LeBron James Signs Four-Year Deal With Lakers

JULY 9, 7:23pm: James has officially signed the contract, Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN tweets.

JULY 1, 7:11pm: LeBron James is headed to Los Angeles, with his agency Klutch Sports Group issuing a press release to confirm that James will sign a four-year contract with the Lakers (hat tip to Jeff Zillgitt of USA Today). The plan all along, Zillgitt tweets, was to keep the announcement as low-key as possible.

According to Klutch Sports, James’ new deal will be worth $154MM, though the maximum four-year salary for a player with 10+ years of NBA experience who changes teams as a free agent is technically $153,312,846.

James’ new contract with the Lakers will start at $35.65MM, with subsequent salaries of $37.44MM, $39.22MM, and $41MM. That final year will be a player option, according to Shams Charania of Yahoo Sports, who tweets that LeBron will have the opportunity to opt out in 2021.

The four-year contract represents a departure from James’ last few seasons in Cleveland, when he signed shorter-term deals to maximize his earnings and his flexibility. He’ll be at least a Laker for the next three seasons, creating some stability for his family in Los Angeles and giving the Lakers time to build a championship-worthy roster around him.

The decision represents the culmination of a year-long saga. The Lakers, who had more cap space than any other NBA team heading into the 2018 offseason, were long rumored to be a potential landing spot for James, though several other teams – including the Cavaliers, Sixers, Rockets, Clippers, Heat, Celtics, Nuggets, and even the Warriors – were cited as possible suitors along the way.

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The Lakers were unable to secure a commitment today from Paul George, who will be headed back to Oklahoma City on a four-year deal of his own, but the team lands free agency’s big prize in James, who will join a roster featuring several up-and-coming prospects, including Lonzo Ball, Brandon Ingram, Kyle Kuzma, and Josh Hart.

With LeBron in the mix, it’s not clear if all those youngsters remain a part of the Lakers’ long-term plans. According to ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski (via Twitter), Kawhi Leonard remains highly motivated to become a Laker, and the Lakers may be motivated in turn to increase their efforts to acquire him in a trade with the Spurs. That would mean breaking up the Lakers’ young core.

While the Lakers’ odds of landing another top free agent like DeMarcus Cousins or Clint Capela aren’t as high now that they’ve committed $35MM+ to James and are reportedly re-signing Kentavious Caldwell-Pope to a $12MM deal, the team still has cap flexibility.

Accommodating James’ new max deal would reduce L.A.’s cap space to about $13.4MM, as cap experts Albert Nahmad and Bobby Marks detail, and adding KCP’s new $12MM salary would further eat into that room. However, the team could re-open substantial space by trading or stretching Luol Deng, or by renouncing Julius Randle. Deng has an $18MM salary for 2018/19, while Randle’s cap hold is $12,447,727. The Lakers will also have the $4.4MM room exception available once they use up all their cap space, which is expected to be used to sign Lance Stephenson.

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As the Lakers complete their first steps toward a potential super-team, the Cavaliers will have to regroup now that James is leaving Cleveland for the second time in eight years. While the franchise was blindsided in 2010 when LeBron took his talents to South Beach, general manager Koby Altman and the Cavs’ front office had prepared for this eventuality by adding young, controllable players like Larry Nance, Rodney Hood, Jordan Clarkson, and Collin Sexton within the last year.

Even without a max salary for James to consider, the Cavs already have $102MM+ in guaranteed money on their books for 2018/19, a figure that doesn’t account for a new deal for Hood. Recent reports indicated that the club didn’t plan on trading Kevin Love or blowing up its roster if LeBron left, so we can assume for now that the Cavs will still aim to compete for the playoffs in ’18/19.

Although Cleveland will obviously take a significant step backward without its four-time MVP, the path to the postseason should be easier in the Eastern Conference than in the hyper-competitive West, which will welcome another All-NBA player as a result of James’ decision. Eastern contenders like the Celtics, Raptors, and Pacers will likely be thrilled to see LeBron head west.

Meanwhile, the Sixers – who met with James’ representatives earlier today – will be another team to watch in the wake of LeBron’s agreement with the Lakers. Philadelphia was the only other suitor with a significant chunk of cap room available, so the team will have to turn its attention elsewhere as it debates how to use that space.

