Latest Anthony Davis Trade Rumors

Monday was an eventful day for the Anthony Davis rumor mill, as news broke that Davis’ camp had provided the Pelicans with a list of four teams – the Lakers, Knicks, Clippers, and Bucks – with which he’d be willing to sign long-term. Around the same time, the Lakers reportedly increased their offer for Davis, proposing a deal that would give New Orleans young players, multiple first-round picks, and salary relief. However, the Pels continue to lean toward hanging onto Davis beyond the deadline.

That Lakers offer – which includes Brandon Ingram, Lonzo Ball, Kyle Kuzma, two first-round picks, three veterans for salary-matching purposes, and the Lakers taking back Solomon Hill – is the strongest pitch L.A. has made for Davis. However, according to ESPN’s Ramona Shelburne, the Lakers have felt that their conversations with the Pelicans have been “one-sided,” and they’re becoming increasingly pessimistic that New Orleans will make a deal with them this week.

The Pelicans have yet to provide the Lakers with a counter-offer, but in order to seriously consider Davis to the Lakers this week they’d want to be compensated – or, more accurately, “overcompensated” – for passing up on the chance to see what the offseason would bring, reports ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski. According to Woj, GM Dell Demps and the Pels are seeking more draft picks from the Lakers — they want a “historic” haul of draft assets that would include four first-rounders, along with multiple second-round picks.

Wojnarowski writes that the Pelicans believe any offer the Lakers make now will still be available to them during the offseason, and multiple rival GMs think that New Orleans may use L.A.’s final offer this week as a baseline for negotiations in the summer.

Celtics president of basketball operations Danny Ainge has, of course, been urging the Pelicans to wait until the offseason, when the designated rookie rule restricting Boston from acquiring Davis will no longer apply. League sources tell Wojnarowski that the C’s have “promised to be aggressive” with their assets at that point as they pursue Davis.

According to Chris Mannix of, the Celtics have “refused to directly dangle” Jayson Tatum at this point, but the Pelicans have received the impression that nothing and no one would be off the table this summer in discussions with Boston. The Pelicans are “enamored” with Tatum, per Mannix, who suggests that Tatum’s franchise-player potential is higher than that of anyone in the Lakers’ offer. Acquiring a player with All-NBA potential in an AD trade is reportedly a goal for New Orleans.

Davis’ camp has repeatedly made it clear that Boston isn’t a preferred destination for the All-NBA big man, but that strong anti-Celtics stance may be posturing in an effort to push AD to the Lakers. Ainge is unconcerned that the C’s aren’t on Davis’ wish list, and there’s little that would dissuade him from aggressively pursuing AD in the offseason, Mannix writes.

Here are a few more Davis-related items to kick off Tuesday:

  • While the Knicks are one of the teams on Davis’ wish list, they haven’t re-engaged the Pelicans since trading Kristaps Porzingis last week, sources tell Wojnarowski. Winning the draft lottery would be the Knicks’ best path to building a viable offer for Davis, which is one more reason why the Pelicans could be incentivized to wait until the offseason to make a move.
  • Kentavious Caldwell-Pope has not been included in any of the Lakers‘ offers for Davis, since he has the ability to veto a trade and has shown no interest in going to the Pelicans, per Tania Ganguli and Brad Turner of The Los Angeles Times. Although the Lakers and KCP’s camp have been exploring possible destinations for the veteran wing, he appears unlikely to be moved this week, one source tells the Times duo.
  • The Suns have reached out to the Pelicans and Lakers and let them know that they’d have interest in Lonzo Ball and would be open to joining a potential Davis trade as a third team, according to Ganguli and Turner. Ball’s father LaVar said on Monday that he wants to see his son land in Phoenix if he’s traded by the Lakers.
  • If Davis remains in New Orleans through the deadline, there’s a “real possibility” that he and the Pelicans could agree to a limited playing schedule for the season’s final two months, according to Wojnarowski. That decision has yet to be made though.
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52 thoughts on “Latest Anthony Davis Trade Rumors

  1. chorn47

    makes too much sense to wait. see who gets what draft picks. plus why trade now and increase the standing of the team you trade him to. that reduces the value of the pick you get. what might be the 5th pick now, for example, could turn into a non lottery pick.

    • shawn hemp

      What’s funny is the pelicans act like Ainge is gonna overpay for Davis knowing he doesn’t want to be there. He gonna low-ball tf out of them.

      • The Pelicans covet Jayson Tatum. Like Danny Ainge says, when he plays a year with his close friend Kyrie Irving, he’ll stay. Danny Ainge has had teams contact him about trades for Kyrie after all the chatter. He squashed them.

