Draft Notes: Reid, Waters, Childs, Porter

There’s “no chance” Naz Reid returns to LSU, as the prospect tells Jeff Goodman of Stadium Sports (Twitter link). Reid’s teammate Tremont Waters will also remain in the draft. Waters and Reid are the 47th and 48th prospect, according to ESPN.

  • BYU’s Yoeli Childs will remain in the draft, per Goodman (Twitter link). Childs is not listed in ESPN’s top 100.
  • Jontay Porter will not return to Missouri instead electing to remain in the draft, Goodman tweets. Porter is still recovering from a knee injury.
  • Arizona State’s Luguentz Dort tells Goodman (Twitter link) that he is “100 percent” staying in the NBA Draft. Dort is No. 27 on ESPN’s draft board.
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5 thoughts on “Draft Notes: Reid, Waters, Childs, Porter

  1. jorge78

    They should let players return to school if they are not picked in the draft. It should be what’s best for the athlete/student.

    • Codeeg

      They should. Colleges don’t like players having leverage when it comes to scholarships.

    • hiflew

      No they shouldn’t. Why should incoming freshmen have to be put on hold because a scholarship is in limbo because someone might come back? These guys want to be considered adults, then part of being an adult is making life-altering decisions. If you are on the fence and think you might not be drafted, then you have the option of not declaring for the draft. People want these players to have their cake and eat it too and life just doesn’t work that way.

      The guy from BYU that is not in the projected top 100 when there are only 60 selections in the draft should know he is not getting drafted right now. If he doesn’t, he isn’t smart enough to be in college anyway. If he wants to quit school and go play in the Philippines for a couple of years, then more power to him. But BYU shouldn’t have to hold his scholarship for him for an indefinite period.

        • hiflew

          Fair point, but it’s still an extra month that an incoming player would have to wait before knowing whether or not he would have a scholarship. And at some schools, this would involve multiple scholarships that sit in limbo while the pool of incoming freshmen gets smaller as better prospects choose different schools where they have guaranteed scholarships available. Elite prospects will still be fine, but I’m talking the 3 star guys that now have to go to a smaller school instead of a power conference team just because someone might come back. And if they don’t come back, those power schools will have to find lesser prospects to fill out their teams. That’s pretty unfair to college programs.

          I mean it wouldn’t be the end of the world if players could go back, but they need to take a little responsibility for their choices as well.

          Perhaps they could maintain their eligibility if they go undrafted, but only as a walk on player. That way the scholarship could go to an actual committed player, but the player coming back could still play.

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