Details On The Failed KCP-Jabari Parker Swap

The Lakers had a tentative deal in place earlier this season to acquire Jabari Parker and send Kentavious Caldwell-Pope and Michael Beasley to the Bulls, a source tell Bill Oram of The Athletic. ESPN previously reported that the two teams discussed swapping Parker and KCP.

Caldwell-Pope would have had to agree to the deal, since he re-signed with the Lakers on a one-year contract, giving him the right to veto any trade. The deal was not signed off over the weekend leading up to Anthony Davis‘ public trade request and the Bulls were stuck in limbo for several days. Many within the league viewed Davis’ request as a call for the Lakers to trade for him. The Bulls subscribed to that notion and moved onto other trade discussions.

Parker was eventually sent to the Wizards in the Otto Porter Jr. deal, while KCP remains on the Lakers’ roster. Beasley was dealt to the Clippers along with Ivica Zubac and ultimately waived.

In Beasley’s case, the deal can partially be attributed to a locker room flair-up with coach Luke Walton. Walton wanted Beasley to play more unselfishly; Beasley, along with teammate JaVale McGee, challenged the request.

The Lakers ended up netting Mike Muscala in the Beasley-Zubac trade. Team president Magic Johnson and GM Rob Pelinka had watched Muscala score 17 points during a spirited Sixers win over the Lakers just days prior and some within the league believe that single performance inspired the front office to make the deal.

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9 thoughts on “Details On The Failed KCP-Jabari Parker Swap

  1. Ironmonger835

    They saw Muscala play once and wanted to trade for him. Lol. Dumb ass Magic and Pelinca. Horrible management.

    • hiflew

      Seven is the rule. Feel free to check the archives and count the mistakes in each article. Please get back to us with all of the articles that broke that rule. Be very, very thorough otherwise some pompous guy will go back and point out your mistakes.

  2. cesc

    Well, well maybe if Walton had been able to get on better with his vets the Lakers wouldn’t have lost Zubac for nothing… that one seems to be on Walton, that one goes for all the people that thinks he is wonderful!

    • Equinsu Ocha

      Beasley is terrible. if he were worth keeping on a roster someone would have picked him up before he ultimately ended up in China.

    • FromTheCheapSeats

      Well, if those vets were any good, it might be worth the effort to ‘get on better’ with them.

      Anyone that was paying attention none moths ago knew that collection of castoffs was going to be a disaster.

      It was. And now the “Trade LeBron” whispers have commenced…

  3. radiohead801

    Because JaVale friggin’ McGee and Beasley shouldn’t be talked to that way!! Sigh.

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