Currently, the 76ers have nearly $27MM in space, and the team could increase that number if it waives or buys out Jerryd Bayless, who is on an $8.5MM+ expiring contract. That gives the Sixers plenty of flexibility to pursue a top free agent or to focus on re-signing J.J. Redick and adding one or two more rotation pieces.

James’ decision caps an extremely eventful first day of the 2018 NBA free agent period. Each of the top five players on our list of 2018’s best 50 free agents have now agreed to deals, though many notable names in the top 15 remain available. That list includes Capela, Cousins, Randle, Aaron Gordon, Jabari Parker, Zach LaVine, and Tyreke Evans.

Austin Kent contributed to this post. Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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136 thoughts on “LeBron James Signs Four-Year Deal With Lakers

  1. hrush28

    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. madmanTX

    LeBron just signed up for 4 years of finishing 3rd in the West instead of 1st in the East. Maybe he can lure Kobe out of retirement?

      • sportznut1000

        if rockets dont bring back capela then they wont finish ahead of the lakers any of the 4 years. that chris paul contract will get really ugly in 2 years

        • sameichel

          No one is going there not even Leonard, just look at Paul George for example, he says he wants to go there but to the spurs will trade him to the east and he will fall in love with that team because it means he doesn’t have to see the warriors until the finals

  3. driftcat28

    I hope Cleveland doesn’t burn his jersey this time. He’ll be back before his careers over

      • formerlyz

        For the last 2-3 years of his career, that can still happen. If Cleveland is bad enough this coming year, they can end up with RJ Barrett or Zion Williamson, and that’s a pretty good start

          • knickscavsfan

            No. The 1st rnd pick was their own 2018 pick from this past draft. Their 2018-19 and 19-20 are top 10 protected or goes to Atlanta if after 11 slot.

      • sameichel

        He already said before any of this that he plans to spend the final years of his career as a cav whenever that is

    • Woodcutta

      Spurs won’t trade Kawai to Lakers. At least that is what everyone is saying. They don’t want to help build another Lakers dynasty.

      • graysondecker

        Exactly. Chances are that Kawhi will fall either to the Sixers or the Celtics. One of those two have to make a push now that LeBron is out of the Eastern Conference

        • knickscavsfan

          Kawhai can easily be in LA next year so the Spurs trading him isn’t going to hinder things at all. if the lakers are offering the best package then trade with the lakers. It doesn’t matter.

          • It does. Kawhi has said he’s willing to go to Philly and stay there. If L.A. gets another star they won’t have caproom to sign him as a free agent. The Lakers can’t beat the Sixers or Celtics best offer.

            • knickscavsfan

              I guarantee you that HE did not say that. Maybe ppl are saying he will, but if he wants to be in LA then he’ll go there as a FA.

              • sameichel

                Even if he goes there unless the warriors pull a something unprecedented by blowing up a winning roster that it is still winning

                • sameichel

                  They will still cruise to the final whether it be in 4 games or 7 games

              • I’m sorry, but he sure did. Just wait and see. I said LeBron would sign with L.A, George with OKC, CP3 with Houston, DeAndre Jordan in Dallas, and Charlotte would keep Kemba Walker. I haven’t been wrong yet. Kawhi’s group wants him near New York. This was in Sports Illustrated this past week. Kawhi knows he’d be 1st team NBA in the East and would be close to his uncle (group). Sorry. Boston doesn’t want Kawhi and the Lakers can’t outbid the Sixers. Sorry! He will not go to L.A. as a free agent. They have used up their cap space.

            • imindless

              Reported by woj that he wants to only be a laker. Lakers in driver seat. 1 of kuzma or ingram will be delt with multiple 1st round picks.

    • knickscavsfan

      What franchise WASN’T devastated after their star left or retired?

      Aside from the “letter” ppl are way to critical of Dan Gilbert. Look at what they were left with when LBJ left the 1st time? A team designed to “win it now”. He did his best to bring in guys to win. We laugh because it was Antwan Jamison, Mo Williams and an overage Shaq but you can only bring in what’s available to you and those wanting to be there. The NBA salary cap really works against those trying to win. That being said, they reset the next year and drafted Kyrie and Tristan, and then Dion Waiters and then Andrew Wiggins. In those 4 years w/o LBJ they went from 19 wins to 33 wins led by a young Kyrie. If LBJ didn’t come back then it would’ve been Kyrie and Wiggins and whoever else.

