Charania’s Latest: Nets, D-Lo, Durant, Livingston, More

Kyrie Irving remains “fully focused” on a potential deal with the Nets, according to Shams Charania of The Athletic, who says Brooklyn’s goal is to sign the trio of Irving, Kevin Durant, and DeAndre Jordan. If they can get Irving but Durant heads elsewhere, the Nets could shift their focus to players like Tobias Harris or Julius Randle, Charania writes.

As for D’Angelo Russell, league sources tell Charania that the expectation is the Nets will either renounce D-Lo’s rights or try to complete a sign-and-trade deal that sends him elsewhere. A sign-and-trade would be complicated, since Brooklyn may prefer to use its cap room on free agents rather than trade pieces in return for Russell.

Here’s more from Charania:

  • Warriors president of basketball operations Bob Myers is tentatively scheduled to travel to New York this weekend to meet with Kevin Durant and his inner circle, league sources tell Charania. Durant is also expected to talk to the Knicks, Nets, and Clippers, though no formal meetings have been set, says Charania, who adds that there’s a belief that KD has considered the possibility of teaming up with Kawhi Leonard.
  • Shaun Livingston, who originally had a guarantee date of June 30 on his contract, has agreed to push that date back to July 10, reports Charania. Livingston has a partial guarantee of $2MM on his $7.7MM salary, and the Warriors now have more time to decide whether to retain him at that price.
  • With Kemba Walker appearing likely to sign elsewhere, the Hornets are focusing on other point guards like Terry Rozier, sources tell Charania. It’s not clear if Charlotte believes the mid-level would be enough to land Rozier, or if the team would attempt a sign-and-trade.
  • The Sixers remain “fully focused” on trying to re-sign Jimmy Butler and Tobias Harris, according to Charania, who notes that rival teams interested in Butler believe the fifth year Philadelphia can offer will be a major factor for the swingman and agent Bernie Lee. If the 76ers don’t offer that fifth year, it’s possible the market for Butler will open up.
  • The Knicks have targeted free agent center Robin Lopez as a potential backup for Mitchell Robinson, league sources tell Charania.
  • The Celtics intend to pursue a big man using their $4.8MM room exception, with Enes Kanter and Kevon Looney among their targets, per Charania.
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10 thoughts on “Charania’s Latest: Nets, D-Lo, Durant, Livingston, More

  1. acarneglia

    If the Hornets can somehow pull off a sign and trade with Boston it would definitely help soften the blow of losing Kemba. Rozier or Smart(preferably Rozier) would have to be involved, also someone like Robert Williams could be a piece

    • mcmillankmm

      What would be the benefit of the C’s doing a sign and trade for Kemba? I think they’re referring to Boston signing and trading Rozier…don’t think the C’s are going to give up anyone

    • The Celtics can sign him outright (and renounce Rozier). Their only reason to do a sign and trade into cap space (vs direct signing would be if they (Boston) get something (maybe off the contract of GY). Hornets would get a TPE, though not sure how much they’d value it. If Kemba wanted Dallas (or another team without cap space to sign him), the Hornets might be able to take back Lee and pick up something.

  2. jordokmiller

    Celts can’t afford to give up Williams with Horford and Baynes both gone. They’ll need him for depth behind whoever they sign to play the 5.

  3. jonnyzuck

    Could the nets do a 3 team sign and trade where they ship off the assets in return for Russell to get picks?

    • D$!LLKU$H-og

      The 3rd team would have to be willing to give draft compensation for the assets returning. For example, if Minnesota traded Teague and Okogie for DLo it’s possible a team like PHX would send a future protected 1st to BKN and Baynes to Minn to make it all work. It would help Minn because they are over the cap and can’t sign DLo outright and PHX gets a solid PG and good young player.

  4. padam

    Knicks interested in Lopez. They just can’t avoid tripping over themselves…

  5. goldenmisfit

    I think people need to start reading the signs. KD either will sign with New York or Brooklyn and Leonard will probably sign with either Toronto or the Lakers. If the Warriors get in this it’s probably going to be a sign and trade arrangement with KD.

  6. The Knicks’ FA narrative changes daily, just like the on court narrative last year, not to mention the lineups. Thankfully, it will be resolved in a week or so, maybe sooner.

  7. x%sure

    Here comes a four-team double S&T, with multiple max TPEs used & made & crossing somewhere in Kansas, a bi-annual tax apron in MLE escrow, and a big bird CBA bonfire either July 6 or July 30.

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