        • shawn hemp

          I don’t think Tatum gets it done. Rozier is gonna get a offer from someone else and leave. The same with brown. So Tatum and smart and the grizz pick or one or two more Celtic picks( cause kings and clips pick gonna be theirs this year and are gonna bein the teens) is that really that much better? Let’s be real this about Zion and nothing else cause Zion is gonna sell jerseys and get fans in seats

  2. puigpower

    I actually think the Pelicans have more leverage now. Davis is not interested in resigning with the Celtics, so the competition is not going to be much different. I don’t see how they could get a better offer. I don’t think there’s another Nets 2.0 out there.

    • I give no fox

      Have you read any reports that say Boston isn’t interested? I have read nothing but the counter. Boston is willing to gamble on a one year deal with AD in hopes he re-ups. How quickly everyone forgets the PG was a lock for the lakers yet OKC gambled and it paid off. Ainge has said he is still interested regardless of what his camp says. Leverage still with Nola

        • Have you looked at the standings lately? They are tied with Indiana and Philadelphia at 3 1/2 games behind Toronto. Being at or near the top of the Eastern Conference at the All Star break isn’t a bad situation.

      • victorg

        I just don’t think boston is going to give up the farm … when have you ever seen ainge take a L on a trade if anything he bends the other team over or he does not make the trade.

  3. Pels are nuts if they think they’re getting 6-7 picks, including 4 1sts along with multiple young players.

    They might as well wait for the offseason, but demand may also go down with teams knowing they only have him potentially for one playoff run instead of two if dealt now. Davis could also become more agitated the longer he’s a Pels and decrease the amount of teams he would consider re-signing with.

    If they do wait, I truly believe he’ll be a Knick if they land the first pick in the draft.

    • Celtics would offer Sac #1 Mem#1 Clippers #1 Bos #1 plus multiple #2s if they could make Brown and Rozier the centerpiece instead of Tatum. They might even offer that WITH Tatum

        • SheltonMatthews

          Kings pick is the only one that has a chance, but it’s top 1 protected, so no Zion. Grizzlies can’t be, it’s top 8 protected. Clippers is lottery protected, so if they stay in the playoffs, it’ll convey as a late teens. Celtics can’t be for obvious reasons.

          Not sure how great these picks are, since most will convey as mid-round picks this season, but still probably better than any Lakers picks over the next several years.

          • shawn hemp

            Kings might be a playoff team. Clippers gonna be a 13-16 pick. And grizz keep their pick if it’s top 8. And 4 picks in a weak draft ain’t great anyway. Celtics draft capital overblown

            • victorg

              agree with shawn hemp here .. BUT those lakers #1s aint worth squat … BEST PLAY
              is knox , robinson and this years unprotected first round from knicks maybe you can get trier and or dsj as well god knows perry is not all that bright.

              • Sirsleepit

                If Knicks were gonna trade for AD best idea would’ve been KP, Knox, Robinson and this years first but Knicks FO is inept

        • Johnny h

          the Memphis pick is the most valuable of the three. It’s only top 8 protected this year, top 6 in ‘30 and unprotected in 21. Sac pick is lottery this season if Kings don’t make playoffs.

        • Which one of the Lakers picks is top 5. If Tatum played for the Lakers, they might have AD.

      • jkoms57

        Why would Boston do that?

        If they want AD THAT Bad, then just trade Kyrie & Tatum rn.

        They can sign DeAndre Jordan for nothing once he’s bought out.

        Kyrie is prob gonna leave too. It’s not all just about basketball.

        • victorg

          well if they move kyrie they probably feel then for sure AD would leave town for LA or NY.

  4. bowserhound

    Lakers can’t and won’t make the same offer after Thursday. Demps is continuing to ruin the Pels.

  5. phenomenalajs

    I’m no Lakers’ fan, but as a Nets’ fan I’d tell the Pels to f themselves. There’s no way I’d give up four first rounders for a year+ of AD. Sure, he’s likely to sign an extension, but there’s no guarantee LBJ won’t be on the decline like Wizards’ MJ by the end of AD’s current contract. Also, with both of them at max and with Solomon Hill’s contract, they’ll be hamstrung against signing any other quality players unless people are willing to sign for minimum like David West did.

    • jkoms57

      Haha agreed…

      If I’m Lakers , I start offering less every day now.

      Pelicans have minimal leverage in terms of teams willing to offer huge packages + AD not actually willing to sign anything but LA no matter what he’s saying now.

      • kenly0

        But, they’ve been increasing their bid every day. So, why not keep asking for more? It’s working.

        • jkoms57

          Cuz they started with a super weak offer.

          Still haven’t seen them offer Ingram, Kuzma, Hart, Zubac & two 1sts.

