Knicks Notes: Zion, Kyrie, Kemba, Young Players

While Knicks head coach David Fizdale didn’t name the Duke forward specifically, he made it clear during an appearance this week on The Dan Patrick Show that if his team lands the No. 1 overall pick in next week’s draft lottery, Zion Williamson will be the choice.

“If we win the lottery, do we know who we’re taking?” Fizdale said, per Marc Berman of The New York Post. “Yes.”

Of course, if the Knicks do land that first overall selection, speculation about a possible Anthony Davis trade would only increase during the weeks leading up to the draft. Fizdale wasn’t asked about that scenario during his appearance on Patrick’s show, but ESPN’s Kevin Pelton (Insider-only link) took a look this week at whether or not it would make sense to seriously consider moving Williamson if the Knicks grab that No. 1 spot.

In Pelton’s view, trading Williamson in a package for Davis would give the Knicks the best chance to win in the short term, but it’s unclear how well-suited the rest of the roster will be to contending immediately. Since Zion could be a part of a contending team in New York for years to come, Pelton would be inclined to hang onto him if the Knicks are lucky enough to draft him.

Here’s more on the Knicks:

  • Now that Kyrie Irving‘s Celtics have been officially eliminated from the postseason, the Knicks are poised to be a part of the July conversation about the point guard’s potential free agent destinations, as Marc Berman of The New York Post details.
  • Sources tell Ian Begley of that some members of the Knicks’ organization on high on another free agent point guard, Kemba Walker. However, that interest likely wouldn’t matter much if Kevin Durant commits to New York and wants to team up with Irving, says Begley. According to Begley, some opposing executives believe that the Knicks will be willing to pursue any player Durant wants to play with if it ensures that KD will choose New York.
  • The Knicks will send their assistant coaches on the road in the coming days to work out with young players like Allonzo Trier, Mitchell Robinson, and Dennis Smith Jr., sources tell Begley. Kevin Knox and head coach David Fizdale have already met up for some offseason work, as the team has exhibited an increased focus on developing its prospects.
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25 thoughts on “Knicks Notes: Zion, Kyrie, Kemba, Young Players

  1. southbeachbully

    As a Knicks fan I would love to have talents like Irving and Durant on the floor. That being said, I’m concerned about whether either have the disposition to handle the responsibilities of being team leaders and handling the difficult NY media. Sooo many times Irving has made the wrong answers to relatively easy questions. You hear his answers and immediately you’re like “that’s not going to go over well”…haha.

  2. stretch123

    Durant, Irving and Anthony Davis is just way too tempting to pass up. Sign a Wayne Ellington or JJ redick to space the floor and you got yourself a top 2 seed in the east, easily.

    • stretch123

      Even Jimmy Buckets if you can’t get Durant and maybe want to keep Zion if you land the first pick and don’t trade for AD. Zion, Butler, Irving would be a nice trio.

      • hiflew

        Except you could get all three. If the Knicks can open up two max slots, they could sign KD and Irving and then trade for AD. And you don’t even have to be a genius to figure that out.

  3. hiflew

    Zion could be part of a contending team in New York for years to come OR he could be Jahlil Okafor 2.0. If someone is willing to give you Anthony Davis for him, you take it. Let someone else take the gamble that a player might become a star and you take the one that is all but assured of being a star.

    • Z-A

      It’s not like they are trading for a bum. I will always take proven over potential. How many guys were the next Jordan? The next Kobe? The next LeBron? And did squat. AD is a top 5 player when healthy, and he is young. You make that move all day.

  4. Yep it is

    Nice how everyone in the World already knows the Knicks are getting Zion. We know it is going to happen the NBA will make it happen like Ewing but even back then they denied it for awhile.

    • hiflew

      The Ewing situation was a bit different. That was the year before the lottery started and was the reason the lottery started.

      A better comparison would be LeBron to the Cavs which just reeked of conspiracy. Whether it really was fixed or not is immaterial. Just the fact that it appeared to be fixed should have been enough reason for the lottery to be shown live after that. I still don’t understand why they do the choices behind closed doors. Viewership would go way up if they chose them live.

      • x%sure

        The Cavs in 2003 won 17 games. They were the worst. Getting the #1 pick was no upset.
        But I also dislike “the lottery room” and the fake tv show.

        • hiflew

          Yes they had the worst record, but they were also the first team with the worst record to actually get the #1 pick in almost 10 years at the time. So it’s not like it was a foregone conclusion.

    • H.Henderson

      I foresee this being the knicks immediate future:
      1) Knicks fall to 3 in the lottery. Knicks draft Barrett/Reddish.
      2) Durant and Irving sign with Brooklyn (news is that they bolt for NY, last I checked Brooklyn is in NY).
      3) NY signs D. Russel, D. Jordan, and maybe J. Butler.

      I am a Knicks fan btw, but more of a realist.

      • D$!LLKU$H-og

        I could see BKN get them both too. I would kind of hate that though. They’d have to renounce DLo and like you said the Knicks could swoop in and grab him. I’d rather the Nets S&T DLo and get someone in return. Knicks could get Kemba and Jimmy Butler that wouldn’t be terrible.

      • 1. Knicks aren’t taking Reddish in the top three. It’s either Morant or Barrett.
        2. Knicks aren’t signing D-Lo. And certainly not signing Butler. Management has said they’re not signing to sign – Butler falls into that category.
        3. I see Durant going to the Knicks. Hoping Irving doesn’t. Would love to see him sign with the Nets.

  5. Armaday

    They should bring Phil Jackson back as a consultant, just to make these difficult choices.
    Seriously, this may be their lucky year! Bounce ping pong balls, bounce!

    • hiflew

      Forget Phil Jackson, let’s bring back Isiah Thomas. Now THAT was an interesting watch. Sort of like watching a bus crash.

    • All the max/super max contracts are there to be regretted IMO. Curry, Westbrook, Wall, CP3… if we add maybe Butler, Kemba… this summer. You can not give a bucketful of money to guys entering their 30’s. I always believe the biggest contracts to pay the players should be given when they are young, just after their rookie contract. Then you can pay massive money for them as they will be 22-25 at the start of the contract, not 30 or so & expect to live up to a 5 year contract. When they reach that age they are good to get the same amounts of money but in 1 or 2 year contract tops, so it doesn’t age horribly as is happening just now.

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