LeBron James Says Lakers “Cater” To Players

The Lakers are expected to explore adding a second star this offseason to play alongside LeBron James. James knows the team’s free agent pitch well, as he signed a four-year deal with Los Angeles last summer, and he anticipates the franchise will play up its tendency to put its players first in pitches this offseason.

“At the end of the day, this franchise wants to win and wants to win big,” James said, as Kyle Goon of The Orange County Register relays. “And the one thing about the franchise, they cater to the players. And that’s it. Everything else comes secondary, they only want us to go out and perform at a high level and play the game at a high level so we can be mentioned with some of the great teams that’s in the league at that point in time.”

Kevin Durant, Kawhi Leonard, Kyrie Irving and Klay Thompson are among the big names expected to be available. Jimmy Butler, Kemba Walkers, Tobias Harris will also hit the market. James wouldn’t comment on which player he’d prefer the team to target.

“Not going to name any names because every time I say something, or our organization says something about a specific person we get in trouble,” LBJ said. “But we have an opportunity to get better, and that’s something that is definitely great to know that – when you have an opportunity to get better from a personnel standpoint.”

James is disappointed that the Lakers will miss the playoffs this spring. He added that he’s focusing on health this offseason after missing 18 games this year (the most he’s ever missed in any season).

“It’s unfortunate that we’re so far out of the postseason right now and looking like we won’t be a part,” James said. “So obviously the first thing that comes to mind is just take care of my body. Played a lot of basketball, played a lot of minutes over my 16-year career, so getting an opportunity, getting a couple more months to take care of my body, refresh my mind and my body is going to be very key going into my 17th year, so looking forward to that.”

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31 thoughts on “LeBron James Says Lakers “Cater” To Players

  1. Steven St Croix

    Lebron, if somebody is coming to the Lakers to play with you, it’s going to be an overpay. Leonard, Durant, Irving, these guys aren’t going to the Lakers.

      • Of that list of free agents Butler is who most likely signs with Lakers. Butler will go for the most money somebody pays him. Irving is a slight chance to sign but the Knicks will go after him and he probably wants to be his own man there.

  2. Who cares, even if the Lakers add another top player it still won’t be enough to win the West……besides Lebron is just buying time until his kid is 18 and drafted to the NBA (which is also is next FA season)

    • victorg

      well if KD leave the GSW then I think the west would be wide open especially if you subtract Boogie, and age Iggy another season… if Lebron gets Davis and keep some key young pcs then they could close the gap real quick.

  3. kenleyfornia2

    Here comes the feeding frenzy of Lebron hate. You would think he is Kwame Brown with the amount of drivel people here have to say about him.

  4. Guest617

    lebron has a drinking problem. he’s surrounded by enablers that cater to his selfish attitude. an intervention would help him

  5. jorge78

    Why doesn’t James take less money so the club can sign 2 legit younger stars so they can win? He already has a mansion full of money. He needs help to keep winning titles. Even Jordan didn’t start winning titles until he was surrounded with exceptional teammates.
    How much money do you really need? Money goes and comes, titles are forever…..

    • kenleyfornia2

      Its literally the other way around. The excitement of a title lasts for about 1 year. The bag is there forever for your family

    • Will Perdue, Bill Cartwright, Jack Haley, Luc Longley, James Edwards. Jordan thanks you for being exceptional teammates.

      • the dude

        Pippen, Rodman, Kukoc, Harper, Kerr….it’s easy to make a point when you cherry pick information.

          • victorg

            Pippen was a legit MVP type player … Kukoc was ahead of his time and was a legit top player in the NBA… Harper was a top defender and at one point in time considered a top 5 SG with the cavs … Kerr was only a about a 50 percent 3 pt shooter .. Rodman only the best rebounder that ever lived and top defender at PF.

            • imindless

              Nah man kukoc wouldnt be in the league, an unathletic big who can shoot and cant play defense. Kerr small 3 point marksman with not much else. Harper wasnt a top player with bulls though so stay on track with bulls era for players. Its not close if you think these players measure up to kyrie irving(top 10 point guard all time), chris bosh(top 10 power forward ever), dwane wade (top 5 sg ever) kevin love (top 20 power forward all time) not mentioning all the 1x all star role players he has played with too. Its not close so stop comparing the two.

        • hiflew

          I think it could be argued that playing with Jordan made Pippen a much better player than he would have been without him.

          Rodman? He was a weirdo that could rebound and play defense, but he was a major liability on offense. He was like a dog that is good at chasing cars. He might get the ball, but he really didn’t know what to do with once he got it.

          Kukoc would have been an excellent 4th or 5th option. The problem was that he was usually the 3rd option on the Bulls.

          Harper? The guy that scored a lot for bad teams and then scored less than 8 PPG for the Bulls. That Harper?

          Kerr? I think he belongs in the other list with Perdue, Cartwright, and Longley.

          • east333

            Maybe during Jordan’s first run with Pip. But look at the season Jordan wasn’t there and Pip won ASG MVP and the Bulls still managed like 55 wins.

  6. Yep it is

    LeBron enough of your crap. The GOATS never quit on their team EVER. Do us all a favor and just retire already. We are all sick of hearing your overrated mouth run. You are not a coach or GM just stop.

    • kenleyfornia2

      I would love to hear how Lebron quit on the team. He goes out every night and gets his 25+. The team right now is a joke because of injuries. There are 3 G leauge players on the roster. Keep reaching

      • Totally agree with you! I will never understand all the hate for one of the greatest of the game, but there must be a lot of salty dudes out there. Anyway there is no way anyone can ever prove that he quits when he is doing 27/9/8…

        • madmanTX

          You’re completely right! Better to hate those clowns like that guy who did “The Decision” broadcast on ESPN back in 2010. That guy was such an egomaniac. I forget who that was though…

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