      Obviously, the team is going to experience a set back. I would much rather go thru this one with young players like Sexton, Clarkson, Hood and Nance vs a Jamison, Mo Williams, Verajo and Boobie Gibson.

      Break it down, trade all the vets and expiring contracts, play the young guys, collect assets and #embracethesuck.

      • hiflew

        San Antonio did okay after Duncan retired and would still be fine if Kawhi wasn’t so whiny.

        • knickscavsfan

          Yes. Spurs are the exception. Even without Kawhi this year they were still a solid, if not spectacular team. But they are the exception.

          I grew up in NY until I was in my late 20’s and was then moved to Cleveland for the company I worked for. It’s not at all an “exciting” city but it is a much maligned one that doesn’t deserve the hate they get. Never have I seen people so willing to hate on a city like they do. I mean, there are a lot more Clevelands than there are LA’s, NY’s or Miamis. Gilbert did a stupid thing by writing “the letter” but give him credit for doing what you want an owner to do, and that’s to win. You can’t point to the 4 years w/o LBJ and blame the futility all on him. What’s expected to happen when you lose a LBJ type of talent? You suffer thru the loss and attempt to rebuild. If LBJ didn’t come back one can look at a young core of Kyrie, Tristan, Waiters and Andrew Wiggins and maybe they would’ve developed into a 50 win team. Certainly more likely that than a NBA finals competitor but it would’ve been something solid none the less. I’m disappointed yet eager to see what they can do. I think Sexton is going to be an exciting player. I want to see if Hood, Nance, Clarkson and Osman can grow with a little more space to develop now.

          • knickscavsfan

            Excuse me…I meant Gilbert did what you want an owner to do and that’s to spend any and all amount possible to try and place a winning team on the floor. With his willingness to spend and LBJ’s leadership we got 4 straight Finals appearances. Who can brag that except the GSW, Bulls, Celts, Lakers, Heat and Spurs?

      • moazetongue

        IF Cleveland had any sense, they’d have drafted better. A redraft in 2013 would’ve changed Everything.

        Instead of drafting Bennett 1st and a handful picks later Karasev they could’ve drafted

        Greek Freak at #1 and then Rudy Gobert at Karasev’s soot.

        Gives you:

        Kyrie – Wiggins – Greek Freak – James – Gobert

        They wouldn’t have had the need to trade Wiggins.

        For good measure, instead of drafting Tristan I’d have drafted Kawhi and James could’ve gone to the Lakers back in 2015.

    • knickscavsfan

      Ummm. He was the Drama. Ppl need to cut Gilbert some slack. He put his money where his mouth was and lived up to his promise to LBJ and vice versa.

      • hiflew

        I think he meant that. Not good riddance to Cleveland, but good riddance FOR Cleveland.

        • x%sure

          A lot of posters on Cleveland websites have always said that, indeed, I’m afraid of checking out Cleveland.com right now & tomorrow.
          All the good riddances. Barf. James is polarizing and I doubt playing out of LA will change that. It doesn’t bother HIM that much!

    • imindless

      You are as jaded as it comes. Cousins already in talks with lakers and pelicans. My guess lakers dole out youth for kawhi and sign cousins.

          • Lefty_Orioles_Fan

            I dunno magic?
            The Pixie dust ran out against the Celtics though
            Where was Ben Simmons the 1st three games?

            • x%sure

              Celtics guards can shut opponents down. It will happen again in the playoffs if they don’t get a real PG!

  4. dust44

    Now Lakers don’t F this up. Ingram, and anyone but Ball, Kuzma and Hart plus picks for Leonard. And ur good

  5. Jason kapono

    As a Lakers fan, I’m not shocked or surprised, but I’m disappointed. Good for Lebron, but it feels wrong. Can we love Kobe and still embrace Lebron. Personally, I can’t, I wish I could, but I can’t. I thought Kobe was underrated even when he was the face of the NBA. Wish I was capable of appreciating Lebron, but I’m not. Lakers fan for life, Kobe fan for life, right or wrong, I didn’t want this to be our next star.

    • Mikel Grady

      If Laker fan for life you must root for all players on roster. Once your in first place you will fall in love with him. Showtime 2

  6. Bryzzo2016

    Damn, LeBron coming to town! Officially!!! It’s gonna be fun, but I seriously feel bad for the Cavs. That team is gonna be horrible for a LONG time. Those bad contracts, JR, TT, etc… hopefully they can trade Love for something significant because without Bron and even IF they had cap space, CLE has never been a hotbed for free agents.

