Lakers To Consider Jason Kidd As Coach

Jason Kidd will get strong consideration to be the next coach of the Lakers if they decide to replace Luke Walton, tweets ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski.

The Hall of Fame point guard has been out of coaching since being fired by the Bucks in January of 2018. Kidd has a career record of 183-190, spending one season as coach of the Nets and three and a half in Milwaukee.

Wojnarowski’s tweet came in response to a message from Marc J. Spears of The Undefeated (Twitter link) that Kidd is expected to be targeted by his alma mater, the University of California, which fired Wyking Jones earlier today. Woj suggests that Kidd will be reluctant to accept a position in college if he believes an NBA job is available, particularly one as glamorous as the Lakers’ position.

Kidd has made no secret of his desire to return to the NBA sidelines and interviewed for the Pistons’ opening last summer before they hired Dwane Casey. He addressed the Knicks during their trip to Phoenix earlier this month and spent time giving instruction to New York’s young point guards.

Walton has been under fire in L.A. since the start of the season as expectations rose sharply after the signing of LeBron James. Recent reports indicate that it’s almost certain that Walton will be replaced after the Lakers missed the playoffs for the sixth consecutive year.

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30 thoughts on “Lakers To Consider Jason Kidd As Coach

  1. theking24

    Please no.

    For what it’s worth Ramona Shelburne said that She doesn’t expect the lakers to hire Marc Jackson or Kidd. I’d say for the lakers she’s more reliable than woj right now.

    • NickKC

      LeBron is a coach killer. bottom line though its his choice who the next choice will be

  2. xabial

    Kidd was (also) successful with the Bucks, and his firing was considered a surprise, unlike Luke Walton, whose job status seems “dead man walking”

    My only complaint about Kidd, he had crazy rotations. His rotations were constantly changing. Bad news for fantasy owners.

  3. At least J-Kidd is a very good & competent HC, way better than Luke, I would be very happy is this happens, he was one of the greatest legends of the game as a player & is done pretty well as a coach, definitely a good call, if it happens!

    • diller1340

      Kidd is not a good coach. Legend on the court but a bad coach. Do you see how the bucks did last year and how they are doing now with an actual good coach…… I would argue that Luke Walton is a much better coach then Kidd only difference is Lebron might respect Kidd more because of what he did on the court

      • NickKC

        just let Lebron coach the squad. he is a coach killer, will not listen to anyone. just my opinion. he can’t be coached by someone who is close in age to him, he won’t give his respect. He got Mike Brown fired, Dave Blatt, didn’t respect Tyronn Lue, Luke Walton soon to be fired. i think a time or 2 he squabbled with Spolstra, Pat Riley wasn’t gonna give into a player though, Spolstra survived.

      • D$!LLKU$H-og

        He’d be great for the Lakers. Milwaukee was rebuilding but when he coached the Nets it was KG, Paul Pierce, BroLo, D-Will and Joe Jesus. He got them to the 2nd round where they lost to LeBron and Miami in 6 but it was a close series. Probably better options but he wouldn’t be terrible.

  4. TJECK109

    Well all that matters is who LeBron wants as his coach. Reunion time for Lue?

  5. Kidd was a horrible coach. Might as well keep Luke if this is what they’re considering replacing him with.

  6. Thronson5

    Brian Shaw would get a shot at it. If not Shaw than Mark Jackson would be my second choice. I guess Kidd wouldn’t a terrible decision but I’d put him towards the bottom of the list of guys if consider if I was making that decision. Of course I’m not, but what do I know, I’m just a fan who watched every game for the last 30 years even when we suck terribly lol.

  7. jump shot

    Kidd IS the next Lakers coach. Been a done deal for over a month. Anything else is or has been a smokescreen.

  8. Yep it is

    And the Tragic , BRON BRON saga continues. Can we just eliminate the Lakers from the NBA now. They will never be relevant until Tragic is gone

  9. kcsocks2112

    Please not Kidd. The young talent on the Lakers need a coach that can help their development. They were starting to figure out before the injuries happened fourth in the West at that time. Big problem is the players acquired by the front office. Team has not had any chemistry with all the 1 year contracts. These guys are playing for themselves! Also the whole AD fiasco let the young guys know that LeBron does not think highly of them, this fracturing any chemistry that had been there. Did like the LeBron signing when it happened. If they cater to him the future after him looks very bleak, as it has been for all teams he has left. They all go in the tank. If the Lakers could trade LeBron might have a chance to actually get a couple of good free agents with the cap room. This year has proven how the drama around LeBron is not worth the headache!!

  10. x%sure

    Jason Kidd is a good comparison for Lonzo Ball. Some say Ball poison-pills himself at the end of campaigns to keep the Lakers from trading him. Kidd will bustt Ball’s balls getting him more to Kidd’s level… Maybe Ball should favor NOLA after all if Kidd is hired!

  11. After the first three losses, the lakers were in great shape. About 66% win %. Then all hell broke loose. The season was over at the trade deadline. And then they made those two HORRIBLE trades. My god, what were they thinking?

  12. Do the Lakers really need to put this garbage out there? I respect that Magic (and LBJ) want (and likely have wanted from the start) a different HC, and believe he should have the power to have the HC he wants, and maybe some of the sophomoric stuff from this FO served a purpose early on in setting the table for Walton’s dismissal at year’s end. OK, but now, with it clear he’s finishing out his Laker HC tenure, what possible reason could they have for floating (or allowing to be floated, same thing) a specific replacement with a few weeks left in the season? Gratuitous disrespect is all I can think of.

    • x%sure

      Early feedback, in the case of someone others can be expected to be interested in.
      It is pretty gruesome though, at least impatient… and there’s been too much strategic impatience from the Lakers. Hate to blame EJohnson for a leaker but there are things to do about that.

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