Clippers, Lakers Contenders For Klay Thompson If Warriors Don’t Offer Full Max

Klay Thompson is expecting the Warriors to offer him a full max contract once free agency begins on Sunday. Should the Warriors either delay their offer or offer less than the max, Thompson will listen to pitches from the Lakers and Clippers, Brad Turner of the Los Angeles Times tweets.

It was previously reported that the shooting guard would give the Clippers some attention if the Warriors don’t have the offer ready for him, but now the Lakers have been added to his list of fallback max options.

LeBron James‘ team amended the Anthony Davis trade agreement earlier today, which helped the club create additional cap room. Los Angeles projects to have roughly $32M in cap space, putting the team about $700K short of being able to offer a full max for a player with Thompson’s experience.

Thompson, who tore his ACL during the NBA Finals, is eligible for a five-year max deal worth approximately $190MM. Should he sign elsewhere, he’d be limited to a four-year contract worth approximately $141MM.

Despite the latest news, the five-time All-Star is still considered a strong bet to re-sign with Golden State.

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49 thoughts on “Clippers, Lakers Contenders For Klay Thompson If Warriors Don’t Offer Full Max

    • ric7744

      Honestly I would rather have Klay than any other free agent he is tough passionate, great shooter and great defender. I honestly think warriors win game 6 and 7 if he doesn’t go down. He will be back strong

      • bowserhound

        Healthy Klay yes. But he wants a max contact with a year vacation. Peace out bruh.

  1. imindless

    Here we come!!!! Everyone coming out for that last spot on the LAvengers! Bye bye league

        • kenleyfornia2

          Leaverage for what? Toronto is already going to offer Kawhi any deal he wants. So are the Clippers. This is the NBA. They dont need leverage.

  2. Lefty_Orioles_Fan

    Well if this is the case, why aren’t the Goofy Sixers interested in Klay Thompson?

  3. Jason kapono

    There’s no world in which the warriors don’t offer him the max contract the moment they’re allowed to.

  4. He’s not leaving GSW, period. They would rather see KD walk and go back to the splash brothers centric days. It can be argued that while they’re not more talented in that scenario, but they may be a better team.

    Add to the fact that he wants to stay and there is no way you see him in anything other than Warriors colours when he can finally hit the floor again next year.

        • Klay is coming back to GS. Funny how the Lakers and LeBron tries so hard to recruit everyone. Every team sees this is their chance to win with GSW going into next year injured.

        • C-Daddy

          Enjoy your hypothetical victory. Raptors fans are enjoying an actual championship.

            • C-Daddy

              Like when they beat Cleveland without Kyrie and Kevin Love in 2015? Injuries play a role in every championship – it’s part of the game.

              • 2015 was a real Championship. It’s hanging in their Arena. Not hypothetical at all.

                • whoneedsfacts

                  Just as the Raptora won a rea championship this year. Excuses are for ass holes.

                • C-Daddy

                  I agree, though the Warriors obviously benefited from the Cavs having significant injuries that year, just like the Raptors benefited from the Warriors being injured this year. Neither championship should be discredited or given an asterisk though.

        • kenleyfornia2

          That’s such a load of BS. Maybe they could have pulled out a game 6 home W but they were way too beat up to go into Toronto and win game 7

          • I think he has a strong point. Klay Thompson was on fire and he was doing a good job defending Kawhi Leonard.

            I say there’s a very good chance the Warriors would have won game 6 but of course they didn’t and the best team won the championship…but he still has a good point…Warriors win game 6 and anything can happen in Game 7. Not delusional at all.

            I know you’re anti Warriors but I don’t think it’s delusional to think they could have won game 6.

            • C-Daddy

              It’s totally possible that the Warriors could have won, but the Raptors were the better team for the majority of the series, even when Klay was playing. So saying that the Warriors would have absolutely won game 6 and game 7 had Klay not been injured is kinda ridiculous.

              • Nobody said absolutely would have won. Those are your words and when you quote me use my words. Okay ? Okay.

                • C-Daddy

                  Yeah your posts are generally quite reasonable. My comment was in response to the poster saying that there wouldn’t have been a parade in Toronto had Klay not got injured. Games 6 and 7 could have gone either way and to suggest otherwise is kinda delusional.

                • LordBanana

                  The goal is to win the championship, the best team wins the championship every year unless there is some sort of cheating going on. It’s that simple.

                  • The reality is that the best team doesn’t always win & that the team that wins isn’t always the best team, that is a fact!
                    Sports is not a exact science, hence why they have to play the games!

            • whoneedsfacts

              Gary, dude it’s sports not hypothetical analysis. Who won is who won, get a grip.

              • Here it is. That’s why we have a comment section. Or else would be nothing to talk about. It’s all about what ifs on here. No?

                Otherwise the first comment would be “the Raptors won.” That would be it LOL

                • whoneedsfacts

                  I think the comments section is to discuss, not for Gary to dream up alternative history because he doesn’t enjoy the Canadian Dinosaurs.

  5. bonerjams03

    The new Chàse Center will generate 2 Billion a year. A zero chance they don’t give him the max

      • Dodgethis

        Non NBA events in a place with more billionaire per capita than anywhere on the planet. All the events announced at Chase have had to add second dates due to the number of people willing to pay outrageous prices.

    • If that were true, then the Warriors would be worth at least 10 times what Forbes says they’re worth.

      My guess is that figure is about the financial commitments secured based on the opening of the new arena, not an annual figure (actually, that it’s not an annual figure is not a guess).

  6. Where is this story coming from? GS owner has already publicly stated they’re going to offer max to KD and KT. Several times, including, in KT’s case, prior to it being known that he wouldn’t qualify for the super max. If KT or his agent put this out there, it’s kind of an insult to GS’s owner. If they didn’t, then it’s not a real story.

  7. goldenmisfit

    Actually the owner of the Warriors never said he would offer max contracts. He said they would do anything to retain both guys and the media and fans just assumed it would be max deals. Thompson sounds like a guy just out for the money. If the Warriors don’t offer the absolute maximum contract he will leave for one of the Los Angeles teams. As a Lakers fan I like Thompson but would be happier with Leonard or one of the big time point guards.

    • Yes he did, you’re just not familiar enough with NBA protocol to understand it. He actually said more than he should have.

      • goldenmisfit

        I am very familiar with and be a protocol and as I said he did not he just hinted around that he would. From what I hear that might not even be enough there is a lot a report Thompson want a no trade clause and that he is just using the Lakers and Clippers as leverage.

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