sign with the Mavs but not the Kings, if it’s the former that waived him?

    • jeremy

      He wasn’t sign he was traded. The rules stated if he traded from his team then release that said team can’t be resign

    • Luke Adams

      If the Kings traded him to the Mavs, then signed him to the minimum salary contract after the Mavs waived him, they’d essentially be circumventing the cap by reducing his cap hit by $10MM+. The rule prohibiting a team from trading a player then signing him once he’s waived is aimed to prevent that sort of thing.

    • Alex

      Teams used to trade guys and then wait for them to get bought out an resigned them as a way to get around cap, so NBA but an end to thag

  3. Connorsoxfan

    I can’t get over the 22 million trade exception. They could sign a max guy to pair with Luka and KP and then trade for another 1-2 significant guys and just absorb them into the exception.

    • Z-A

      Wow 21.3M trade exception and 30M cap space is insane. Curious who they would target. Beal, Wiggins, Gary Harris, Draymond, Gallinari they could seriously make a push to compete next year if they wanted to stay as aggressive as they have been this past deadline.

    • Luke Adams

      To clarify, if they want to use their cap room, they’ll have to renounce the trade exception — it’s one or the other, since trade exceptions are only for over-the-cap teams.

    • HailRodgers12$

      I don’t think he would. The 1 knock on Lopez is his limited mobility on defense. From the story it appears Randolph would be even slower and thus more of a liability than anything.
      Looks like a lot of guys on the market though so I think there’s a chance of plucking someone if the fit is right.

  4. Guest617

    zbo can’t play defense – a total liability isn’t what you want from a big

  5. Danthemilwfan

    Lopez has been great defensively for us this year. Zbo would fit well with us but it would take multiple injuries to get into our rotation. Giannis, Lopez, nico, ilyasova, dj Wilson and we go small with Giannis at the 5 so Middleton plays some pf too. I could see maybe Toronto signing him

  6. moazetongue

    Sad to see this guy at the end of his career. Never played in my team, but he’s a pretty good off the court. I like what he’s done with pit bulls. Just too slow especially in the defensive end although he still can get you some points off the bench. Could be a good character guy, locker room guy, etc. for a young team sort of like what Channing Frye is to Cleveland.

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