Pacers Sign Wesley Matthews

Free agent guard Wesley Matthews, who agreed to a buyout with the Knicks earlier this week, has signed with the Pacers, the team announced on Twitter.

New York acquired Matthews in the January 31 trade that sent Kristaps Porzingis to Dallas. He played just two games for the Knicks before parting ways with the team. The 32-year-old appeared in 44 games with the Mavericks before the trade, averaging 13.1 points per night and shooting 38% from 3-point territory.

The Pacers have a pair of roster openings, so no move was needed to add Matthews. Indiana has been looking for backcourt help since star guard Victor Oladipo suffered a season-ending injury last month.

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9 thoughts on “Pacers Sign Wesley Matthews

    • Gcash144

      Took full advantage that Oladipo is out and he will be inserted straight to the starting lineup

  1. jeremy

    This was the best move pacers could make. Why stand Pat when you can sign a talented player like Wes

  2. D$!LLKU$H-og

    Yeah pacers gm is pretty crafty to add Matthews and a future 2nd for nothing instead of trading assets at the deadline. Solid dipo replacement and could help pacers stay in top 4-5.

  3. Guest617

    melo was having dinner last week with Indy mngt- matthews prolly closes that door

  4. Nebraska Tim

    A whole bunch of normal, simple, and quality observations about this signing… which is obviously a good one.

    So who are these two people who are going through and downvoting every one of them?


    Mathews = a very good signing for the Pacers. It’s pretty cut and dry.

  5. x%sure

    You were prob right about not being too enthusiastic about Gasol, at least compared to Valencuinas. But post-Portland Mathews is below average from the getgo.
    Not that I downvoted this cheap pickup who probably won’t be worse than Tyreke Evans.

    Indy has all this capspace to sign FAs, but can they draw top players with it? They have players like Evans who have value but are not crucial. They had a gaping hole at 2G. Dipo’s injury means move. Instead Indy seemed to concede! So why bother with Mathews, who isn’t going to make a diff?

    Probably: Indy needs to win r1 to impress top FAs and use that space, and that means holding on to that 3 seed. They can beat Miami or whatever, but not a “top4″EC team. Probably.

    • chorn47

      no one conceded anything. they dont have any big salary guys who weren’t important to the rotation. hard to match salaries without significantly weakening the roster. trading for a replacement would have made another hole. why rob peter to pay paul? best option was the buyout market

      • x%sure

        Evans $12.4m is respected but not thriving at this stop. Collison $10m or Holiday– there are about 4 PGs getting time. OQuinn $4.4m or Turner, there are 3 good centers.
        Indiana has a roster ripe for trading, with depth and salary value. But still a big hole at 2G, oops sorry folks, and Mathews is not very good.
        They have to keep that 3 seed.
        I’m not seeing anyone on the buyout market.
        link to

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