Eastern Notes: Simmons, Dolan, Wizards, Hawks Workouts

Sixers guard Ben Simmons has been assessed a Flagrant One foul and fined $20K for striking Raptors point guard Kyle Lowry in the groin on Thursday, according to a tweet from the league’s PR department. The incident occurred during the second quarter of Game 3, which Philadelphia won 116-95. Simmons, who had 10 points, seven assists and seven rebounds in the game, was whistled for three common fouls.

We have more from around the Eastern Conference:

  • Shareholders of Madison Square Garden Company have filed a suit against Knicks owner James Dolan, its executive chairman and CEO, for being grossly overpaid, Pitchfork.com reports. Over the last three fiscal years, MSG has paid Dolan $75.6MM, according to company filings. MSG’s peer companies have paid their CEOs an average of $17MM over the same period, according to the lawsuit. The filing also claims that Dolan “works at MSG only part time,” with much of his focus going toward touring and recording for his band JD & the Straight Shot. MSG has labelled the lawsuit “nothing more than corporate harassment.”
  • Nuggets president of basketball operations Tim Connelly and Wizards interim GM Tommy Sheppard are potential candidates, along with Danny Ferry, for Washington’s top executive post, ESPN’s Brian Windhorst said in a Wizards Talk Podcast relayed by NBC Sports Washington’s Caroline Brandt. Ferry, who most recently was interim GM with the Pelicans, interviewed for the job this week. Windhorst also indicated there’s at least one mystery candidate the Wizards will pursue. “There may be another name or two that I’m not willing to say just yet who may be on the Wizards’ list,” Windhorst said.
  • The Hawks brought in six players for pre-draft workouts on Friday, according to a team press release. Forward/center Nathan Knight of William & Mary, forwards Anthony Lamb (Vermont), Kouat Noi (TCU) and Killian Tillie (Gonzaga) and guards Andrew Nembhard (Florida) and D’Marcus Simonds (Georgia State) participated in the workout. Tillie is the highest-ranked prospect in the group, currently rated No. 82 overall by ESPN’s Jonathan Givony.
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11 thoughts on “Eastern Notes: Simmons, Dolan, Wizards, Hawks Workouts

  1. diller1340

    I bet as soon as the Knicks land Durant, Kyrie and Zion people will stop complaining about Dolan. He is just an easy target now since the Knicks have been so bad

    • caryloyd

      Keep dreaming about free agents. The Knicks have been the Browns of the NBA for 20 years. The only difference is that the Browns are now respectable

    • Decius

      I am a Knicks fan and our owner is the biggest buffoon in sports. Do not defend him. He deserves no credit or sympathy. He needs to be removed from the NBA like you remove a tumor.

  2. kimjongun2.0

    Embiied and Simmons r both the most overrated first rounded around

  3. cesc

    Can’t believe the league would fine Simmons, he was just trying to move Lowry, as he sat on his head, it was absolutely nothing.
    On the other hand, Siakam did a very dirty play on Embiid, risking the health of a fellow player, for that action of tripping Embiid, Siakam should get suspended for a game at least.
    Toronto are playing rather dirty as they are getting overrun by Philly.

    • rhymo

      You’re saying sticking your leg out and watching a 7 foot man dramatically fall over that easily is worse then a guy getting elbowed in a sensitive area? Man I don’t think I’ve met more of a biased sports fan. Smh.

      • cesc

        Clearly you are the biased one dude. Simmons did nothing, it was Lowry who sat his ass on his face, not acceptable at all.
        What Siakam did is really dangerous & very dirty! You must be a Raptors fan, someone is gotta be!

        • rhymo

          Lowry just happened to “sit” on Simmons face? Lowry is small but he’s not that small. There were a good amount of space between his behind and Simmons face. Man if I were 7 feet tall nothing would be able to bring me down. A leg being stuck out at my knee isn’t going to take me down. Embiid should’ve been fouled for that play as he got much more wrist than ball. You shouldn’t be so upset about that “dirty” play my man. Refs were on your side when it came to Embiid. We could’ve tripped over a line and would’ve drawn a foul. Maybe one day you’ll get hit in the sensitive area (depending if you actually have the balls) and feel what it’s like to get hit there. I’m sure you have tripped over your feet plenty of times and know what it’s like to fall.

      • biggtank2

        You’re crazy Lowrey undercuts (which should of been a foul) Simmons, then proceeds to keep backing his ass on the mans head!!! I would of two piece him “in his most sensitive area”!!!

  4. Z-A

    What does Lowry get for dropping his butt intentionally on Ben Simmons face? I know he prob farted and tried to give him pink eye too. Doing whatever it takes to win the series.

  5. frank_costanza

    I don’t have a problem with Simmons being fined. What I can’t believe is how nobody thought what Lowry did was a foul? If you’re going to call an over the back foul then why not an under the back foul? He essentially table topper him. Pretty dangerous.

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