Poll: 2019 All-NBA Third Team

In an NBA season packed with incredible individual performances, we’re asking you to decide which 15 players are most deserving of All-NBA recognition.

After closing the polls for the All-NBA First Team on Monday, we’ve brought the vote for the All-NBA Second Team to an end today. Some of the results in those Second Team polls were predictable — two forwards, a guard, and the center earned spots on the team by a margin of several hundred votes. However, the vote for the second guard spot was a tight one.

Here are the voting results so far:

All-NBA First Team

All-NBA Second Team

The quality of our All-NBA Second Team is a reflection of how many impressive individual seasons we’ve witnessed in 2018/19. Lillard, George, and Embiid will likely show up on plenty of MVP ballots, and Leonard might’ve been named on even more if not for his frequent absences due to “load management.” As for Westbrook, he’s coming off averaging a triple-double for the third straight season.

We’re moving on today to the All-NBA Third Team, so be sure to cast your votes below for the two guards, two forwards, and one center that you believe are most deserving of being named to that squad. Don’t forget that a few players – including Anthony Davis, Karl-Anthony Towns, Ben Simmons, and Jimmy Butler – qualify at two positions.

You’ll have about 48 hours for this round of voting before we recap the final results on Friday. You’ll also have the opportunity to select two players apiece in the guard and forward polls, so be sure to take advantage of that.


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8 thoughts on “Poll: 2019 All-NBA Third Team

  1. x%sure

    The setup of the poll hurt Anthony Davis. He came in 3rd twice! Some people are not going vote for him twice.
    He played C this year with Randle but F when paired with Cousins.

    Mike Conley LAST? Boo.

    Conley, Irving, James, Griffin, Vucevic

    • Also voted for Vuc and actually 4/5 you did but had to give the last spot to Kemba over Conley.

  2. miked340

    As a Bucks fan, I’d say the 2nd best player on this team has been Bledsoe this season.

    • jacobsigel1025

      I’m surprised a Bucks fan like yourself doesn’t know who Khris Middleton is lol

    • jacobsigel1025

      And also if you’re arguing Bledsoe for 3rd team all NBA you’re insane

      • x%sure

        4th team for both. Doesn’t count, too bad, but rewards ahead in the playoffs?

  3. 1) Westbrook, Harden, Giannis, AD, Embiid
    2) Lillard, Curry, LBJ, KD, KAT
    3) Simmons, Kyrie, PG13, Kawhi, Jokic

  4. Miklo916

    Crazy how Buddy from the kings is not even mention on the 3rd team even for a vote

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