Trade Rumors: KCP, J. Parker, O’Quinn, R. Lopez

In addition to doing their best to pry Anthony Davis away from the Pelicans, the Lakers have reportedly explored a deal with the Bulls involving Kentavious Caldwell-Pope and Jabari Parker. ESPN’s Brian Windhorst reported as much on the Hoop Collective podcast this week, as Matthew Moreno of relays.

There are a number of potential roadblocks to such a deal. For one, the Lakers would have to include at least one more piece in order to match salaries, since Parker is earning $20MM and Caldwell-Pope has a $12MM cap hit. Most of the Lakers’ other expiring contracts are tied up in their offer for Davis, though they’d be available to move if the Pelicans decide to hang onto AD through the deadline.

Additionally, Caldwell-Pope has the ability to veto a trade, which is why he hasn’t been included in any of the Lakers’ offers to the Pelicans for Davis. Windhorst suggests that the Bulls “really like” Caldwell-Pope, so if KCP reciprocates that interest, perhaps he’d sign off on a deal. But it’s unclear whether he’d agree on a move that would send him from a playoff contender to a lottery team. For what it’s worth, Joe Cowley of The Chicago Sun-Times hears that Caldwell-Pope doesn’t appear to be interested in the Bulls.

Here are a few more trade rumors and notes from around the NBA:

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6 thoughts on “Trade Rumors: KCP, J. Parker, O’Quinn, R. Lopez

  1. Z-A

    Lol, they want 4 1sts, all 3 young players. Boston isnt going to give up Tatum. They would end up with Brown most likely and 4 1sts and Horford for Davis and Hill from the Celtics. Is that really a better deal? Depends on the Memphis pick I guess. And where that ends up. But they could whiff on all those draft picks. And then may need to max out Brown to retain him if and when he balls out in his contract year.

    • fishy 9 dogs

      Memphis pick is top 8 protected, so not amazing. I honestly don’t think they can do better than the Lakers deal. I get the reason for waiting, but I would rather just get this situation over with. At least it hasn’t turned into a Butler situation yet.

      • Z-A

        Yea Top 8 this year, Top 6 next, Unprotected year after. Grizzlies need to win more games and make sure that pick conveys. Pick-up any one worth a lick on the BO market lol.

        But, run the trade scenarios for next season. With no guarantee he re-signs… You’re looking at 4 1st round draft picks + young players + taking Solomon Hill.

        Teams willing to give up 4 1sts are in the playoffs every year and those 1sts don’t carry much value. (Rockets)

  2. The Pelicans are idiots. The ineptitude is becoming clear. They are going to lose AD and end up with s–t. Which is why AD is leaving. Of course if the make a deal now and acquire young talent along with draft choices…………..

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