    • bennyg

      Those contracts are only bad for one more season, then they’ll be able to ship them off as they’ll be expiring.

    • knickscavsfan

      Dude….Smith, Hill, Korver and if he walks, Love can all be gone next year. Tristan will be gone after 19-20 if he isn’t traded. Cavs are not saddled with bad multi-year deals

  7. formerlyz

    Well the 4 years is surprising…

    What would it take cap wise for the Lakers to get LeBron, Cousins, re-sign KCP, and maybe someone like Javale as a rim protector off the bench? I’m trying to figure out what they can really do at this point, with Paul George staying in OKC, and Kawhi super unlikely to be traded there. I feel like LeBron makes them a contender by himself, but for them to matchup with GS, they need more depth. KCP was an important part of their defense last year. I feel like KCP, Hart, Ingram, Kuzma isnt a bad wing rotation around LeBron. I could also see them adding a backup PG that can defend.

    This is LeBrons chance to elevate himself even further. If he can end the narrative about the East, and do something in both conferences, with 3 teams, including this legendary organization, that’s a big deal. Also cool to see him team up with Magic, and I’m sure that relationship could lead to more outside business opportunities for LeBron, as he learns from arguably the best that ever did that as a former athlete. Luke Walton has a high basketball IQ, is respected by players, and is a former teammate, so I dont see that being an issue for him. Meanwhile, he gets to live in his $24 million mansion for more than just the summer, and his wife gets back to the warm weather she didnt want to leave in Miami…I hate the Lakers, but as a fan of Magic and LeBron, I’m not that salty about this. Lebron has earned every right to do whatever he wants.

  8. CursedRangers

    The West is crazy. Boston and Philly should have a field day in the East.

  9. brewcrewbernie

    Well this at least mixes it up a bit. No LeBron in the Finals next year. Will the Warriors beat the Celtics, 76ers or someone else for the title?

  10. Thankfully, it was a 3 and 1, so this will mercifully be the last NBA summer he holds hostage. Now it’s up to Magic to be a real GM, and not hand over the reins to LBJ, and see if he can put a team around him before he starts to decline.

  11. Z-A

    Well Vegas is never wrong. Spend 5k to win 100.00

    Sixers for the Love of God do not trade for Kawhi now.

    • Kawhi knows he’ll be All NBA first team in the Eastern Conference, and his uncle’s business group wants him there.

  12. geg42

    I wonder if James will let Walton coach or will want to call his own plays. Either way, warriors – lakers games just became interesting even in the regular season.

    • stubby66

      What happens when Ball’s dad blames LeBron for the losses and tells Walton should bench him. Looks good on paper but….

  13. Z-A

    Kawhi reached out to LeBron said let’s team up. So he’s going to LA one way or another.

      • Vegas had the odds of LeBron signing with the Lakers at -5000 meaning to had to place $5000 to win $100. Obviously this comes as no surprise.

        • Kawhi had nothing to do with it. Brian Windhorst said LeBron would go to L.A. without Kawhi. LeBron is going for his busness, his kids education, and giving LeBron Jr. the chance to face his best competition to get him to the NBA

  14. sameichel

    Idiot no matter who joins him and won’t be much, they aren’t beat the warriors,I’m sure even a team with both lebron and Michael couldn’t beat the warriors in a non finals series in less than 7 games, also we got to remember who is on that team and his father I’m surprised lebron is allowing himself to be around lavar please shut up already ball

  15. sameichel

    Should have taken the money and run with the Cavs who are better suited for the future than the lakers who a clean slate of cash after next season

  16. graysondecker

    At least the Indians aren’t awful. That’s about all Cleveland has now, because the Browns will forever be the Browns, and the Cavs are going to be stuck in the lottery until this contract ends and LeBron comes back one last time

  17. stretch123

    LA was definitely the safe pick for his legacy and for the benefit of his family… Good for him. Just hope he realizes that it’s going to be even more difficult to win a title in the West. He may not even sniff the Finals for the rest of career with GSW and Houston stabilized for the immediate future.

