Free Agent Rumors: Klay, Horford, Brogdon, Jordan

The Warriors have long hinted that they plan to offer Klay Thompson a five-year, maximum-salary deal, and there have been no signals that they’ll change that stance in the wake of Thompson’s torn ACL. So why are there rumblings about Thompson potentially meeting with other teams if the Warriors don’t put that offer on the table right away?

According to ESPN’s Ramona Shelburne and Brian Windhorst, there are some “outstanding issues” that could force Thompson to try to generate some added leverage. Stephen Curry‘s five-year deal with the Warriors didn’t include a fifth-year opt-out or a no-trade clause, setting a precedent for what Golden State’s five-year max deals might look like going forward, as the ESPN duo notes. If Thompson prioritizes a player option or a no-trade clause, talking to the Lakers and/or Clippers may be his best chance to create a little extra leverage with the Warriors.

Elsewhere on the Warriors front, Draymond Green is eligible for a contract extension and is open to discussing a new deal before he reaches free agency in 2020, sources tell ESPN. Those talks are expected to happen later in the offseason, though I’d be surprised if they get something done, since Green could earn more in free agency.

Here’s more from Shelburne and Windhorst on the 2019 free agent class:

  • The Sixers and Kings are among the potential suitors for Al Horford, according to ESPN’s report. Sacramento, in particular, has a clear path to making Horford a big offer, but the club is believed to have other centers – including Brook Lopez and Nikola Vucevic – on its list of potential targets, per ESPN.
  • League executives believe a team may look to pry Malcolm Brogdon away from the Bucks by putting together an offer sheet that starts at a high number and descends in later seasons, according to Shelburne and Windhorst. A player option and various bonuses could also be added to such an offer sheet, the ESPN duo adds, identifying the Bulls, Suns, Mavericks, and Celtics (if they don’t get Kemba Walker) as possible suitors for Brogdon.
  • The Bucks will almost certainly waive George Hill to avoid guaranteeing his $19MM salary, but there’s mutual interest in a new deal between the two sides, especially if the club doesn’t retain Brogdon, according to ESPN.
  • DeAndre Jordan is believed to have interest in playing in Los Angeles again, sources tell ESPN. Either the Clippers or Lakers could be a fit for the veteran center.
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18 thoughts on “Free Agent Rumors: Klay, Horford, Brogdon, Jordan

  1. KnicksFanCavsFan

    It’ll be really interesting to see what kind of player Green really is without Durant and Klay on the team. So much of his game is doing the little things under the radar. He’s been more of a facilatator but history has shown that Curry can be minimized, or at least forced to exert a lot more effort, when he’s the only “true” scorer on the floor. Can Dray fill the offensive gap left without the 2 injured players or will be exposed? If he’s truly no more than a “super glue” guy on a star filled team then do you give him a max contract if he demands it?

    • Sheldon Bowen

      Green probably will have a career year. Curry will get blitzed on pick n rolls and dray will have 4 on 3 all season top of key. Not to mention way more shot opportunities with more shots available he should be more efficient now he can get a rythym going.

      • macdaddy96

        If he can fix his shooting woes from the last 3 years, i think people will be genuinely surprised with Draymond this year. Not saying he’s a top notch scorer but he’s good around the rim and if he can fix his jump shooting woes then sky’s the limit for the team this upcoming year.

        • Gary

          He turned himself into a decent shooter the summer The Warriors threatened to get Kevin Love as their stretch-four.

          Draymond said, I’ll be your stretch 4, and shot pretty well that year. Then it’s been three years of a shooting slump.

          He did shoot pretty well in the playoffs so hope he continues to get that together.

    • I give no fox

      Probably the same player he was when Durant was out for long stretches. Klay isn’t a ball dominant player, so him missing time shouldn’t have any impact on Green’s style of play, unless you expect green to all of a sudden become some type of dynamic scorer. Then you will be disappointed. He is a solid rebounder, defender, and facilitator. Considering the max contracts being handed out, he is definitely worthy. If Harrison Barnes got a max contract, draymond deserves two

  2. macdaddy96

    Why is it so hard for media and fans to understand Klay isn’t going anywhere LOL

    • arc89

      because it would be a boring off season without the media trying to make up a story. the NY media needs to sell newspapers and if they posted the Knicks are not doing anything special who would read their newspapers.

      • macdaddy96

        Completely agree. It’s just Klay specifically who I’ve been hearing all this mess about. Nonsense but funny

    • Gary

      Did you read the article ?

      It’s all about leverage and the type and language in the contract.

      Yes he’s going to get a max deal from the Warriors… but the Lakers and or Clippers would offer a max deal PLUS a no-trade clause, PLUS the 5th-year opt-out, PLUS this and that.

      That’s why the stories about Klay and the Clippers and Lakers.

      • macdaddy96

        Um yes i read the article. Who’s saying this stuff. Klay? Warriors? It’s the media trying to stir something up between the dubs and klay. They’re just doing their job in tryin to stir the drama in up. What if the warriors do this, don’t do do that. If Steph didn’t get a NTC or a 5th year option I’m sure klay won’t get it as well. And if klay insists on those two things, it would almost be inevitable the warriors give it to him.

        • macdaddy96

          Back to my original comment. Klay isn’t going anywhere. It’s comical the media is trying to put it out that oh maybe klay will threaten to meet with other teams because of this and that. This news just came out what.. yesterday? 2 days before free agency. Didn’t hear these rumors months ago when it was inevitable he was resigning with the warriors except maybe the one goofy rumor that he wants to go “home” back to LA.

          • Luke Adams

            Klay is still extremely likely to re-sign with the Warriors, but it’s his agent’s job to get him the best deal possible. Part of that process is trying to create leverage by acting as if there are other viable alternatives. It might be a bluff, but if Klay wants something like a player option or a no-trade clause, putting those alternatives out there could be the best way to convince the Warriors to include it.

            • macdaddy96

              Oh I completely understand and agree. And if it comes to it, I believe GSW would give him the NTC and 5th year option if that is in fact what he wants.

            • x%sure

              m96- Gary likes your enthusiasm but details… GSW is not going to just give away an NTC without being forced to and probably never will anyway. It’s not about money or respect but about GSW’s flexibility in making roster decisions pretty far in the future. NTCs are rare and KT’s getting the most money with GSW so I doubt they offer it no matter how many presentations Klay takes in.

              I rolled my eyes at the headline too but it’s the season for rolling eyes and WTHs… HR has a rigorous nature and likely will report all his travels, make of that what you will.

  3. Danthemilwfan

    I would loveeee George hill back in Milwaukee, but can’t pay him 18 mil. 3 years, 30 mil. Maybe more if we let Brogdon who I really Hope we keep walk. Sounds like Middleton and the bucks are almost a lick, brook lopez almost 100% lock and Brogdon gets matched, which leaves us with nothing money for hill

  4. Archie M.

    Having DeAndre in the Lakers team is essentially a replication of having Javale this past season. If Javale’s not coming back, DeAndre is more than capable in filling that void.

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