Jimmy Butler To Decline 2019/20 Player Option

Jimmy Butler will decline his player option for the 2019/20 season and hit the free agent market, sources tell Chris Haynes of Yahoo Sports. The Sixers have been expecting Butler to take this route.

Philadelphia remains “adamant” about retaining Butler and the franchise appears willing to do whatever is necessary to re-sign the 29-year-old. Butler has previously expressed that he’s confident a max contract awaits him in free agency.

The Lakers have real interest in prying Butler from Philadelphia. Los Angeles is hoping to place other stars around LeBron James this offseason. The starting salary on a potential max contract for Butler is projected to come in around $32.7MM. The Lakers will need to make an additional move to accommodate that figure, as we detailed in the team’s Salary Cap Digest.

Butler will be an unrestricted free agent and his cap hold of roughly $30.7MM will count toward the Sixers’ books unless they decide to renounce him or he signs elsewhere. He played 55 regular season games and 12 playoff contests after Philadelphia acquired him last fall.

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23 thoughts on “Jimmy Butler To Decline 2019/20 Player Option

  1. Thronson5

    Think he’s going to the Nets with Kyrie. Feel like that’s been in the works of them being together even with the hype of KD and Kyrie joining eachother.

    • I give no fox

      The only way he leaves philly is if they don’t give him the max. Jimmy has been about the big max from the jump. He wants the 5 years. Granted I am biased, but I can’t see the nets being more attractive than philly. Simmons and Embiid (maybe Harris) is better than what the nets can field. So from a championship contender and money standpoint, philly has the nets (and lakers for that matter) beat

      • Thuggababyy

        Philly is not a championship contender unless embiid stops getting random illnesses in the playoffs and Simmons learns to shoot. You do realize they lost in the second round right

        • rgreen

          They lost on a last second shot,to the team that won the championship. Embiids played 3 seasons,Simmons 2,and the team they finished the year with only had like 25 games together.With Butler,Harris & Redick,they just need chemistry and depth.

  2. JonnyLucas

    Jimmy Butler is a great Robin to some other star’s Batman. I wouldn’t build a team around him, but he is a ferocious and effective player… he’s also a headcase.

    • Coach Him

      That’s why he is staying in Philly no questions asked if they give him the max deal.They were 4 bounces away from playing a game 7 against the eventual world champs. If they bring back Jimmy and JJ/or Tobias and use the money from the player that walks towards improving the bench with a back up center and 2-3 guys to stretch the floor there’s no doubt they win it all. Be nice to find a true point guard that can shoot and doesnt mind only playing 15-18 minutes a game.

    • x%sure

      Butler is not why the Batman-Robin analogy was put into play in forums. Butler is the Batman, comfortable with leadership and gray areas, especially with Wolves. Also Bulls, Wolves & Sixers were all worse before & after his tenure.

      Even if that analogy wasn’t stretched too far, it wouldn’t apply to Sixers because of Embiid. Sixers have Batmans so Robins are fine.

      Butler has worked for a max and will likely want the maximum max only Philly can offer. Philly eould be wise to give it for his contributions, his conditioning habits, and to balance Embiid, alphadog-wise, who can go off-track.

  3. alonsoball

    Go the Clippers, Jimmy. Kawhi will join you there, this offseason or the next.

  4. Archie M.

    Sign a 2-year deal with Golden State. Klay won’t play next season, KD also won’t play (whether he stays or leaves). If you add Butler to Steph, Boogie, Dray and Looney, they would still be a legit title contender. Perhaps a #3 seed in the West, worst case scenario.

      • Archie M.

        I don’t think so. Kerr has been able to manage Dray & Boogie. What makes you think he can’t manage Butler? Butler will adapt to his environment. GS is a CURRENT championship organization so he knows he can’t mess that up. He’s not that foolish. He’ll be in team full of champions & all-stars, he’s not gonna act up. And with Dray & Boogie, he’ll feel that “he belongs”.

        • Thuggababyy

          I tend to agree. I’m sure Kerr could handle him and I think he would get his stuff together and just be all in. Now if they had Klay next yr (they won’t), that would be an amazing team

    • They won’t have the money to sign him if they resign Klay and/or Durant. They can go over for their own players but not for Jimmy. Keep up

      • Archie M.

        They might sign Klay but Durant’s most likely a goner. So they have room to sign Butler. Don’t be a hater. Warriors aren’t dead yet.

        • the cuban solution

          Durant has a player option. For 32 mil. You think he won’t exercise it to rehab?

          • He won’t.

            He’ll Rehab with a full five-year Max. Or 4-year max if he leaves.

          • Archie M.

            He won’t. His mind is set on leaving. Plus, whether he admits it or not, he’s blaming the Warriors for his injury. He’ll go to the team he likes–and that team will be willing to pay him despite of his injury. Getting the surgery done right away, in NY instead of California speaks volumes.

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