Julius Randle To Decline Player Option

Julius Randle will turn down his player option for next season and hit the free agent market, Shams Charania of The Athletic relays (Twitter link). The former No. 7 overall pick would have made slightly over $9MM during the 2019/20 season if he exercised his option.

Randle signed a two-year deal that contained the player option with the Pelicans last offseason. He arguably had his best season as a professional, posting career-highs in points (21.4) and player efficiency rating (21.0) while adding a 3-pointer to his game.

The decision to hit free agent does not necessarily mean that Randle won’t be back with the Pelicans. Regardless, New Orleans’ frontcourt will look much different next season with Anthony Davis out in Los Angeles and Zion Williamson on his way to town.

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21 thoughts on “Julius Randle To Decline Player Option

  1. bdallen714

    Why? You def have Zion coming, Josh, LeBall, and BIngram, why would you opt out?

    • specialfriedrice

      to help ctach you up…he was not offered a Rookie Scale Extension from the Lakers, they let him walk for nothing…so he signed a 1+1 which gave him the option to become a UFA and enter the market this off season when there is sooooooo much money to be spent by a lot of teams…

      He had a good season and improved his value…he opted out because he will be paid a lot more than $9 mil next year.

    • Jason Lancaster

      Because it’s not going to be a playoff team. Because the press is going to completely ignore him if he stays, which means no shoe money. Because he can get a long term deal coming off his great season.

      Lots of reasons.

  2. imindless

    Thank you so tired of seeing starting lineups with randle there aswell dude balled out and is going to make much more than 9 million a year.

    • Z-A

      How? Not even possible. And he isnt a 3pt threat yet. 34% is a start but doesn’t get me all excited. Rather have Harris.

  3. Guest617

    too bad randle doesn’t play above the rim he’d get +150M contract – knicks should step up with 4/50M

      • x%sure

        4/80 for the Zionlike Randle who gets better every year and is fun to watch. Not sure he’s a winner yet but MSG will need something smashing after a disappointing offseason.

  4. hoosierhysteria

    Pacers will sign young…Randle doesn’t fit. If young wants too much/leaves…Randle would fit. Young was most steady player….Pacers are loyal.

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