          That would be the ultimate offer, but NBA makes zero sense so of course they’re talking about Rondo & Beasley in the deal for Lord knows why.

          Crazy we haven’t seen Zubac reported. Seems like he’d be most ideal pickup.

      • Go ahead and start lowering your offers. By waiting, the Pelicans are saying they prefer the Celtics package. By not trading Kyrie, they are saying they want AD to play with him. Ainge said Kyrie has never told him anything different than he wants to play for the Celtics. He is clearly their best player.

  6. OCTraveler

    IF the Lakers trade goes through does that make the Lakers’ starting 5 Rondo, James, Hart, Davis and McGee? If so, that’s not bad but there’s not much on the bench.

    Also, interesting how one day after Lavar opens his mouth about the Suns, Phoenix is now a willing third team – can you say “collusion”?

  7. sheacrazies

    It’s hard to imagine the pels getting a better deal . 3 starters with potential to be all stars and 2 first round picks. I personally think the Lakers would be foolish to trade Kuzma and Ingram

  8. Instead of building a team for the future and taking your time the Lakers want to instantly compete. Problem is the trade wouldn’t make them that much better with no point guard and a old all star. Waiting 2 years for Davis would be the smart move but of course this is LeBron who wants to run the Lakers.

    • clubberlang

      LeBron is on the back end. I say 3-4 seasons of top end play before injuries and mileage take over. That’s why the Lakers are about it now. Still don’t think Davis and LBJ are getting past a healthy Rockets squad in a 7 game series, much less Golden State

      • If they make the trade do they have a point guard? No. Now they have money to sign only 1 free agent in the off season and no draft picks. They will not be better than 4 or 5 teams in the west and 3 teams in the east.

      • imindless

        To be honest what exactly has davis done in his time with pels? They made the playoffs a hand of times, if he was truly great they would be making runs with just him. To me he is a walking injury and isnt worth your whole team.

  9. That’s a good looking deal the Lakers offered. But id still wait it out. See where these draft picks land. See what other teams can offer. AD won’t be the only star on the trade block by the end of the off-season. At the same time, the Pelicans may not see this deal again. Lakers can get into the offseason and decide the price for AD is too much and just say forget it, and turn their attention to the big fish free agents without giving up anyone on the roster.

  10. Hannibal8us

    The one problem I see with waiting is if the Knicks get the number 1 pick they might be inclined to keep it. Zion is so tempting I think it might be hard to justify trading him + a lot of other assets for Davis. I know that sounds like crazy talk because of how great Davis is but I don’t know if I would want to be the team that traded Zion away.

    • Shaun owens

      I think I would take Zion and keep whatever I have over a trade for ad and giving up so many other players.

      • victorg

        I mean best case scenario ZION is what ? larry Johnson 2.0 ? he is not LeBron james 2.0 I don’t think .. your talking Anthony davis top 3 player in the NBA. and considering they cleared the deck they could trade for AD and then sign kyrie or klay right ?that is better then .. zion, knox, robinson ,dsj…..

  11. Guest617

    lol @ “sources” – besides the anti celtic rhetoric the pels don’t want the lakers left-overs. fact is no other star player wants to join lbj’s drama squad.

    • That’s not true, if it were AD and his camp wouldn’t be angling for a deal with the Lakers

  12. That’s true
    Big IF
    But IF the Knicks get #1 overall and take Zion
    They could land 2 star FA’s
    Along with Dennis Smith JR
    And that’s a much better roster than anything the Knicks have trotted out there the past 20-25 years

  13. imindless

    People keep referencing the kawhi and pg scenario but this is different. If lakers back out now they still tried there best to get him and it didnt work out. I think this is more of act to appease lebron that they tried, then they can move forward and aquire players like jabari parker or melo at deadline.

  14. Demps certainly had no reason to negotiate a deal on AD/Klutch’s required stage (10 day window, 1 buyer). Magic, I don’t know. Possible he was just in it to see if he could get AD at a deep discount. But if he helped set the stage, or otherwise really wanted to give himself the best chance to get an AD deal done by the deadline, then he (again) comes off as a poor deal maker. Since the Pels weren’t likely to play along, it may not have mattered here, but it’s still the case.

  15. bowserhound

    Demps thought he would keep pushing it to see what AD’s value is. He did and now he thinks he can get more. But he actually screwed himself because now the Lakers are out and Boston gets all the leverage being the only bidder.
    Another epic fail Pelicans.

  16. Jayhawks34

    To Phoenix: Ball, Kuzma, Zubic

    To NO: Ayton, Josh Jackson, Ingram, 2 LAL 1s, 2 LAL 2nds

    To LA: AD, Solomon Hill

    And whatever cap filler on 1 year deals. Who’s not happy?

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