Free Agent Rumors: Millsap, Blazers, Lakers, D-Lo, Kemba, Portis

The Nuggets are prepared to potentially account for Paul Millsap‘s $30MM team option on their 2019/20 cap if they don’t believe they’ll be able to negotiate a new, more favorable deal with the big man in free agency, ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski suggested as part of the network’s free agency special on Tuesday night (video link).

While the Nuggets would have limited cap flexibility this summer with Millsap’s $30MM on their books, the club values him and wants to bring him back, according to both Woj and ESPN’s Zach Lowe.

Meanwhile, Woj and Lowe also weighed in on Trail Blazers, Denver’s opponent in the Western Semifinals this spring. There are indications that the Blazers won’t rest on their laurels this offseason, according to Lowe, who suggests that Portland may be one move away from becoming a legit title threat.

Wojnarowski agrees, though he cautions that the Blazers – who are more likely to make a big move via trade than on the free agent market – may end up waiting until during the season to try to make that move. Woj adds that Portland may not be able to keep Rodney Hood, since it looks as if his value this summer could exceed the taxpayer mid-level. The Blazers don’t have Hood’s Bird rights.

Here’s more on free agency from around the NBA:

  • In a pair of ESPN appearances (video links), Wojnarowski continues to suggest that the idea of a reunion between the Lakers and D’Angelo Russell isn’t far-fetched. According to Woj, Russell is “open-minded” about the idea, while the Lakers wouldn’t mind seeing Kyrie Irving go to Brooklyn, since it would increase the odds of the Nets withdrawing Russell’s QO and making him an unrestricted free agent. If Anthony Davis waives his trade kicker, the Lakers could theoretically offer Russell his max without trading Moritz Wagner or Isaac Bonga.
  • One league source who spoke to Brad Townsend of The Dallas Morning News (Twitter link) views the Celtics as the favorites for free agent point guard Kemba Walker, followed by the Hornets and Mavericks.
  • The Wizards aren’t expected to match a huge offer sheet for Bobby Portis, who has generated interest from multiple teams already, sources tell Tony Jones and Fred Katz of The Athletic (Twitter link). Jones also repeats a number that has been previously reported, indicating that Portis is seeking an annual salary of up to $16MM.
  • Al-Farouq Aminu is technically eligible for a contract extension with the Trail Blazers until Sunday, but he tells Jason Quick of The Athletic, “I haven’t really talked to [president of basketball operations] Neil [Olshey] (Twitter link). Aminu will reach the open market as an unrestricted free agent on the evening of June 30, assuming Portland doesn’t lock him up before then.
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11 thoughts on “Free Agent Rumors: Millsap, Blazers, Lakers, D-Lo, Kemba, Portis

  1. stretch123

    Russell and Danny Green should be the Lakers two top targets. Bring in Ariza and bring back either KCP or Bullock… there’s your supporting cast to Kuz, AD and LBJ.

    • jak9dmb

      Didn’t it say Davis would have to waive his trade kicker just to get Russell. And then where would the $ come to outbid other teams for Green, Aliza, and KCP/Bullock? Because teams are about as flush with cap space as in the stupid summer of 2016, so those type of guys will get overpaid

      • stretch123

        Russell could take slightly less than the max if AD doesn’t waive his kicker, which would come out to about 4 years and 90 million. Russell is young enough to get another contract after this one. Green can sign for the midlevel but if not there are guys like Ellington out there. Maybe Ariza comes for the min to win a championship. And if I’m not mistaken, Bullock and KCP can be resigned if Lakers have their bird rights which I think they do.

  2. j27roenick

    Who are these team executives dying to give Bobby Portis $16M per? Follow-up question … why?

  3. x%sure

    One could rank him 3rd among FA 4s behind Harris & Randle and ahead of Mirotic, Faried, Gibson, Aminu, Jam.Green, Mar.Morris, Jab.Parker, Thad.Young, Dem.Carroll. IDK whether to count Ed Davis, Khem Birch or Al Horford, a few others. If you needed defensive toughness he could rank higher.

    • x%sure

      So Rodney Hood is worth 10+MM, per Woj or Olshey. He probably needs the right environment though.

    • jak9dmb

      And if you need to have someone punch a teammate, he’d be top of your list. And he’s rank behind T. Young, Morris, and probably Aminu

      • x%sure

        Possibly so. We will find out in a week or two. The NBA offers a fine offseason, with contests of its own!

    • x%sure

      wth. Okay the “so Rodney…” post was supposed to be a new thread,
      and the “One could rank him…” post was about Portis, supposed to be under the j27roenick thread.

  4. Simple Fan

    I wonder what indications there really are about Portland “not resting on their laurels this offseason”. Would it really take one more move for them to become a title threat? Or is it actually like GSW were fake enough to make it to the Finals before completely breaking down. Blazers vs. Raptors could have gone to 7. That’s still a title threat

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