Knicks Notes: Roster, Robinson, Durant, Ewing

Kevin Knox, Mitchell Robinson and Damyean Dotson are the only current Knicks who should definitely be on the roster next season, writes Steve Popper of Newsday. Knox showed enough promise at age 19 to hold onto, Robinson was a second-round surprise who became the league’s second-best shot blocker and Dotson is a part-time starter with an affordable contract.

Popper lists Dennis Smith Jr., who was acquired in the Kristaps Porzingis trade, as a question mark, noting that his fate could depend on whether the Knicks are in position to draft Ja Morant or sign Kyrie Irving or Kemba Walker in free agency. Also questionable to return, according to Popper, are Frank Ntilikina, Allonzo Trier, Lance Thomas and Luke Kornet. Popper expects the rest of the roster to be overturned, including DeAndre Jordan, whom he speculates will be too pricey to re-sign as a back-up center.

There’s more today from New York:

  • Coach David Fizdale believes Robinson would be a lottery pick if last year’s draft were redone, relays Chris Iseman of Fizdale admits he didn’t know much about Robinson when the Knicks grabbed him with the 36th pick, but he quickly blossomed into a force in the middle, swatting 2.44 shots per game. “I think we can all agree if we had to restructure the draft right now, I don’t think he’ll go 36,” Fizdale said. “I think he’d be in that top 10 pretty easily.”
  • LeBron James‘ disappointing first year with the Lakers should make Kevin Durant think twice about whether he wants join the Knicks, states Frank Isola of The Athletic. For all of Durant’s talent, he has a reputation as a highly sensitive player who might not adjust well to the atmosphere in New York. Isola suggests that he will only consider the Knicks if he can find another top-level free agent to join him.
  • Fizdale played a pivotal role in easing tensions between Patrick Ewing and the Knicks after years of a strained relationship, according to Marc Berman of The New York Post. Ewing will represent the team at next month’s draft lottery.
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8 thoughts on “Knicks Notes: Roster, Robinson, Durant, Ewing

  1. Wildboyz

    I don’t see how you would think Trier is a question mark. They signed him as an undrafted FA to a 2 year deal and he was putting up numbers. He’s a great off the ball spot up shooter and he and Dotson could be fighting for the starting SG position.

    • H.Henderson

      Triers numbers against players whom actually know how ti defend were terrible. thats why he’s a question mark

  2. Z-A

    Knicks would be idiots to drop Trier and Kornet. Good bench players. DSJ could develop into a nice starter. Ntilikina is going to be traded. Thomas is like 1m guaranteed so hes cut. Zion or RJ are the best fits without adding a premier FA.

  3. gainer34

    A line up of Kemba/Kyrie, Dotson,Durant,Zion, and Robinson with Trier Knox kornet dsj and some veterans is going to be nasty next year

  4. x%sure

    What’s wrong with Kadeem Allen? The presence of N’kina & Smith is no excuse to dump him. Strange article to throw so many under the bus.

  5. It depends where the cap comes in, where their pick falls and if they need 2 max slots.

    Knicks will want to keep Trier, and I believe they almost certainly will. But they screwed up on his contract, so his cap hold is his option price, 3.5 mm (2.6 mm above a roster hold). Whereas Dotson’s option price is minimum, 1.6 mm (700K above). Kornet is an RFA (Knicks have EBRs), with a cap hold of 2.1 mm (1.2 mm above). Possible that they could renounce Trier, and then try and re-sign him with the RE. But they might have other goals there. Vonleh is an UFA that I’m sure they would also want him back, and RE may be the only way to do that.

    Ellenson isn’t mentioned. He isn’t lock to be back, but he (like Dotson) could be brought back at minimum (NG), so I think its likely he will.

    Kadeem Allen is a 2wc, and I believe is a RFA without a cap hold (just another 2wc offer). If he comes back, it would be as a 2wc again or at minimum.

  6. Norm Chouinard

    Not sure the Knicks have a player on the roster who would start for a playoff team. Why would a free agent sign here unless overpaid?

    • Decius

      One or two elite players can drastically change a team in the NBA. There are only five on the court at a time.

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