    • Thronson5

      Depends. I mean GS barely made it to the finals and Houston has a PG who can’t stay healthy with CP3 and they lost Ariza which I’m not sure if people realize how important he was to that team.

    • knickscavsfan

      I give props to LBJ for taking the challenge. I think he’s betting on his own ability to be at the top of his game, physically and mentally, and faith in Magic and his ability to draw other stars NOW that he’s committed the next 3 years to LA.

      Ppl saying he can’t get past GSW have really got to stop. Think about the fact he took a team minus Love and Kyrie to 6 games vs GSW in 14-15, won it in 15-16, lost 16-17 w/ Durant and then went thru a world-wind season with NO Kyrie, an injured Isiaha Thomas, a dysfunctional locker rook with the new guys (IT, Crowder, etc) having friction with Love, Wade and others, Smith and Shumpert being salty over Wade coming in and taking their minutes and then a new set of guys that he had to mesh with. I would say 2018 was his most difficult year since coming back to Cleveland. He will get another star (Kawhi, Kemba, etc), maybe some vets who want a chip (melo, Howard, etc(). I will NEVER bet against LBJ. Would not be shocked to at least see him in the WCF this year. But I think either way, he’s at peace with his family and is in LA because of his son and wanting what’s best for him.

  18. Pax vobiscum

    I don’t know if it was a forgone conclusion that LeBron would wind up in LA, but Colangelo really screwed the Sixers’ slim chances.

  19. legends of boston sports

    Philly NEVER had a chance it was all for show. LA PG the Cavs all knew where he was going. And NO ONE wanted to go with him. Philly fans should feel lucky he went west. Keep doing what your doing and FORGET about 3 first rounders and 2 rotation play for Kawhi on a spec he may sign….. look at Brooklyn still hasn’t recovered from the same type of trade. See you in the ECF for years to come

  20. Thronson5

    Let’s see. All these people saying another wasted offseason..where y’all at now! Not only did he come to the Lakers but he’s here for a while and he’s showing other players that by signing a 4 year deal. I like them bringing back KCP as well. Smart move. LeBron wants smart players and KCP is that, he plays a good defense and can knock down 3’s. Obviously we aren’t going to take out the Warriors but this makes the Lakers a lot better, brings back the show to the staple center and even without anyone else should put them in the playoffs. I’d like to see them trade for Leonard and or get Cousins still. Or one of them and bring Jamal Crawford off the bench.

    • Thronson5

      You think so? Even if they get Cousins and Leonard? CP3 another year older and another injury prone season most likely and they lost Ariza. I’d like to think the Lakers can become the 2nd best team in the West if they get Leonard or Cousins or both and going from a team that doesn’t even make the playoffs to being the 3rd best team in the West with one player isn’t a bad thing like you’re making it seem. So many bitter people out there LOL

  21. knickscavsfan

    As a Cavs fan I say “thank you, especially for the last 4 years”. However, I’m not sad. I’m actually excited to see what the Cavs can do. Everyone saying “oh now the Cavs will be trash”…well yeah. Aside from the Spurs perhaps. what team with a star player departing HASN’T suffered from a) the loss of their star b) being stuck with bloated deals for role players and specialists c) Lack of young players because you’re drafting from the back of the 1st round? Bulls pre and post Jordan were a trash franchise for the most part. Same thing with the Spurs prior to Duncan, the Celtics in between the Bird era and the Pierce/Garnett era.

    Even with some interesting young players like Sexton, Clarkson, Hood and Nance, they should still tear this sucker down because , at best, they might be a 7th or 8th seed that would probably lose in the 1st round.

    Kevin Love and Kyle Korver are probably their best trade assets in terms of talent. The NBA bottom feeders love expiring contracts and I think Hill and Smith can be moved.

    I can see a lot of WC teams that might want Love and Korver, especially the Lakers (since those are guys that LBJ asked for) but you have to assume that teams like OKC, Portalnd and even Houston want to add a 3rd option player to compete with the other top teams. Lilliard is already making noise and if you want to keep him then you need to step up. I could EASILY see a Love to Portland deal. That would make a ton of sense as they could use a stretch 4 to open up space for their guards.

      • sameichel

        Or keep him and let him be Timberwolves love with the addition of three or shot

      • knickscavsfan

        Portland needs all three. Lillaird, McCollum and another star. Love makes sense only if you keep the other two. I would want draft picks and young controllable guys. Not sure about who that might be from Portaland but if I were them, I’d call the Cavs.

