Mike Conley Resisting Trade To Utah?

6:05pm: The Raptors aren’t trying to trade for Conley, while the Pistons are pessimistic that a deal will get done before the deadline, Stein tweets.

5:02pm: The Jazz are closer to working out a trade for Grizzlies guard Mike Conley, but Conley and his representatives prefer to see him sent somewhere else, according to Brian Windhorst of ESPN (Twitter link).

“Utah was making some progress in acquiring him, and I think that would have been a tremendous deal for Utah,” Windhorst said on ESPN’s “The Jump.” (video link via @The_6ix_man)Mike Conley‘s agent has made it known that Mike Conley does not want to play in Utah. … If he’s going to be traded, he’d prefer to go the the Eastern Conference. Now Memphis is working on deals with Detroit and Toronto.”

A trade with the Raptors would mean Kyle Lowry may wind up with the Jazz, Windhorst adds. Utah has been interested in Lowry for a long time and Lowry has “a ton of respect” for Jazz coach Quin Snyder, according to Tony Jones of The Athletic (Twitter link).

The report on Conley is backed up by Marc Stein of The New York Times, who tweets that he is resisting a trade to the Jazz. Conley has no ability to block a deal —  he is under contract for more than $67MM over the next two seasons — but he’s making it clear that Utah isn’t his first choice.

The Pacers continue to talk to the Grizzlies about Conley, according to Sam Amick of USA Today (Twitter link). However, Indiana and Toronto believe Memphis’ asking price is “prohibitively high.” Jones states that he heard the Pacers offered a young player and a veteran and were met with a counteroffer that they didn’t consider realistic.

A source tells Vince Ellis of The Detroit Free Press that the Grizzlies are asking the Pistons to include shooting guard Luke Kennard and a first-round pick in any package. Ellis speculates that Reggie Jackson would also be part of the deal, but notes that picking up Conley would limit Detroit’s financial flexibility going forward.

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28 thoughts on “Mike Conley Resisting Trade To Utah?

  1. Z-A

    Mike Conley is like… yo I want to play in an All Star game before I retire. In the East I’d be one.

    • reece

      Right. That, and he doesn’t want to get trounced in the 1st round by the Warriors. Lol

  2. Loren Polonsky

    I don’t understand how anyone could want Lowry right now recognizing his age (33) and wonky back. I’ve loved his game, but he is clearly trending in the wrong direction. I suppose the Raptors are looking for additional pieces to keep Kawhi in TO but I fear that ship may have already sailed elsewhere.

  3. padam

    I’m always astonished at how players think they can dictate the rules and yet still get paid. They know it’s a business when they sign that contact, so going to Utah is something they should expect unless they get a no trade clause in the contract.

    • fishy 9 dogs

      I mean, wouldn’t you try or make your feelings know. If the organization is willing to work with you?

    • Easy to say but remember this is where he’s gonna live, and Utah is not the best place for a black man to raise a family

      • bravesfanforever

        Racist comment perhaps ? Explain why more than half the team is black and why Karl Malone loves Utah and played 18 years in the state ? I really get sick of these disgusting racist comments from people.

  4. Black Ace57

    Enough of players dictating where they want to go. It is one thing if it is a guy with about a year left on his deal, but Conley is on a multi-year deal already. The Jazz are a playoff team, not the Suns. Enough complaining FFS.

    • smrtrtanur

      Exactly. I never understand why fans think they should just shut up and take it.

      • Dodgethis

        Because they are under contract. It’s part of why they make obscene money to play a game.

        • LordBanana

          Nothing in his contract says he can’t tell people he doesn’t want to play somewhere. If he gets traded there he’ll play.

          Also it’s a game to us, it’s a job to them. They make that much money because they’re valuable and beat out literally millions of other NBA hopefuls.

  5. Ptn18

    The Pacers tried to deal with the Grizzlies at the draft. They wanted the Pacers to take Chandler Parson’s contract to get the 4th pick in the draft. Pacers said nope.

  6. Jsmith77

    I really hope Detroit is talking to another team about a PG as well..I’m not to sure Conley is worth Reggie, a first and Luke.

  7. hiflew

    You can’t really blame him for wanting to go East simply because it would be easier to get to the playoffs. I don’t like players publicly dictating where they want to go, but I can understand it to an extent.

  8. Spike4christ

    Conley has earned the right his owner told him he would make him happy.

  9. greg1

    Three team deal with Conley going to Toronto, Lowry to Utah and what the Griz were willing to take from Memphis, interesting.

  10. x%sure

    Lowry & Monro, TOR to UTA
    Rubio & Favors, UTA to MEM
    Conley, MEM to TOR
    Wright, TOR to MEM
    Lowry for Rubio, Monroe for Favors, Rubio & Wright for Conley, Favors for $ & Gasol?, Conley for Lowry

    Espn trade machine accepts and predicts:
    TOR +3, UTA -3, MEM -13.
    So TOR still owes MEM some picks.

  11. Bubba

    Sooo glad these Prima Donnas get to tell the owners where they will play. Trash League because of this.

    • jleve618

      Yea I don’t really respect the league. This trade deadline is like watching real housewives.

  12. SFGiantsfan28

    How exactly does Kyle Lowry come into the picture?? We’re talking about the Jazz and Grizzlies here…

  13. zeister11

    Why is no one wanting to play here in Utah ? Wow because Salt Lake City is one of the greatest cities in America

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