NBA Suspends Ibaka Three Games, Chriss One Game

Raptors center Serge Ibaka has been suspended for three games for his involvement in an on-court altercation on Monday night, reports Shams Charania of The Athletic (Twitter link). Cavaliers big man Marquese Chriss, who was also involved in the incident, will get a one-game suspension, according to Charania. The NBA has confirmed the news in a press release.

The incident in question occurred at the end of the third quarter in Monday’s Raptors/Cavs matchup. After Ibaka and Chriss got tied up going for an inbounds pass, Ibaka fell to the floor and Chriss said something to him as he walked away. Ibaka immediately got to his feet and went after Chriss, grabbing him by the neck and pushing him into the basket stanchion. Both players threw punches – though none really connected – before the fight was broken up.

According to the NBA’s announcement, Chriss received a one-game ban for throwing a punch, while Ibaka received the longer suspension because he instigated the fight and has a history of similar incidents. Ibaka has received a pair of one-game suspensions in the past for separate altercations with Heat forward James Johnson and Bulls center Robin Lopez.

Ibaka, who will begin serving his suspension on Thursday night vs. the Lakers, will also miss Sunday’s game at Detroit and next Monday’s game vs. New York. His suspension will cost him approximately $448K – 3/145ths of his $21,666,667 salary – and will save the Raptors about $560K in luxury-tax penalties at season’s end, notes ESPN’s Bobby Marks (via Twitter).

As for Chriss, he’ll serve his one-game suspension tonight when the Cavs play in Philadelphia. His lost wages will equal $22,111 — 1/145th of his $3,206,160 salary.

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15 thoughts on “NBA Suspends Ibaka Three Games, Chriss One Game

  1. hiflew

    It’s kind of weird that the fight ends up saving the Raptors half a million dollars in taxes. Maybe they should just start having their end of the bench guys fight someone every game and then pay their fines for them. It would save them money.

    • Michael Chaney

      That was actually my first thought too; there’s obviously more to it than that, but it’s an interesting idea

    • Richard Hangslow

      That’s not how it works. When a player is suspended without pay the player doesn’t receive the paycheck but the team is still required to pay that game salary to the league. Otherwise teams can make up suspensions in order to save money.

  2. Reflect

    Chriss wasn’t waking away as he said the thing. He stood right over Ibaka intentionally.

  3. Oh well then that’s a good reason to choke some one from behind. Said no one ever.

  4. x%sure

    Not a big fan of Chriss at this point. Of course I never was– not up to the mental challenges. Brandon Knight looks okay though– could be an answer for team attack organizer. 42% from 3. Must improve his D.
    But lets not forget the game.
    Cavs kicked Rap butt (with Kawhi) start to finish YEAH!

  5. goldenmisfit

    Not a Cleveland fan at all but if someone else starts a fight what is he supposed to do? Let the guy just repeatedly punch him in the face and do nothing? LOL got to love the NBA.

    • ColossusOfClout

      Don’t run your mouth and disrespect a veteran like that, and you won’t get smacked. Lesson learned.

      • east333

        Stop fighting with guys when they’re playing good defense against you. It was his 3rd time fighting in this league. Maybe Ibaka needs to learn a lesson.

      • x%sure

        Yes, while standing over him. Of course the lead felt good and Ibaka gets dirty himself but IDK it was a weird thing to see from a backup.
        I’m fine with fighting back. A one-game suspension is worth it for, again, a backup.

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