        • The Cavs could get a 1st round pick and that’s it for Love. Everybody in the NBA has said Love’s value has diminished. I can see him signing with the Lakers and LeBron after next season.

    • The Pacers lost Paul George, were one of the few teams under the salary cap this year, and got better.
      They have a very good coach and CEO.

    • x%sure

      Celtics guards can shut opponents down. It will happen again in the playoffs if they don’t get a real PG!

      • x%sure

        Sorry wrong placement.

        While I’m here… Love for Faried, Plumlee and Lyles.

        But I think Gilbert wants to get to the playoffs without Lebron, to show he can. Also, salary is committed anyway.
        The last time Lebron left, the team was not firm about what course to take, and that was a mistake.

  22. hiflew

    Wouldn’t it just be so great if no one joins LeBron there and they still lose Randle?

    • dejota

      Nobody that can make him better than Golden State is coming. All hes doing is handing the Warriors more titles on a platter. What an asshole choice.

  23. hiflew

    There is no way a 37 year old LeBron is opting out of this deal. I don’t know, this has a “Jordan to the Wizards” feel to it. Maybe a 6 or 7 seed the next couple of years, then a quick fall off like with Kobe.

  24. Cleveland.com has over 300 comments. This afternoon LeBron was the greatest of all time. Now he’s a bum.

    • Cleveland.com is up to 1300 comments. Paul George gave the Pacers hints. They didn’t listen. LeBron gave the Cavs a bunch of hints. They didn’t listen.

      • knickscavsfan

        Of course they did. That why the Kyrie trade was done with a desire to get the #1 pick. That’s why the trade to get rid of IT and Crowder was for controllable young guys like Clarkson, Nance and Hood.

        • Kyrie was done because he threatened to have knee surgery and sit out the season. The midseason deals were done because the Cavs were the oldest team in the NBA and had the worst defense.

  25. moazetongue

    This is an odd place to go. Best wishes and thanks for the ship. Will be fun watching you play your last contract out west.

    • x%sure

      Bull. He’ll be at about 80% in 3 years. He just got done single-handedly blah blah blah.
      Might be back!

  26. x%sure

    It’s probably a 3+1 which is smart, it will help recruit, and it may take 3 tries for an LA chip. I think 1+1, then another 1+1 after 1 was more predictable.

    He will get a title there at some point soon.

  27. Great choice for LBJ! The showtime is back dudes! Any team with LBJ can beat Golden State, he is better than any of their players, all know that, they just have more stars, no merit in there, but anyway I don’t care if he wins more rings or not, to me they don’t defy careers, is what players do night in night out on the court, the show, the entertainment, the incredible stat lines, that’s what matters so for me Bird was the greatest ever, followed by LBJ & Magic, followed by MJ, but all of them very close to each other. So King go to LA have fun, play fun & happy days man!

  28. waldfee

    LaVar and LeBron at each other’s throat with Kobe shouting from the trenches… Imagine being poor Luke Walton in the middle of all this! Then you get to visit your parents on your day off and your father holds a five-hour monologue, showing slides of his cycling adventures in Mongolia’s Khangai Mountains, where he bathed in the healing urine of Przewalski horses while enjoying the laxative effects of warm milk from domesticated Bactrian camels.
    Good times!

  29. ThatBallwasBryzzoed

    He 1. Should have waited a few weeks. 2. Gone to philly or maybe Boston. At least in the east he had a chance. He has no one on the lakers. Deng is not what he used to be neither is Rajon Rondo. Thats all he has. Ball isn’t that good.

  30. moazetongue

    Very appreciative of the ship. It was a fun ride in part I and in part II. However. I’m glad Cleveland didn’t give him the contract. My reasoning is four years for years 16, 17, 18 and 19 would’ve been too much and would’ve crippled Cleveland after this season. Would still sell tickets as people came out to see Babe Ruth even though his career was over.

    As my momma use to say, “The lightbulb is Always the brightest right before it burns out.”

    • x%sure

      What is this, some kind of sour-grapes for LA? The concern for the Cavs sounds like a disguise.

      James opted out and left, free-country style. It was not a matter of Cleveland “not giving him a contract”.

  31. david722

    LeBron a team of scrubs and the Buss’, sounds like a winning combo to me.

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